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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
21-May-2020Temperate southern Australian coastal waters are characterised by surprisingly high rates of nitrogen fixation and diversity of diazotrophsMesser, Lauren F; Brown, Mark V; Van Ruth, Paul D; Doubell, Mark; Seymour, Justin R-Journal Article
-Accounting for trait variability and coordination in predictions of drought-induced range shifts in woody plantsMartínez-Vilalta, Jordi; García-Valdés, Raúl; Jump, Alistair; Vilà-Cabrera, Albert; Mencuccini, Maurizio-Journal Article
11-Jul-2023The bulk mineralogy, elemental composition, and water content of the Winchcombe CM chondrite fallBates, Helena C; King, Ashley J; Shirley, Katherine S; Bonsall, Emily; Schroeder, Christian; Wombacher, Frank; Fockenberg, Thomas; Curtis, Rowan J; Bowles, Neil E-Journal Article
2023A joint proteomic and genomic investigation provides insights into the mechanism of calcification in coccolithophoresSkeffington, Alastair; Fischer, Axel; Sviben, Sanja; Brzezinka, Magdalena; Górka, Michał; Bertinetti, Luca; Woehle, Christian; Huettel, Bruno; Graf, Alexander; Scheffel, André-Journal Article
2023A species-level trait dataset of bats in Europe and beyondFroidevaux, Jérémy S P; Toshkova, Nia; Barbaro, Luc; Benitez-Lopez, Ana; Kerbiriou, Christian; Le Viol, Isabelle; Pacifici, Michela; Santini, Luca; Stawski, Claire; Russo, Danilo; Dekker, Jasja; Alberdi, Antton; Amorim, Francisco; Ancillotto, Leonardo; Barre, Kevin-Journal Article
Aug-2023The use of solar farms by bats in mosaic landscapes: Implications for conservationSzabadi, Kriszta Lilla; Kurali, Anikó; Rahman, Nor Amira Abdul; Froidevaux, Jérémy S P; Tinsley, Elizabeth; Jones, Gareth; Görföl, Tamás; Estók, Péter; Zsebok, Sándor-Journal Article
2021Economic costs of biological invasions in the United KingdomCuthbert, Ross N; Bartlett, Angela C; Turbelin, Anna J; Haubrock, Phillip J; Diagne, Christophe; Pattison, Zarah; Courchamp, Franck; Catford, Jane A-Journal Article
May-2023A new avenue in the search for CP violation: Mössbauer spectroscopy of 227AcScheck, Marcus; Chapman, Robert; Dobaczewski, Jacek; Ederer, Claude; Ivanov, Peter; Lorusso, Guiseppe; O’Donnell, David; Schroeder, Christian-Journal Article
2023A century of human interventions on sediment flux variations in the Danube-Black Sea transition zoneConstantinescu, Adriana Maria; Tyler, Andrew N; Stanica, Adrian; Spyrakos, Evangelos; Hunter, Peter D; Catianis, Irina; Panin, Nicolae-Journal Article
2022Grey seal Halichoerus grypus breeding sites contribute substantial carrion biomass to the Firth of ForthBurns, Neil M; Hopkins, Charlotte R; Quaggiotto, Maria Martina; McCafferty, Dominic J; Bailey, David M-Journal Article
Aug-2023Synthesising 35 years of invasive non-native species researchStevenson, Emily A; Robertson, Peter; Hickinbotham, Emily; Mair, Louise; Willby, Nigel J; Mill, Aileen; Booy, Olaf; Witts, Kirsty; Pattison, Zarah-Journal Article
Jan-2022Fifteen emerging challenges and opportunities for vegetation science: A horizon scan by early career researchersYannelli, Florencia A; Bazzichetto, Manuele; Conradi, Timo; Pattison, Zarah; Andrade, Bianca O; Anibaba, Quadri Agbolade; Bonari, Gianmaria; Chelli, Stefano; Ćuk, Mirjana; Damasceno, Gabriella; Fantinato, Edy; Geange, Sonya R; Guuroh, Reginald Tang; Holle, Mukhlish Jamal Musa; Küzmič, Filip-Journal Article
15-Apr-2021Global economic costs of aquatic invasive alien speciesCuthbert, Ross N; Pattison, Zarah; Taylor, Nigel G; Verbrugge, Laura; Diagne, Christophe; Ahmed, Danish A; Leroy, Boris; Angulo, Elena; Briski, Elizabeta; Capinha, César; Catford, Jane A; Dalu, Tatenda; Essl, Franz; Gozlan, Rodolphe E; Haubrock, Phillip J-Journal Article
Dec-2020Identifying opportunities for improving the coherence of global agreements for species conservationKuunal, Stephanie; Mair, Louise; Pattison, Zarah; McGowan, Philip J K-Journal Article
2021Economic costs of biological invasions in AsiaLiu, Chunlong; Diagne, Christophe; Angulo, Elena; Banerjee, Achyut-Kumar; Chen, Yifeng; Cuthbert, Ross N; Haubrock, Phillip J; Kirichenko, Natalia; Pattison, Zarah; Watari, Yuya; Xiong, Wen; Courchamp, Franck-Journal Article
Mar-2021Projecting the continental accumulation of alien species through to 2050Seebens, Hanno; Bacher, Sven; Blackburn, Tim M; Capinha, César; Dawson, Wayne; Dullinger, Stefan; Genovesi, Piero; Hulme, Philip E; Kleunen, Mark; Kühn, Ingolf; Jeschke, Jonathan M; Lenzner, Bernd; Liebhold, Andrew M; Pattison, Zarah; Pergl, Jan-Journal Article
6-May-2023Evidence of biotic resistance to exotic plant invasion in degraded Bornean forestsWaddell, Emily H; Chapman, Daniel S; Hill, Jane K; Hughes, Mark; Sailim, Azlin Bin; Tangah, Joseph; Banin, Lindsay F-Journal Article
2023Improved estimates of extreme wave conditions in coastal areas from calibrated global reanalysesFanti, Valeria; Ferreira, Óscar; Kümmerer, Vincent; Loureiro, Carlos-Journal Article
May-2023From reflection diaries to practical guidance for transdisciplinary research: learnings from a Kenyan air pollution projectPrice, Heather D; Bowyer, Cressida J; Büker, Patrick; Gray, Cindy M; Hahn, Matthew; Lambe, Fiona; Loh, Miranda; Medcalf, Alexander J; Njoora, Timothy Kamau; Waelde, Charlotte; Wainwright, Megan; West, Sarah E-Journal Article
18-Jun-2023Towards the discovery of novel molecular clocks in ProkaryotesMatallana-Surget, Sabine; Augustin, Géron; Werner, Johannes; Wattiez, Ruddy-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 61 to 80 of 2467