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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
9-Jun-2022Was the trip worth it? Consistency between decision and experienced utility assessments of recreational nature visitsBörger, Tobias; Maccagnan, Anna; White, Mathew P; Elliott, Lewis R; Taylor, Tim-Journal Article
17-Apr-2022The effect of journal metrics on academic resume assessmentAnderson, Craig G; McQuaid, Ronald W; Wood, Alex M-Journal Article
2021Leveraging the motivational effects of labels: Lessons from retrofittingComerford, David A.; Moro, Mirko; Sejas-Portillo, Rodolfo; Stowasser, Till-Journal Article
2021Comment on John Davis's 'A methodological perspective on economic modelling and the global pandemic'Dow, Sheila-Journal Article
May-2022The Bright Future of Democracy is in EducationPapanikos, Gregory T-Journal Article
Mar-2022Measuring Time Preferences Using Stated Credit Repayment ChoicesLi, Hanjin; Campbell, Danny; Erdem, Seda-Journal Article
Feb-2022Psychological correlates of free colorectal cancer screening uptake in a Scottish sample: A cross-sectional observational studyFawns-Ritchie, Chloe; Miller, Christopher B; van der Pol, Marjon; Douglas, Elaine; Bell, David; O’Carroll, Ronan E; Deary, Ian J-Journal Article
Apr-2022Can traffic light labelling nudge heuristical decision processes?Erdem, Seda; Campbell, Danny-Journal Article
Jun-2022Extrinsic rewards and crowding-out of prosocial behaviourWollbrant, Conny; Knutsson, Mikael; Martinsson, Peter-Journal Article
2-Dec-2021Investigating the Effect of Restaurant Menu Labelling on Consumer Food Choices Using a Field ExperimentErdem, Seda-Journal Article
Dec-2021Life satisfaction and austerity: Expectations and the macroeconomyBrown, Sarah; Kontonikas, Alexandros; Montagnoli, Alberto; Moro, Mirko; Onnis, Luisanna-Journal Article
16-Nov-2021An analysis of social marketing practice: Factors associated with successAkbar, M Bilal; Garnelo-Gomez, Irene; Ndupu, Lawrence; Barnes, Elizabeth; Foster, Carley-Journal Article
2021Effect of obstacles/tips card on breastfeeding drop-offComerford, David A; McGillivray, Tracy-Journal Article
Apr-2022Labour productivity during the Great Depression and the Great Recession in UK engineering and metal manufactureHart, Robert A-Journal Article
Dec-2015Integrating methods for ecosystem service assessment and valuation: Mixed methods or mixed messages?Hattam, Caroline; Böhnke-Henrichs, Anne; Börger, Tobias; Burdon, Daryl; Hadjimichael, Maria; Delaney, Alyne; Atkins, Jonathan P; Garrard, Samantha; Austen, Melanie C-Journal Article
Feb-2015Marine ecosystem services: Linking indicators to their classificationHattam, Caroline; Atkins, Jonathan P; Beaumont, Nicola; Bӧrger, Tobias; Bӧhnke-Henrichs, Anne; Burdon, Daryl; Groot, Rudolf de; Hoefnagel, Ellen; Nunes, Paulo A L D; Piwowarczyk, Joanna; Sastre, Sergio; Austen, Melanie C-Journal Article
May-2014Incorporating ecosystem services in marine planning: The role of valuationBörger, Tobias; Beaumont, Nicola J; Pendleton, Linwood; Boyle, Kevin J; Cooper, Philip; Fletcher, Stephen; Haab, Tim; Hanemann, Michael; Hooper, Tara L; Hussain, S Salman; Portela, Rosimeiry; Stithou, Mavra; Stockill, Joanna; Taylor, Tim; Austen, Melanie C-Journal Article
Feb-2022Responsibility utility and the difference between preference and desirance: implications for welfare evaluationComerford, David A; Lades, Leonhard K-Journal Article
Jul-2021Apparent age and gender differences in survival optimism: To what extent are they a bias in the translation of beliefs onto a percentage scale?Comerford, David A-Journal Article
Apr-2022A note on organizational structure and environmental liabilityFranckx, Laurent; de Vries, Frans P; White, Ben-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 623