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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
Jun-2014The Extent of Genome Flux and Its Role in the Differentiation of Bacterial LineagesNowell, Reuben W; Green, Sarah; Laue, Bridget E; Sharp, Paul M-Journal Article
2023Modeling the potential distribution of the threatened Grey-necked Picathartes Picathartes oreas across its entire rangeTsetagho, Guilain; Bradfer-Lawrence, Tom; Taku, Awa II; Abernethy, Katharine A; Abwe, Ekwoge E; Angwafo, E Tsi; Atuo, Fidelis; Fichtler, Martin; Fotso, Roger; Shirley, Matthew H; Morgan, Bethan J; Languy, Marc; Maisels, Fiona; Oslisly, Richard; Whytock, Robin C-Journal Article
Jan-2021Genomic Features of Parthenogenetic AnimalsJaron, Kamil S; Bast, Jens; Nowell, Reuben W; Ranallo-Benavidez, T Rhyker; Robinson-Rechavi, Marc; Schwander, Tanja-Journal Article
18-Jan-2024Whole-genome analyses converge to support the Hemirotifera hypothesis within Syndermata (Gnathifera)Vasilikopoulos, Alexandros; Herlyn, Holger; Fontaneto, Diego; Wilson, Christopher Gordon; Nowell, Reuben William; Flot, Jean-François; Barraclough, Timothy Giles; Van Doninck, Karine-Journal Article
4-Apr-2024A genome-centric view of the role of the Acropora kenti microbiome in coral health and resilienceMesser, Lauren F.; Bourne, David G.; Robbins, Steven J.; Clay, Megan; Bell, Sara C.; McIlroy, Simon J.; Tyson, Gene W.-Journal Article
2024The high-resolution map of Oxia Planum, Mars; the landing site of the ExoMars Rosalind Franklin rover missionFawdon, Peter; Orgel, Csilla; Adeli, Solmaz; Balme, Matt; Calef, Fred J; Davis, Joel M; Frigeri, Alessandro; Grindrod, Peter; Hauber, Ernst; Le Deit, Laetitia; Loizeau, Damien; Nass, Andrea; Quantin-Nataf, Cathy; Sefton-Nash, Elliot; Schröder, Christian-Journal Article
Apr-2024Persistence of ‘wet wipes’ in beach sand: An unrecognised reservoir for localised E. coli contaminationMetcalf, Rebecca; Fellows, Rosie; White, Hannah L; Quilliam, Richard S-Journal Article
17-Jan-2024Clarifying the murk: unveiling bacterial dynamics in response to crude oil pollution, Corexit-dispersant, and natural sunlight in the Gulf of MexicoMatallana-Surget, Sabine; Nigro, Lisa M; Waidner, Lisa A; Lebaron, Philippe; Wattiez, Ruddy; Werner, Johannes; Fraser, Rosie; Dimitrov, Daniel; Watt, Rowan; Jeffrey, Wade H-Journal Article
22-Feb-2024Novel functional insights into the microbiome inhabiting marine plastic debris: critical considerations to counteract the challenges of thin biofilms using multi-omics and comparative metaproteomicsMesser, Lauren F.; Lee, Charlotte E.; Wattiez, Ruddy; Matallana-Surget, Sabine-Journal Article
22-Mar-2024Green Exercise, Blue Spaces and Active Leisure Events: The Performance of New Participants is Associated With Their Response to Event CharacteristicsGilburn, André-Journal Article
2024Diel Cycle Proteomics: Illuminating Molecular Dynamics in Purple Bacteria for Optimized Biotechnological ApplicationsMatallana-Surget, Sabine; Geron, Augustin; Decroo, Corentin; Wattiez, Ruddy-Journal Article
12-Mar-2024A perspective on the impacts of microplastics on mosquito biology and their vectorial capacityJones, Christopher M; Hughes, Grant L; Coleman, Sylvester; Fellows, Rosie; Quilliam, Richard S-Journal Article
Apr-2024Eliciting expert judgements to underpin our understanding of faecal indicator organism loss from septic tank systemsMzyece, Chisha Chongo; Glendell, Miriam; Gagkas, Zisis; Quilliam, Richard S.; Jones, Ian; Pagaling, Eulyn; Akoumianaki, Ioanna; Newman, Claire; Oliver, David M.-Journal Article
1-Jun-2023Urban landscapes and legacy industry provide hotspots for riverine greenhouse gases: A source-to-sea study of the River ClydeBrown, Alison M; Bass, Adrian M; Skiba, Ute; Macdonald, John M; Pickard, Amy E-Journal Article
Jan-2022Anthropogenic-estuarine interactions cause disproportionate greenhouse gas production: A review of the evidence baseBrown, Alison M; Bass, Adrian M; Pickard, Amy E-Journal Article
1-Jan-2024Sources and controls of greenhouse gases and heavy metals in mine water: A continuing climate legacyBrown, Alison; Bass, Adrian; Garnett, Mark; Skiba, Ute; Pickard, Amy-Journal Article
25-Jan-2024Consistent patterns of common species across tropical tree communitiesCooper, Declan L M; Lewis, Simon L; Sullivan, Martin J P; Prado, Paulo I; ter Steege, Hans; Barbier, Nicolas; Slik, Ferry; Sonke, Bonaventure; Ewango, Corneille E N; Adu-Bredu, Stephen; Affum-Baffoe, Kofi; de Aguiar, Daniel P P; Jeffery, Kathryn J; Silva, Thiago Sanna Freire; White, Lee J T-Journal Article
Apr-2024Can plastic pollution drive the emergence and dissemination of novel zoonotic diseases?Ormsby, Michael J.; Woodford, Luke; Quilliam, Richard S.-Journal Article
Jan-2024Plastic pollution as a novel reservoir for the environmental survival of the drug resistant fungal pathogen Candida aurisAkinbobola, Ayorinde; Kean, Ryan; Quilliam, Richard S.-Journal Article
15-Feb-2024Engineering aquatic plant community composition on floating treatment wetlands can increase ecosystem multifunctionalityFletcher, Jonathan; Willby, Nigel; Oliver, David; Quilliam, Richard S.-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 2518