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21-Oct-2023Distinctiveness and femininity, rather than symmetry and masculinity, affect facial attractiveness across the worldKleisner, Karel; Tureček, Petr; Saribay, S Adil; Pavlovič, Ondřej; Leongómez, Juan David; Roberts, S Craig; Havlíček, Jan; Valentova, Jaroslava Varella; Apostol, Silviu; Mbe Akoko, Robert; Varella, Marco A C-Journal Article
26-Oct-2023Validation of the Short Version (TLS-15) of the Triangular Love Scale (TLS-45) across 37 LanguagesRoberts, Stewart; Kowal, Marta; Sorokowski, Piotr; Dinic, Bojana; Pisanski, Katarzyna; Gjoneska, Biljana; Pfuhl, Gerit; Milfont, Taciano; Bode, Adam; Garcia, Felipe; Roberts, Craig-Journal Article
10-Aug-2023Developmental changes in individual alpha frequency: Recording EEG data during public engagement eventsTurner, Christopher; Baylan, Satu; Bracco, Martina; Cruz, Gabriela; Hanzal, Simon; Keime, Marine; Kuye, Isaac; McNeill, Deborah; Ng, Zika; van der Plas, Mircea; Ruzzoli, Manuela; Thut, Gregor; Trajkovic, Jelena; Veniero, Domenica; Wale, Sarah P.; Whear, Sarah; Learmonth, Gemma-Journal Article
Nov-2023Advanced manufacturing, formulation and microencapsulation of therapeutic phagesMalik, Danish J; Goncalves-Ribeiro, Henrique; Goldschmitt, Dirk; Collin, Joe; Belkhiri, Aouatif; Fernandes, Diogo; Weichert, Henry; Kirpichnikova, Anna-Journal Article
3-Jun-2019Achieving Self-Directed Integrated Cancer Aftercare (ASICA) in melanoma: Protocol for a randomised patient-focused pilot trial of delivering the ASICA intervention as a means to earlier detection of recurrent and second primary melanomaMurchie, Peter; Masthoff, Judith; Walter, Fiona M; Rahman, Kazi; Allan, Julia L; Burrows, Nigel; Proby, Charlotte; Lee, Amanda J; Johnston, Marie; Durrani, Amer; Depasquale, Ivan; Brant, Billy; Neilson, Aileen; Meredith, Fiona; Treweek, Shaun P-Journal Article
16-May-2024Performance-related Pay: Mental and Physiological HealthAndelic, Nicole; Allan, Julia; Bender, Keith A; Powell, Daniel; Theodossiou, Ioannis-Journal Article
Nov-2023Habits and Reflective Processes in COVID-19 Transmission-reducing Behaviors: Examining Theoretical Predictions in a Representative Sample of the Population of Scotlandden Daas, Chantal; Dixon, Diane; Hubbard, Gill; Allan, Julia; Johnston, Marie-Journal Article
Mar-2022Describing, predicting and explaining adherence to total skin self-examination (TSSE) in people with melanoma: a 12-month longitudinal studyAllan, Julia L; Johnston, Derek W; Johnston, Marie; Murchie, Peter-Journal Article
17-Oct-2023Subcortical contributions to the sense of body ownershipCrucianelli, Laura; Reader, Arran T; Ehrsson, H Henrik-Journal Article
18-Feb-2021Development of a behaviour change workplace-based intervention to improve nurses' eating and physical activityPower, Brian T; Kiezebrink, Kirsty; Allan, Julia L; Campbell, Marion K-Journal Article
9-May-2017Understanding perceived determinants of nurses' eating and physical activity behaviour: A theory-informed qualitative interview studyPower, Brian T; Kiezebrink, Kirsty; Allan, Julia L; Campbell, Marion K-Journal Article
Oct-2023Preconception knowledge, beliefs and behaviours among people of reproductive age: A systematic review of qualitative studiesWelshman, Hannah; Dombrowski, Stephan; Grant, Aileen; Swanson, Vivien; Goudreau, Alex; Currie, Sinéad-Journal Article
Jul-2023The medial entorhinal cortex is necessary for the stimulus control over hippocampal place fields by distal, but not proximal, landmarksAllison, Elizabeth A M A; Moore, Joe W; Arkell, Daisy; Thomas, Julia; Dudchenko, Paul A; Wood, Emma R-Journal Article
23-Sep-2023Laughter and ratings of funniness in speed-dating do not support the fitness indicator hypothesis of humourWainwright, Henry M; Zhao, Amy A Z; Sidari, Morgan J; Lee, Anthony J; Roberts, Natalie; Makras, Tiah; Zietsch, Brendan P-Journal Article
Feb-2022Bedtime Routines Intervention for Children (BRIC) project: results from a non-randomised feasibility, proof-of concept studyKitsaras, George; Pretty, {Iain A}; Allan, Julia-Journal Article
Feb-2021Defining and measuring bedtime routines in families with young children-A DELPHI process for reaching wider consensusKitsaras, George; Goodwin, Michaela; Allan, Julia; Pretty, {Iain A}-Journal Article
Feb-2021Perceived Barriers and Facilitators for Bedtime Routines in Families with Young ChildrenKitsaras, George; Goodwin, Michaela; Kelly, {Michael P}; Pretty, {Iain A.}; Allan, Julia-Journal Article
13-Nov-2021Achieving integrated self-directed Cancer aftercare (ASICA) for melanoma: how a digital intervention to support total skin self-examination was used by people treated for cutaneous melanomaReilly, Felicity; Constable, Lynda; Brant, William; Rahman, Kazi; Durrani, Amer; Burrows, Nigel; Proby, Charlotte; Allan, Julia; Johnston, Marie; Johnston, Derek; Walter, Fiona; Murchie, Peter-Journal Article
5-Jul-2021How can we better prepare new doctors for the tasks and challenges of ward rounds?: An observational study of junior doctors' experiencesBell, {Cheryl Louise}; Allan, Julia; Ross, Sarah; Powell, Daniel; Johnston, Derek-Journal Article
Dec-2023Text message conversations between peer supporters and women to deliver infant feeding support using behaviour change techniques: A qualitative analysisKnox, Olivia; Parker, Denise; Johnson, Debbie; Dombrowski, Stephan U; Thomson, Gill; Clarke, Joanne; Hoddinott, Pat; Jolly, Kate; Ingram, Jenny-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2120