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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
16-Jun-2024Evolving Particles in the 2022 Hunga Tonga—Hunga Ha'apai Volcano Eruption PlumeKahn, Ralph A; Limbacher, James A; Junghenn Noyes, Katherine T; Flower, Verity J B; Zamora, Lauren M; McKee, Kathleen F-Journal Article
10-Aug-2024Identifying drivers of non-stationary climate-growth relationships of European beechLeifsson, Christopher; Buras, Allan; Klesse, Stefan; Baittinger, Claudia; Bat-Enerel, Banzragch; Battipaglia, Giovanna; Biondi, Franco; Stajic, Branko; Budeanu, Marius; Čada, Vojtěch; Cavin, Liam; Claessens, Hugues; Cufar, Katarina; de Luis, Martin; Jump, Alistair S-Journal Article
28-May-2024The Acoustic Index User’s Guide: A practical manual for defining, generating and understanding current and future acoustic indicesBradfer-Lawrence, Tom; Duthie, Brad; Abrahams, Carlos; Adam, Matyáš; Barnett, Ross J; Beeston, Amy; Darby, Jennifer; Dell, Benedict; Gardner, Nick; Gasc, Amandine; Heath, Becky; Howells, Nia; Kyoseva, Maria-Viktoria; Waddell, Emily; Froidevaux, Jérémy S-P-Journal Article
May-2024Future ordinaries: assembling place-based knowledges and literacies in real and imagined harmscapesWilson, Anna; Robertson, George; Dickie, Jen-Journal Article
13-Apr-2024Drivers of moth phenology in England and WalesHickinbotham, Emily; Pattison, Zarah; Fox, Richard; Rushton, Steve P-Journal Article
8-May-2024Using multiscale lidar to determine variation in canopy structure from African forest elephant trailsKeany, Jenna M.; Burns, Patrick; Abraham, Andrew J.; Jantz, Patrick; Makaga, Loic; Saatchi, Sassan; Maisels, Fiona; Abernethy, Katharine; Doughty, Christopher E.-Journal Article
Jun-2024Contrasting Stocks and Origins of Particulate and Mineral-associated Soil Organic Carbon in a Mangrove-Salt Marsh EcotoneAssavapanuvat, Prakhin; Breithaupt, Joshua; Engelbert, Kevin; Schroeder, Christian; Smoak, Joseph; Bianchi, Thomas-Journal Article
30-Apr-2024To conserve African tropical forests, invest in the protection of its most endangered group of monkeys, red colobusLinder, Joshua M; Cronin, Drew T; Ting, Nelson; Abwe, Ekwoge E; Aghomo, Florence; Davenport, Tim R B; Detwiler, Kate M; Galat, Gérard; Galat-Luong, Anh; Hart, John A; Ikemeh, Rachel A; Kivai, Stanislaus M; Kone, Inza; Konstant, William; Maisels, Fiona-Journal Article
18-Apr-2024FSC-certified forest management benefits large mammals compared to non-FSCZwerts, Joeri A; Sterck, E H M; Verweij, Pita A; Maisels, Fiona; van der Waarde, Jaap; Geelen, Emma A M; Tchoumba, Georges Belmond; Donfouet Zebaze, Hermann Frankie; van Kuijk, Marijke-Journal Article
4-Jun-2021Historical genomics reveals the evolutionary mechanisms behind multiple outbreaks of the host-specific coffee wilt pathogen Fusarium xylarioidesPeck, Lily D.; Nowell, Reuben W.; Flood, Julie; Ryan, Matthew J.; Barraclough, Timothy G.-Journal Article
3-Feb-2023Metagenomics Shines Light on the Evolution of “Sunscreen” Pigment Metabolism in theTeloschistales(Lichen-Forming Ascomycota)Llewellyn, Theo; Nowell, Reuben W; Aptroot, Andre; Temina, Marina; Prescott, Thomas A K; Barraclough, Timothy G; Gaya, Ester-Journal Article
26-Feb-2024Iceberg Detection With RADARSAT-2 Quad-Polarimetric C-Band SAR in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard—Comparison With a Ground-Based RadarBailey, Johnson; Akbari, Vahid; Liu, Tao; Lauknes, Tom Rune; Marino, Armando-Journal Article
2019Rediscovery of Bouvier’s Red Colobus in the Southern Republic of CongoNdzai, Christian; Malonga, Phael; Maisels, Fiona-Journal Article
Dec-2016Comparative genomics reveals genes significantly associated with woody hosts in the plant pathogen Pseudomonas syringaeNowell, Reuben W; Laue, Bridget E; Sharp, Paul M; Green, Sarah-Journal Article
8-Mar-2024Recombination in bdelloid rotifer genomes: asexuality, transfer and stressWilson, Christopher G.; Pieszko, Tymoteusz; Nowell, Reuben W.; Barraclough, Timothy G.-Journal Article
12-Apr-2024Piloting co-developed behaviour change interventions to reduce exposure to air pollution and improve self-reported asthma-related healthMcCarron, Amy; Semple, Sean; Swanson, Vivien; Gillespie, Colin; Braban, Christine; Price, Heather D-Journal Article
Jul-2017A high-coverage draft genome of the mycalesine butterfly Bicyclus anynanaNowell, Reuben W; Elsworth, Ben; Oostra, Vicencio; Zwaan, Bas J; Wheat, Christopher W; Saastamoinen, Marjo; Saccheri, Ilik J; van’t Hof, Arjen E; Wasik, Bethany R; Connahs, Heidi; Aslam, Muhammad L; Kumar, Sujai; Challis, Richard J; Monteiro, Antónia; Brakefield, Paul M; Blaxter, Mark-Journal Article
24-Apr-2018Comparative genomics of bdelloid rotifers: Insights from desiccating and nondesiccating speciesNowell, Reuben W; Almeida, Pedro; Wilson, Christopher G; Smith, Thomas P; Fontaneto, Diego; Crisp, Alastair; Micklem, Gos; Tunnacliffe, Alan; Boschetti, Chiara; Barraclough, Timothy G-Journal Article
6-Aug-2018Cross-Contamination Explains “Inter and Intraspecific Horizontal Genetic Transfers” between Asexual Bdelloid RotifersWilson, Christopher G.; Nowell, Reuben W.; Barraclough, Timothy G.-Journal Article
Nov-2018Minimising the limitations of using dietary analysis to assess foodweb changes by combining multiple techniquesHorswill, C; Jackson, J A; Medeiros, R; Nowell, R W; Trathan, P N; O'Connell, T C-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2521