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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1996
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
10-Oct-2022The neural response is heightened when watching a person approaching compared to walking away: Evidence for dynamic social neuroscienceMustile, Magda; Kourtis, Dimitrios; Edwards, Martin G.; Donaldson, David I.; Ietswaart, Magdalena-Journal Article
16-Aug-2022The Ontogeny of Vocal Sequences: Insights from a Newborn Wild Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii)Soldati, Adrian; Muhumuza, Geresomu; Dezecache, Guillaume; Fedurek, Pawel; Taylor, Derry; Call, Josep; Zuberbühler, Klaus-Journal Article
1-Jul-2022Small-angle attraction in the tilt illusionAkgöz, Ayşe; Gheorghiu, Elena; Kingdom, Frederick-Journal Article
7-Jul-2022“My whole life has been a process of finding labels that fit”: A Thematic Analysis of Autistic LGBTQIA+ Identity and Inclusion in the LGBTQIA+ CommunityMcAuliffe, Christine; Walsh, Reubs J; Cage, Eilidh-Journal Article
-Linking personality traits and reproductive success in common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus)Masilkova, Michaela; Boukal, David; Ash, Hayley; Buchanan-Smith, Hannah M; Konečná, Martina-Journal Article
10-Jul-2022Dead-infant carrying by chimpanzee mothers in the Budongo ForestSoldati, Adrian; Fedurek, Pawel; Crockford, Catherine; Adue, Sam; Akankwasa, John Walter; Asiimwe, Caroline; Asua, Jackson; Atayo, Gideon; Chandia, Boscou; Freymann, Elodie; Fryns, Caroline; Muhumuza, Geresomu; Taylor, Derry; Zuberbühler, Klaus; Hobaiter, Catherine-Journal Article
31-May-2022Children's use of social information from multiple models: Cognitive capacities underlying population size effects on cumulative cultureWilks, Charlotte E H; Atkinson, Mark; Caldwell, Christine A-Journal Article
2022The leap to ordinal: Detailed functional prognosis after traumatic brain injury with a flexible modelling approachBhattacharyay, Shubhayu; Milosevic, Ioan; Wilson, Lindsay; Menon, David K; Stevens, Robert D; Steyerberg, Ewout W; Nelson, David W; Ercole, Ari-Journal Article
4-Jul-2022Exploring the views of patients' and their family about patient-initiated follow-up in head and neck cancer: a mixed methods studyLorenc, Ava; Greaves, Colin; Duda, Joan; Brett, Jo; Matheson, Lauren; Fulton-Lieuw, Tessa; Secher, Denis; Rhodes, Pat; Ozakinci, Gozde; Nankivell, Paul; Mehanna, Hisham; Jepson, Marcus-Journal Article
Jul-2022Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy in Vietnamese Fish FarmersChambers, Julie A; Crumlish, Margaret; Comerford, David A; Phuoc, Le-Hong; Phuong, Vo-Hong; O’Carroll, Ronan E-Journal Article
29-Jun-2022Exploring perceptual similarity and its relation to image-based spaces: an effect of familiaritySomai, Rosyl S; Hancock, Peter J B-Journal Article
20-Jun-2022The impact of weapons and unusual objects on the construction of facial compositesErickson, William Blake; Brown, Charity; Portch, Emma; Lampinen, James Michael; Marsh, John E; Fodarella, Cristina; Petkovic, Anna; Coultas, Carly; Newby, Amanda; Date, Louisa; Hancock, Peter J B; Frowd, Charlie D-Journal Article
23-Jun-2022Brief Report: Does Autistic Community Connectedness Moderate the Relationship Between Masking and Wellbeing?Cage, Eilidh; Cranney, Rebekah; Botha, Monique-Journal Article
2022Come as You Are: Examining Autistic Identity Development and the Neurodiversity Movement through an Intersectional LensBotha, Monique; Gillespie-Lynch, Kristen-Journal Article
Jun-2022Rhythms in Cognition: The evidence revisitedKeitel, Christian; Ruzzoli, Manuela; Dugué, Laura; Busch, Niko A; Benwell, Christopher S Y-Journal Article
2022What Do Participants Expect to Experience in the Rubber Hand Illusion? A Conceptual Replication of Lush (2020)Reader, Arran T-Journal Article
Aug-2022Audience sensitivity in chimpanzee display pant hootsSoldati, Adrian; Fedurek, Pawel; Dezecache, Guillaume; Call, Josep; Zuberbühler, Klaus-Journal Article
Jun-2022Interventions to promote physical distancing behaviour during infectious disease pandemics or epidemics: A systematic reviewEpton, Tracy; Ghio, Daniela; Ballard, Lisa M; Allen, Sarah F; Kassianos, Angelos P; Hewitt, Rachael; Swainston, Katherine; Fynn, Wendy Irene; Rowland, Vickie; Westbrook, Juliette; Jenkinson, Elizabeth; Morrow, Alison; McGeechan, Grant J; Stanescu, Sabina; Swanson, Vivien-Journal Article
Jun-2022Repeated Sub-Concussive Impacts and the Negative Effects of Contact Sports on Cognition and Brain IntegrityNtikas, Michail; Binkofski, Ferdinand; Shah, N Jon; Ietswaart, Magdalena-Journal Article
Jul-2022Mental health and well-being during the second wave of COVID-19: longitudinal analyses of the UK COVID-19 Mental Health and Wellbeing study (UK COVID-MH)Wetherall, Karen; Cleare, Seonaid; McClelland, Heather; Melson, Ambrose J; Niedzwiedz, Claire L; O'Carroll, Ronan E; O'Connor, Daryl B; Platt, Steve; Scowcroft, Elizabeth; Watson, Billy; Zortea, Tiago; Ferguson, Eamonn; Robb, Kathryn A; O'Connor, Rory C-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1996