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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
1-Jun-2023Clinically important E. coli strains can persist, and retain their pathogenicity, on environmental plastic and fabric wasteOrmsby, Michael J; White, Hannah L; Metcalf, Rebecca; Oliver, David M; Quilliam, Richard S-Journal Article
15-Jul-2023Plastic pollution and fungal, protozoan, and helminth pathogens – a neglected environmental and public health issue?Ormsby, Michael J; Akinbobola, Ayorinde; Quilliam, Richard S-Journal Article
May-2023Open defaecation by proxy: Tackling the increase of disposable diapers in waste piles in informal settlementsWhite, Hannah L; Mwapasa, Taonga; Mphasa, Madalitso; Kalonde, Patrick Ken; Feasey, Nicholas; Oliver, David M; Ormsby, Michael J; Morse, Tracy; Chidziwisano, Kondwani; Quilliam, Richard S-Journal Article
Apr-2023Persistence of E. coli in Streambed Sediment Contaminated with Faeces from Dairy Cows, Geese, and Deer: Legacy Risks to Environment and HealthAfolabi, Emmanuel O; Quilliam, Richard S; Oliver, David M-Journal Article
Apr-2023Anatomy of the bi-gradational contourite sequence: Case study from the Gulf of CadizStow, Dorrik; Smillie, Zeinab; Wilkin, Jonathan; Pan, Jiawei; Esegbue, Onoriode; Bahr, André; Ducassou, Emmanuelle-Journal Article
31-May-2023Anthropogenic land-use legacies underpin climate change-related risks to forest ecosystemsVilà-Cabrera, Albert; Astigarraga, Julen; Jump, Alistair S; Zavala, Miguel A; Seijo, Francisco; Sperlich, Dominik; Ruiz-Benito, Paloma-Journal Article
2022What evidence exists regarding the effects of photovoltaic panels on biodiversity? A critical systematic map protocolLafitte, Alix; Sordello, Romain; de Crespin de Billy, Véronique; Froidevaux, Jérémy; Gourdain, Philippe; Kerbiriou, Christian; Langridge, Joseph; Marx, Geoffroy; Schatz, Bertrand; Thierry, Chloé; Reyjol, Yorick-Journal Article
Nov-2022Over a decade of failure to implement UNEP/EUROBATS guidelines in wind energy planning: A call for actionBarré, Kévin; Froidevaux, Jérémy S. P.; Leroux, Camille; Mariton, Léa; Fritze, Marcus; Kerbiriou, Christian; Le Viol, Isabelle; Bas, Yves; Roemer, Charlotte-Journal Article
10-Jun-2023Low dose γ-radiation induced effects on wax moth (Galleria mellonella) larvaeCopplestone, David; Coates, Christopher J; Lim, Jenson-Journal Article
Jun-2023Widespread latitudinal asymmetry in the performance of marginal populations: A meta-analysisPulido, Fernando; Castagneyrol, Bastien; Rodríguez-Sánchez, Francisco; Cáceres, Yónatan; Pardo, Adara; Moracho, Eva; Kollmann, Johannes; Valladares, Fernando; Ehrlén, Johan; Jump, Alistair; Svenning, Jens-Christian; Hampe, Arndt-Journal Article
15-Apr-2023From the environment into the biomass: microplastic uptake in a protected lamprey speciesRendell-Bhatti, Flora; Bull, Colin; Cross, Richard; Cox, Ruairidh; Adediran, Gbotemi A; Lahive, Elma-Journal Article
Aug-2023SOPHIA: A mineralogical simulant for phyllosilicate terrains at the Rosalind Franklin landing site, Oxia Planum, MarsDugdale, Amy; Ramkissoon, Nisha K; Fawdon, Peter; Patel, Manish R; Hills, Lily; Degli-Alessandrini, Giulia; Bonsall, Emily; Schröder, Christian; Turner, Stuart M R; Achilles, Cherie N; Pearson, Victoria K-Journal Article
-A new avenue in the search for CP violation: Mössbauer spectroscopy of 227AcScheck, Marcus; Chapman, Robert; Dobaczewski, Jacek; Ederer, Claude; Ivanov, Peter; Lorusso, Guiseppe; O'Donnell, David; Schröder, Christian-Journal Article
May-2023Foraging guild modulates insectivorous bat responses to habitat loss and insular fragmentation in peninsular MalaysiaHazard, Quentin C K; Froidevaux, Jérémy S P; Yoh, Natalie; Moore, Jonathan; Senawi, Juliana; Gibson, Luke; Palmeirim, Ana Filipa-Journal Article
-Unsupervised classification applications in enhancing lithological mapping and geological understanding - A case study from Northern IrelandSmillie, Zeinab; Demyanov, Vasily; McKinley, Jennifer; Cooper, Mark-Journal Article
25-Mar-2023Drivers of bat activity at wind turbines advocate for mitigating bat exposure using multicriteria algorithm-based curtailmentBarré, Kévin; Froidevaux, Jérémy S P; Sotillo, Alejandro; Roemer, Charlotte; Kerbiriou, Christian-Journal Article
2023Spatial distribution and temporal variation of tropical mountaintop vegetation through images obtained by dronesMedeiros, Thaís Pereira de; Morellato, Leonor Patrícia Cerdeira; Silva, Thiago Sanna Freire-Journal Article
Feb-2023New Parkrunners Are Slower and the Attendance Gender Gap Narrowing Making Parkrun More InclusiveGilburn, Andre S-Journal Article
2023GLORIA - A globally representative hyperspectral in situ dataset for optical sensing of water qualityLehmann, Moritz K; Gurlin, Daniela; Pahlevan, Nima; Anstee, Janet; Balasubramanian, Sundarabalan V; Barbosa, Claudio C F; Binding, Caren; Bracher, Astrid; Bresciani, Mariano; Burtner, Ashley; Cao, Zhigang; Dekker, Arnold G; Jiang, Dalin; Spyrakos, Evangelos; Werther, Mortimer-Journal Article
Jun-2022Making green pledges support biodiversity: Nature-based solution design can be informed by landscape ecology principlesVasiliev, Denis; Greenwood, Sarah-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 2426