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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
5-Feb-2018The role of interdisciplinary collaboration for stated preference methods to value marine environmental goods and ecosystem servicesBörger, Tobias; Böhnke-Henrichs, Anne; Hattam, Caroline; Piwowarczyk, Joanna; Schasfoort, Femke; Austen, Melanie C-Journal Article
25-Jan-2020How Do Subjective Life Expectancies Compare with Mortality Tables? Similarities and Differences in Three National SamplesBell, David; Comerford, David; Douglas, Elaine-Journal Article
27-Feb-2020The Intuitive Cooperation Hypothesis Revisited: A Meta-analytic Examination of Effect Size and Between-study HeterogeneityKvarven, Amanda; Strømland, Eirik; Wollbrant, Conny; Andersson, David; Johannesson, Magnus; Tinghög, Gustav; Västfjäll, Daniel; Myrseth, Kristian Ove R-Journal Article
2016Assessing Non-market Benefits of Seagrass Restoration in the Gulf of GdanskBörger, Tobias; Piwowarczyk, Joanna-Journal Article
Apr-2019The Circular Economy: Swings and Roundabouts?Millar, Neal; McLaughlin, Eoin; Börger, Tobias-Journal Article
Apr-2020Non-monetary numeraires: Varying the payment vehicle in a choice experiment for health interventions in UgandaMeginnis, Keila; Hanley, Nick; Mujumbusi, Lazaaro; Lamberton, Poppy H L-Journal Article
Mar-2020Valuation of marine plastic pollution in the European Arctic: Applying an integrated choice and latent variable model to contingent valuationAbate, Tenaw G; Börger, Tobias; Aanesen, Margrethe; Falk-Andersson, Jannike; Wyles, Kayleigh J; Beaumont, Nicola-Journal Article
22-Nov-2019Underemployment in the United States and EuropeBell, David N F; Blanchflower, David G-Journal Article
26-Nov-2019The Effect on Annuities Preference of Prompts to Consider Life Expectancy: Evidence from a UK Quota SampleRobinson, Jenny; Comerford, David A-Journal Article
1-Jan-2020Innovation Modelling and Multi-Factor Learning in Wind Energy TechnologyOdam, Neil; de Vries, Frans P-Journal Article
Nov-2014Green hypocrisy?: Environmental attitudes and residential space heating expenditureLange, Ian; Moro, Mirko; Traynor, Laura-Journal Article
Dec-2014Valuing conservation benefits of an offshore marine protected areaBörger, Tobias; Hattam, Caroline; Burdon, Daryl; Atkins, Jonathan P; Austen, Melanie C-Journal Article
2018Price discontinuities in an online market for used carsEnglmaier, Florian; Schmöller, Arno; Stowasser, Till-Journal Article
Jan-2017Motivations matter: Behavioural determinants of preferences for remote and unfamiliar environmental goodsBörger, Tobias; Hattam, Caroline-Journal Article
Oct-2016Are Fast Responses More Random? Testing the Effect of Response Time on Scale in an Online Choice ExperimentBörger, Tobias-Journal Article
Dec-2015Valuation of ecological and amenity impacts of an offshore windfarm as a factor in marine planningBörger, Tobias; Hooper, Tara L; Austen, Melanie C-Journal Article
3-Apr-2019Monetary Reform, Central Banks, and Digital CurrenciesDow, Sheila-Journal Article
Dec-2019Willingness to pay to protect cold water coralsArmstrong, Claire W; Aanesen, Margrethe; Rensburg, Thomas M; Sandorf, Erlend Dancke-Journal Article
6-Sep-2019It's Not All about the Economy Stupid! Immigration and Subjective Well-Being in EnglandHowley, Peter; Waqas, Muhammad; Moro, Mirko; Delaney, Liam; Heron, Tony-Journal Article
2019Economic valuation of ecosystem goods and services: a review for decision makersTinch, Robert; Beaumont, Nicola; Sunderland, Tim; Ozdemiroglu, Ece; Barton, David; Bowe, Colm; Börger, Tobias; Burgess, Paul; Cooper, Canon Nigel; Faccioli, Michela; Failler, Pierre; Gkolemi, Ioanna; Kumar, Ritesh; Longo, Alberto; McVittie, Alistair-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 560