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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
2023Clustering of Marine Oil-Spill Extent Using Sentinel-1 Dual Polarimetric Scattering SpectrumPaul, Avrodeep; Dey, Subhadip; Marino, Armando; Bhowmick, Gourav Dhar; Bhattacharya, Avik-Journal Article
Apr-2023Forest total and component biomass retrieval via GA-SVR algorithm and quad-polarimetric SAR dataShi, Jianmin; Zhang, Wangfei; Marino, Armando; Zeng, Peng; Ji, Yongjie; Zhao, Han; Huang, Guoran; Wang, Mengjin-Journal Article
Nov-2023Functional identity drives tree species richness-induced increases in litterfall production and forest floor mass in young tree communitiesWan, Xiaohua; Joly, François‐Xavier; Jia, Hui; Zhu, Min; Fu, Yanrong; Huang, Zhiqun-Journal Article
28-Aug-2023Self-reported benefits and risks of open water swimming to health, wellbeing and the environment: Cross-sectional evidence from a survey of Scottish swimmersOliver, David M.; McDougall, Craig W.; Robertson, Tony; Grant, Blair; Hanley, Nick; Quilliam, Richard S.Meena, Dharmendra KumarJournal Article
29-Jun-2023An intact S-layer is advantageous to Clostridioides difficile within the hostOrmsby, Michael J; Vaz, Filipa; Kirk, Joseph A; Barwinska-Sendra, Anna; Hallam, Jennifer C; Lanzoni-Mangutchi, Paola; Cole, John; Chaudhuri, Roy R; Salgado, Paula S; Fagan, Robert P; Douce, Gillian RMcClane, Bruce A.Journal Article
Oct-2023Transition to organic farming negatively affects bat activityFialas, Penelope C; Froidevaux, Jérémy S P; Jones, Gareth; Batáry, Péter-Journal Article
Sep-2023Renewable energies and biodiversity: Impact of ground‐mounted solar photovoltaic sites on bat activityTinsley, Elizabeth; Froidevaux, Jérémy S P; Zsebők, Sándor; Szabadi, Kriszta Lilla; Jones, Gareth-Journal Article
10-Dec-2023How do weather conditions and environmental characteristics influence aesthetic preferences of freshwater environments?Grace, Megan J; Dickie, Jen; Bartie, Phil J; Brown, Caroline; Oliver, David M-Journal Article
10-Apr-2023The InflateSAR Campaign: Developing Refugee Vessel Detection Capabilities with Polarimetric SARLanz, Peter; Marino, Armando; Simpson, Morgan David; Brinkhoff, Thomas; Köster, Frank; Möller, Matthias-Journal Article
2023Global oceanic diazotroph database version 2 and elevated estimate of global oceanic N 2 fixationShao, Zhibo; Xu, Yangchun; Wang, Hua; Luo, Weicheng; Wang, Lice; Huang, Yuhong; Agawin, Nona Sheila R; Ahmed, Ayaz; Benavides, Mar; Bentzon-Tilia, Mikkel; Berman-Frank, Ilana; Berthelot, Hugo; Biegala, Isabelle C; Bif, Mariana B; Messer, Lauren F-Journal Article
23-Jan-2019Unicellular Cyanobacteria Are Important Components of Phytoplankton Communities in Australia’s Northern Oceanic EcoregionsMoore, Lisa R.; Huang, Taotao; Ostrowski, Martin; Mazard, Sophie; Kumar, Sheemal S; Gamage, Hasinika K A H; Brown, Mark V; Messer, Lauren F; Seymour, Justin R; Paulsen, Ian T-Journal Article
25-Apr-2016Nutrient uplift in a cyclonic eddy increases diversity, primary productivity and iron demand of microbial communities relative to a western boundary currentDoblin, Martina A; Petrou, Katherina; Sinutok, Sutinee; Seymour, Justin R; Messer, Lauren F; Brown, Mark V; Norman, Louiza; Everett, Jason D; McInnes, Allison S; Ralph, Peter J; Thompson, Peter A; Hassler, Christel S-Journal Article
16-Aug-2023Predictors of successful return to parkrun for first-time adult participants in ScotlandGilburn, Andre S.Atulomah, Nnodimele OnuigboJournal Article
10-Aug-2023Microplastics in agriculture – a potential novel mechanism for the delivery of human pathogens onto cropsQuilliam, Richard S; Pow, Chloe J; Shilla, Dativa J; Mwesiga, James J; Shilla, Daniel A; Woodford, Luke-Journal Article
17-Oct-2022abmAnimalMovement: An R package for simulating animal movement using an agent-based modelMarshall, Benjamin Michael; Duthie, Alexander Bradley-Journal Article
12-Jun-2023High mountain trees: altitudinal records recently broken for eleven different tree species in BritainWatts, Sarah H.-Journal Article
2015Increased seawater temperature increases the abundance and alters the structure of natural Vibrio populations associated with the coral Pocillopora damicornisTout, Jessica; Siboni, Nachshon; Messer, Lauren F; Garren, Melissa; Stocker, Roman; Webster, Nicole S; Ralph, Peter J; Seymour, Justin R-Journal Article
11-Jul-2023Field-Scale Floating Treatment Wetlands: Quantifying Ecosystem Service Provision from Monoculture vs. Polyculture Macrophyte CommunitiesFletcher, Jonathan; Willby, Nigel; Oliver, David M.; Quilliam, Richard S.-Journal Article
22-Jun-2023Biological nitrogen fixation by soybean (Glycine max [L.] Merr.), a novel, high protein crop in Scotland, requires inoculation with non-native bradyrhizobiaMaluk, Marta; Giles, Madeline; Wardell, Grace E; Akramin, Aminin Taqrir; Ferrando-Molina, Francesc; Murdoch, Ashley; Barros, Marta; Beukes, Chrizelle; Vasconçelos, Marta; Harrison, Ellie; Daniell, Tim J; Quilliam, Richard S; Iannetta, Pietro P M; James, Euan K-Journal Article
9-Mar-2023Editorial: Environmental omics and their biotechnological applicationsMartínez-Espinosa, Rosa María; Armengaud, Jean; Matallana-Surget, Sabine; Olaya-Abril, Alfonso-Editorial
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 2462