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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
2022How beavers affect riverine aquatic macroinvertebrates: a reviewWashko, Susan; Willby, Nigel; Law, Alan-Journal Article
Jun-2022Towards an ecological modelling approach for assessing ionizing radiation impact on wildlife populationsVives i Batlle, Jordi; Biermans, Geert; Copplestone, David; Kryshev, Alexander; Melintescu, Anca; Mothersill, Carmel; Sazykina, Tatiana; Seymour, Colin; Smith, Karen; Wood, Michael D-Journal Article
Jun-2022Ensuring robust radiological risk assessment for wildlife: insights from the International Atomic Energy Agency EMRAS and MODARIA programmesBeresford, Nicholas; Beaugelin-Seiller, Karine; Barnett, Cath; Brown, Justin; Doering, Che; Caffrey, Emily; Johansen, Mat; Melintescu, Anca; Ruedig, Elizabeth; Vandenhove, Hildegarde; Vives I Batlle, Jordi; Wood, Michael; Yankovich, Tamara; Copplestone, David-Journal Article
1-Jun-2022A decade of diversity and forest structure: Post-logging patterns across life stages in an Afrotropical forestSullivan, Megan K; Biessiemou, Prince Armel Mouguiama; Niangadouma, Raoul; Abernethy, Katharine; Queenborough, Simon A; Comita, Liza-Journal Article
Jun-2022From rivers to marine environments: A constantly evolving microbial community within the plastisphereDelacuvellerie, Alice; Ballerini, Tosca; Frère, Laura; Matallana-Surget, Sabine; Dumontet, Bruno; Wattiez, Ruddy-Journal Article
Mar-2022Carbon concentrations in natural and restoration pools in blanket peatlandsChapman, Pippa J; Moody, Catherine S; Turner, T Edward; McKenzie, Rebecca; Dinsmore, Kerry J; Baird, Andy J; Billett, Mike F; Andersen, Roxane; Leith, Fraser; Holden, Joseph-Journal Article
2022Gabon's green gold: a bibliographical review of thirty years of research on okoume (Aucoumea klaineana Pierre)Guidosse, Quentin; du Jardin, Patrick; White, Lee J T; Lassois, Ludivine; Doucet, Jean-Louis-Journal Article
27-May-2022Ecologically relevant radiation exposure triggers elevated metabolic rate and nectar consumption in bumblebeesBurrows, Jessica; Copplestone, David; Beresford, Nick; Raines, Katherine; Tinsley, Matthew-Journal Article
2022Widespread Use of Migratory Megafauna for Aquatic Wild Meat in the Tropics and SubtropicsIngram, Daniel J; Prideaux, Margi; Hodgins, Nicola K; Frisch-Nwakanma, Heidrun; Avila, Isabel C; Collins, Tim; Cosentino, Mel; Keith-Diagne, Lucy W; Marsh, Helene; Shirley, Matthew H; Van Waerebeek, Koen; Djondo, Maximin K; Fukuda, Yusuke; Glaus, Kerstin B J; Jabado, Rima W-Journal Article
Aug-2022Blue space exposure, health and well-being: Does freshwater type matter?McDougall, Craig W; Hanley, Nick; Quilliam, Richard S; Oliver, David M-Journal Article
2022Creating testable questions in practical conservation: a process and 100 questionsSutherland, William J; Robinson, Jake M; Aldridge, David C; Alamenciak, Tim; Armes, Matthew; Baranduin, Nina; Bladon, Andrew J; Breed, Martin F; Dyas, Nicki; Elphick, Chris S; Griffiths, Richard A; Hughes, Jonny; Middleton, Beccy; Littlewood, Nick A; Watts, Sarah H-Editorial
2022Glacial meltwater input to the ocean around the Antarctic Peninsula: forcings and consequencesLima, Luciana S; Pezzi, Luciano P; Mata, Mauricio M; Santini, Marcelo F; Carvalho, Jonas T; Sutil, Ueslei Adriano; Cabrera, Mylene J; Rosa, Eliana B; Rodrigues, Celina C F; Vega, Ximena A-Journal Article
Aug-2022Genomic insights into the biosynthesis and physiology of the cyanobacterial neurotoxin 3-N-methyl-2,3-diaminopropanoic acid (BMAA)Mantas, Maria Jose Q; Nunn, Peter B; Codd, Geoffrey A; Barker, Daniel-Journal Article
15-Jul-2022Annual water residence time effects on thermal structure: A potential lake restoration measure?Olsson, Freya; Mackay, Eleanor B; Moore, Tadhg; Barker, Phil; Davies, Sian; Hall, Ruth; Spears, Bryan; Wilkinson, Jayne; Jones, Ian D-Journal Article
1-Oct-2015Characterising volcanic cycles at Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat: Time series analysis of multi-parameter satellite dataFlower, Verity J B; Carn, Simon A-Journal Article
1-Dec-2015A multi-sensor satellite assessment of SO2 emissions from the 2012-13 eruption of Plosky Tolbachik volcano, KamchatkaTelling, Jon; Flower, Verity J B; Carn, Simon A-Journal Article
1-May-2017Assessing the altitude and dispersion of volcanic plumes using MISR multi-angle imaging from space: Sixteen years of volcanic activity in the Kamchatka Peninsula, RussiaFlower, Verity J B; Kahn, Ralph A-Journal Article
10-Apr-2022The benefits of mountain woodland restorationWatts, Sarah H; Jump, Alistair S-Journal Article
2022Jet stream position explains regional anomalies in European beech forest productivity and tree growthDorado-Liñán, Isabel; Ayarzagüena, Blanca; Babst, Flurin; Xu, Guobao; Gil, Luis; Battipaglia, Giovanna; Buras, Allan; Čada, Vojtěch; Camarero, J Julio; Cavin, Liam; Claessens, Hugues; Drobyshev, Igor; Garamszegi, Balázs; Grabner, Michael; Jump, Alistair S-Journal Article
25-Mar-2022Possible climatically driven, later prehistoric woodland decline on Ben Lomond, central ScotlandBarclay, Rebecca; Ferreira, Carla; Ballantyne, Emma; Tipping, Richard; Tisdall, Eileen-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 2310