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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
22-Mar-2021Scaling up and zooming in: Global history and high-definition archaeology perspectives on the longue dureé of urban-environmental relations in Gerasa (Jerash, Jordan)Lichtenberger, Achim; Raja, Rubina; Seland, Eivind Heldaas; Simpson, Ian A-Journal Article
Apr-2021Habitat loss, predation pressure and episodic heat-shocks interact to impact arthropods and photosynthetic functioning of microecosystemsVanbergen, Adam J; Boissieres, Claire; Gray, Alan; Chapman, Daniel S-Journal Article
Sep-2021New insights into organic carbon stabilization in soil macroaggregates: An in situ study by optical microscopy and SEM-EDS techniqueGuidi, Patrizia; Falsone, Gloria; Wilson, Clare; Cavani, Luciano; Ciavatta, Claudio; Marzadori, Claudio-Journal Article
Apr-2021Machine Learning Methods Applied to the Prediction of Pseudo-nitzschia spp. Blooms in the Galician Rias Baixas (NW Spain)Bellas Aláez, Francisco M; Torres Palenzuela, Jesus M; Spyrakos, Evangelos; Gonzalez Vilas, Luis-Journal Article
8-Mar-2021Meaningful Words in Crowd Noise: Searching for Volatiles Relevant to Carpenter Bees among the Diverse Scent Blends of Bee FlowersRabeschini, Gabriela; Joaquim Bergamo, Pedro; Nunes, Carlos E P-Journal Article
-Blood flows: mapping journeys of menstrual waste in Blantyre, MalawiRoxburgh, Heather; Magombo, Caron; Kaliwo, Tamandani; Tilley, Elizabeth A; Hampshire, Kate; Oliver, David M; Quilliam, Richard S-Journal Article
5-Apr-2021An optimistic outlook on the use of evidence syntheses to inform environmental decision-makingNyboer, Elizabeth A; Jacob, Aerin L; Lane, John F; Browne, David; Smith, Paul A; Bennett, Joseph R; Rytwinski, Trina; Prior, Kent; Nguyen, Vivian M; Harron, Nathan; Young, Nathan; Thomas‐Walters, Laura; Taylor, Jessica J; Aitken, Susan M; Auld, Graeme-Journal Article
1-Apr-2021Human footprint and protected areas shape elephant range across AfricaWall, Jake; Wittemyer, George; Klinkenberg, Brian; LeMay, Valerie; Blake, Stephen; Strindberg, Samantha; Henley, Michelle; Vollrath, Fritz; Maisels, Fiona; Ferwerda, Jelle; Douglas-Hamilton, Iain-Journal Article
6-Apr-2021Pattern, style and timing of British-Irish Ice Sheet advance and retreat over the last 45,000 years: evidence from NW Scotland and the adjacent continental shelfBradwell, Tom; Fabel, Derek; Clark, Chris D; Chiverrell, Richard C; Small, David; Smedley, Rachel K; Saher, Margot H; Moreton, Steven J; Dove, Dayton; Callard, S Louise; Duller, Geoff A T; Medialdea, Alicia; Bateman, Mark D; Burke, Matthew J; McDonald, Neil-Journal Article
Jun-2021Assessing the feasibility of density estimation methodologies for African forest elephant at large spatial scalesLaguardia, Alice; Gobush, Kathleen S; Bourgeois, Stephanie; Strindberg, Samantha; Abitsi, Gaspard; Ebouta, Fabrice; Fay, J Michael; Gopalaswamy, Arjun; Maisels, Fiona; Ogden, Rob; White, Lee J T; Stokes, Emma J-Journal Article
22-Feb-2021Buzz-Pollinated Crops: A Global Review and Meta-analysis of the Effects of Supplemental Bee Pollination in TomatoCooley, Hazel; Vallejo-Marín, Mario-Journal Article
15-May-2021Three decades of post-logging tree community recovery in naturally regenerating and actively restored dipterocarp forest in BorneoHayward, Robin M; Banin, Lindsay F; Burslem, David F R P; Chapman, Daniel S; Philipson, Christopher D; Cutler, Mark E J; Reynolds, Glen; Nilus, Reuben; Dent, Daisy H-Journal Article
25-Feb-2021Population genetics of invasive and native Nymphaea mexicana Zuccarini: Taking the first steps to initiate a biological control programme in South AfricaReid, Megan; Naidu, Prinavin; Paterson, Iain D; Mangan, Rosie; Coetzee, Julie A-Journal Article
Jun-2021ACIX-Aqua: A global assessment of atmospheric correction methods for Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 over lakes, rivers, and coastal watersPahlevan, Nima; Mangin, Antoine; Balasubramanian, Sundarabalan V; Smith, Brandon; Alikas, Krista; Arai, Kohei; Barbosa, Claudio; Bélanger, Simon; Binding, Caren; Bresciani, Mariano; Giardino, Claudia; Hunter, Peter; Simis, Stefan; Spyrakos, Evangelos; Tyler, Andrew-Journal Article
10-Mar-2021Retreat dynamics of the eastern sector of the British-Irish Ice Sheet during the last glaciationEvans, David J A; Roberts, David H; Bateman, Mark D; Clark, Chris D; Medialdea, Alicia; Callard, Louise; Grimoldi, Elena; Chiverrell, Richard C; Ely, Jeremy; Dove, Dayton; Ó Cofaigh, Colm; Saher, Margot; Bradwell, Tom; Moreton, Steven G; Fabel, Derek; Bradley, Sarah L-Journal Article
21-Mar-2021Shrub expansion in the Arctic may induce large‐scale carbon losses due to changes in plant‐soil interactionsParker, Thomas C; Thurston, Alana M; Raundrup, Katrine; Subke, Jens-Arne; Wookey, Philip A; Hartley, Iain P-Journal Article
2021Population genomic and historical analysis suggests a global invasion by bridgehead processes in Mimulus guttatusVallejo-Marín, Mario; Friedman, Jannice; Twyford, Alex D; Lepais, Olivier; Ickert-Bond, Stefanie M; Streisfeld, Matthew A; Yant, Levi; van Kleunen, Mark; Rotter, Michael C; Puzey, Joshua R-Journal Article
15-Mar-2021Discovery of novel herpes simplexviruses in wild gorillas, bonobos, and chimpanzees supports zoonotic origin of HSV-2Wertheim, Joel O; Hostager, Reilly; Ryu, Diane; Merkel, Kevin; Angedakin, Samuel; Arandjelovic, Mimi; Ayimisin, Emmanuel Ayuk; Babweteera, Fred; Bessone, Mattia; Brun-Jeffery, Kathryn J; Dieguez, Paula; Eckardt, Winnie; Fruth, Barbara; Herbinger, Ilka; Jones, Sorrel-Journal Article
2021Recent genetic connectivity and clinal variation in chimpanzeesLester, Jack D; Vigilant, Linda; Gratton, Paolo; McCarthy, Maureen S; Barratt, Christopher D; Dieguez, Paula; Agbor, Anthony; Álvarez-Varona, Paula; Angedakin, Samuel; Ayimisin, Emmanuel Ayuk; Bailey, Emma; Bessone, Mattia; Brazzola, Gregory; Jeffery, Kathryn J; Orbell, Christopher-Journal Article
4-Mar-2021Floating photovoltaics could mitigate climate change impacts on water body temperature and stratificationExley, Giles; Armstrong, Alona; Page, Trevor; Jones, Ian D-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2048