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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
15-Oct-2020Which passengers are on your bus? A taxonomy of the barriers adolescents with chronic pain face in achieving functional recoveryJacobs, Konrad; Smith, Alisha; Heathcote, Lauren C; Caes, Line-Journal Article
-Socio-developmental challenges faced by young people with chronic pain: A scoping reviewJones, Abbie; Caes, Line; McMurtry, Meghan; Eccleston, Christopher; Jordan, Abbie-Journal Article
2017Food insecurity as a driver of obesity in humans: The insurance hypothesisNettle, Daniel; Andrews, Clare; Bateson, Melissa-Journal Article
9-Oct-2020The Sense Of Effort: a Cost-Benefit Theory of the Phenomenology of Mental EffortSzekely, Marcell; Michael, John-Journal Article
3-Sep-2020Moving on or deciding to let go? A pathway exploring the relationship between emotional and decisional forgiveness and intentional forgettingNoreen, Saima; MacLeod, Malcolm D-Journal Article
-Cognitive Prerequisites for Cumulative Culture are Context-Dependent: Children’s Potential for Ratcheting Depends on Cue LongevityWilks, Charlotte E H; Rafetseder, Eva; Renner, Elizabeth; Atkinson, Mark; Caldwell, Christine A-Journal Article
Feb-2017Early-life adversity accelerates cellular ageing and affects adult inflammation: Experimental evidence from the European starlingNettle, Daniel; Andrews, Clare; Reichert, Sophie; Bedford, Tom; Kolenda, Claire; Parker, Craig; Martin-Ruiz, Carmen; Monaghan, Pat; Bateson, Melissa-Journal Article
Jun-2017Effects of early life adversity and sex on dominance in European starlingsBedford, Tom; Oliver, Caitlin Jade; Andrews, Clare; Bateson, Melissa; Nettle, Daniel-Journal Article
Sep-2017A marker of biological age explains individual variation in the strength of the adult stress responseAndrews, Clare; Nettle, Daniel; Larriva, Maria; Gillespie, Robert; Reichert, Sophie; Brilot, Ben O.; Bedford, Thomas; Monaghan, Pat; Bateson, Melissa; Spencer, Karen A.-Journal Article
Feb-2017Evolution of elaborate parental care: phenotypic and genetic correlations between parent and offspring traitsAndrews, Clare P.; Smiseth, Per T.; Kruuk, Loeske E. B.-Journal Article
Nov-2016Brood size moderates associations between relative size, telomere length, and immune development in European starling nestlingsNettle, Daniel; Andrews, Clare; Reichert, Sophie; Bedford, Tom; Gott, Annie; Parker, Craig; Kolenda, Claire; Martin-Ruiz, Carmen; Monaghan, Pat; Bateson, Melissa-Journal Article
2017Adaptive principles of weight regulation: Insufficient, but perhaps necessary, for understanding obesityNettle, Daniel; Andrews, Clare; Bateson, Melissa-Journal Article
2020Volume reduction of caudate nucleus is associated with movement coordination deficits in patients with hippocampal atrophy due to perinatal hypoxia-ischaemiaGeva, Sharon; Jentschke, Sebastian; Argyropoulos, Georgios P D; Chong, W K; Gadian, David G; Vargha-Khadem, Faraneh-Journal Article
Oct-2020Convolutional neural net face recognition works in non-human-like waysHancock, Peter J B; Somai, Rosyl S; Mileva, Viktoria R-Journal Article
2020Action Real-Time Strategy Gaming Experience Related to Enhanced Capacity of Visual Working MemoryYao, Yutong; Cui, Ruifang; Li, Yi; Zeng, Lu; Jiang, Jinliang; Qiu, Nan; Dong, Li; Gong, Diankun; Yan, Guojian; Ma, Weiyi; Liu, Tiejun-Journal Article
28-Sep-2020Apical drive - A cellular mechanism of dreaming?Aru, Jaan; Siclari, Francesca; Phillips, William A; Storm, Johan F-Journal Article
25-Sep-2020Prediction of global functional outcome and post-concussive symptoms following mild traumatic brain injury: external validation of prognostic models in the CENTER-TBI studyMikolic, Ana; Polinder, Suzanne; Steyerberg, Ewout W; Retel Helmrich, Isabel R A; Giacino, Joseph; Maas, Andrew; van der Naalt, Joukje; Voormolen, Daphne C; von Steinbuechel, Nicole; Wilson, Lindsay; Lingsma, Hester F; van Klaveren, David; CENTER-TBI Participants and Investigators,-Journal Article
Oct-2020Developing a Sustainable Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) Programme in Ghana: Replicating the Scottish Triad Model of Information, Education and Quality ImprovementSneddon, Jacqueline; Afriyie, Daniel; Sefah, Israel; Cockburn, Alison; Kerr, Frances; Byrne-Davis, Lucie; Cameron, Elaine-Journal Article
2-Oct-2020Facial Masculinity Increases Perceptions of Men’s Age, But Not Perceptions of Their Health: Data From an Arab SampleAlharbi, Sarah AH; Holzleitner, Iris J; Lee, Anthony J; Saribay, S Adil; Jones, Benedict C-Journal Article
2-Sep-2020Prehospital management of traumatic brain injury across Europe: a CENTER-TBI studyGravesteijn, Benjamin Yael; Sewalt, Charlie Aletta; Stocchetti, Nino; Citerio, Giuseppe; Ercole, Ari; Lingsma, Hester Floor; von Steinbüchel, Nicole; Steyerberg, Ewout Willem; Wilson, Lindsay; Maas, Andrew I R; Menon, David K; Lecky, Fiona Elizabeth; CENTER-TBI collaborators,-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1659