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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
Sep-2021The U-shape of happiness in ScotlandBell, David N F; Blanchflower, David G-Journal Article
Jul-2021Putting your best fish forward: Investigating distance decay and relative preferences for fish conservationDanley, Brian; Sandorf, Erlend Dancke; Campbell, Danny-Journal Article
Sep-2021Dynamically complete markets under Brownian motionDiasakos, Theodoros-Journal Article
Feb-2022How hungry were the poor in late 1930s Britain?Gazeley, Ian; Newell, Andrew; Reynolds, Kevin; Rufrancos, Hector-Journal Article
Sep-2021Spatial Coordination and Joint Bidding in Conservation AuctionsBanerjee, Simanti; Cason, Timothy; de Vries, Frans; Hanley, Nick-Journal Article
2021Incentivising biodiversity net gain with an offset marketSimpson, Katherine; Dallimer, Martin; de Vries, Frans; Hanley, Nick; Armsworth, Paul-Journal Article
Sep-2021Spatial clustering of willingness to pay for ecosystem servicesToledo‐Gallegos, Valeria M; Long, Jed; Campbell, Danny; Börger, Tobias; Hanley, Nick-Journal Article
1-Jun-2021The value of blue-space recreation and perceived water quality across Europe: A contingent behaviour studyBörger, Tobias; Campbell, Danny; White, Mathew P; Elliott, Lewis R; Fleming, Lora E; Garrett, Joanne K; Hattam, Caroline; Hynes, Stephen; Lankia, Tuija; Taylor, Tim-Journal Article
Feb-2022People's preferences for self-management supportIglesias Urrutia, Cynthia P; Erdem, Seda; Birks, Yvonne F; Taylor, Stephanie J C; Richardson, Gerry; Bower, Peter; van den Berg, Bernard; Manca, Andrea-Journal Article
Mar-2021Does education improve financial behaviors? Quasi-experimental evidence from BritainGray, Daniel; Montagnoli, Alberto; Moro, Mirko-Journal Article
2021Starting from scratch? A new approach to subnational public financeBell, David; Sas, Willem; Houston, John-Journal Article
Jan-2021Gender and cooperative preferencesFurtner, Nadja C; Kocher, Martin G; Martinsson, Peter; Matzat, Dominik; Wollbrant, Conny-Journal Article
May-2022Preference Conditions for Invertible Demand FunctionsDiasakos, Theodoros M; Gerasimou, Georgios-Journal Article
Mar-2021A creative destruction approach to replication: Implicit work and sex morality across culturesTierney, Warren; Hardy, Jay; Ebersole, Charles R; Viganola, Domenico; Clemente, Elena Giulia; Gordon, Michael; Hoogeveen, Suzanne; Haaf, Julia; Dreber, Anna; Johannesson, Magnus; Pfeiffer, Thomas; Huang, Jason L; Vaughn, Leigh Ann; DeMarree, Kenneth; Collaboration, Culture & Work Morality Forecasting-Journal Article
Nov-2020Creative destruction in scienceTierney, Warren; Hardy III, Jay; Ebersole, Charles; Leavitt, Keith; Viganola, Domenico; Clemente, Elena Guilia; Gordon, Michael; Dreber, Anna; Johannesson, Magnus; Pfeiffer, Thomas; Hiring Decisions Forecasting Collaboration,; Uhlmann, Eric Luis-Journal Article
2020The use of latent variable models in policy: A road fraught with peril?Campbell, Danny; Dancke Sandorf, Erlend-Journal Article
Jan-2021Obfuscation maximization-based decision-making: Theory, methodology and first empirical evidenceChorus, Caspar; van Cranenburgh, Sander; Daniel, Aemiro Melkamu; Sandorf, Erlend Dancke; Sobhani, Anae; Szép, Teodora-Journal Article
May-2020Gender and the future of macroeconomics: an evolutionary approachDow, Sheila-Journal Article
2020The role of credit in regional divergence: Spanish regions and Eurozone countriesDow, Sheila C; Rodriguez-Fuentes, Carlos J-Journal Article
Feb-2021Preferences for coastal and marine conservation in Vietnam: Accounting for differences in individual choice set formationBörger, Tobias; Ngoc, Quach Thi Khanh; Kuhfuss, Laure; Hien, Tang Thi; Hanley, Nick; Campbell, Danny-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 623