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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
6-Apr-2021A Manual for the Glasgow Outcome Scale-Extended (GOSE) InterviewWilson, Lindsay; Boase, Kim; Nelson, Lindsay D; Temkin, Nancy; Giacino, Joseph T; Markowitz, Amy J; Maas, Andrew; Menon, David K; Teasdale, Graham M; Manley, Geoffrey T-Journal Article
2021How and why patterns of sexual dimorphism in human faces vary across the worldKleisner, Karel; Tureček, Petr; Roberts, S Craig; Havlíček, Jan; Valentova, Jaroslava Varella; Akoko, Robert Mbe; Leongómez, Juan David; Apostol, Silviu; Varella, Marco A C; Saribay, S Adil-Journal Article
2021Limited evidence for executive function load impairing selective copying in a win-stay lose-shift taskDunstone, Juliet; Atkinson, Mark; Grainger, Catherine; Renner, Elizabeth; Caldwell, Christine A-Journal Article
23-Mar-2021The function of chimpanzee greeting calls is modulated by their acoustic variationFedurek, Pawel; Tkaczynski, Patrick J; Hobaiter, Catherine; Zuberbühler, Klaus; Wittig, Roman M; Crockford, Catherine-Journal Article
2021Ethnic inequalities in older adults bowel cancer awareness: findings from a community survey conducted in an ethnically diverse region in EnglandKerrison, Robert S; Prentice, Andrew; Marshall, Sarah; Choglay, Sameer; Levitan, Michael; Alter, Marsha; Ghanouni, Alex; McGregor, Lesley; von Wagner, Christian-Journal Article
11-Mar-2021Teachers' perceived time pressure, emotional exhaustion and the role of social support from the school principalMaas, Jasper; Schoch, Simone; Scholz, Urte; Rackow, Pamela; Schüler, Julia; Wegner, Mirko; Keller, Roger-Journal Article
11-Dec-2020Atrial fibrillation self-management: a mobile telephone app scoping review and content analysisPearsons, Alice; Hanson, Coral L; Gallagher, Robyn; O'Carroll, Ronan E; Khonsari, Sahar; Hanley, Janet; Strachan, Fiona E; Mills, Nicholas L; Quinn, Terence J; McKinstry, Brian; McHale, Sheona; Stewart, Stacey; Zhang, Mengying; O'Connor, Siobhan; Neubeck, Lis-Journal Article
2021Use and impact of high intensity treatments in patients with traumatic brain injury across Europe: a CENTER-TBI analysisHuijben, Jilske A; Dixit, Abhishek; Stocchetti, Nino; Maas, Andrew I R; Lingsma, Hester F; van der Jagt, Mathieu; Nelson, David; Citerio, Giuseppe; Wilson, Lindsay; Menon, David K; Ercole, Ari-Journal Article
1-Jul-2021Compensation and transfer effects of eating behavior change in daily life: Evidence from a randomized controlled trialNigg, Carina; Amrein, Melanie; Rackow, Pamela; Scholz, Urte; Inauen, Jennifer-Journal Article
2021The use of individual, social, and animated cue information by capuchin monkeys and children in a touchscreen taskRenner, Elizabeth; Kean, Donna; Atkinson, Mark; Caldwell, Christine A-Journal Article
22-Feb-2021Health information, messaging and warnings on alcohol packaging: a focus group study with young adult drinkers in ScotlandJones, Daniel; Moodie, Crawford; Purves, Richard I; Fitzgerald, Niamh; Crockett, Rachel-Journal Article
Nov-2018Optimal marine mammal welfare under human care: Current efforts and future directionsBrando, Sabrina; Broom, Donald M; Acasuso-Rivero, Cristina; Clark, Fay-Journal Article
2016Proceedings of Marine Mammal Welfare Workshops Hosted in the Netherlands and the USA in 2012Brando, Sabrina; Bowles, Ann E; Böye, Martin; Dudzinski, Kathleen M; van Elk, Niels; Lucke, Klaus; McBain, James; Singer, Rebecca; Wahlberg, Magnus-Journal Article
10-Feb-2021Student mental health and transitions into, through and out of university: Student and staff perspectivesCage, Eilidh; Jones, Emma; Ryan, Gemma; Hughes, Gareth; Spanner, Leigh-Journal Article
19-Feb-2021The stimulus control of local enclosures and barriers over head direction and place cell spatial firingSmith, Anna E; Wood, Emma R; Dudchenko, Paul A-Journal Article
Jan-2021Host Associations of Ectoparasites of the Gray Mouse Lemur, Microcebus murinus, in Northwestern MadagascarDurden, Lance A; Kessler, Sharon E; Radespiel, Ute; Hasiniaina, Alida F; Stekolnikov, Alexandr A; Chalkowski, Kayleigh; Zohdy, Sarah-Journal Article
9-Feb-2021The Fidelity of Training in Behaviour Change Techniques to Intervention Design in a National Diabetes Prevention ProgrammeHawkes, Rhiannon E; Cameron, Elaine; Miles, Lisa M; French, David P-Journal Article
13-Feb-2021Is the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme Intervention Delivered as Planned? An Observational Study of Fidelity of Intervention DeliveryFrench, David P; Hawkes, Rhiannon E; Bower, Peter; Cameron, Elaine-Journal Article
Mar-2021Surface slant impairs disparity discontinuity discriminationGoutcher, Ross; Wilcox, Laurie M-Journal Article
2021The relationship between referral of touch and the feeling of ownership in the rubber hand illusionReader, Arran T; Trifonova, Victoria S; Ehrsson, H Henrik-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1724