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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
-Shape facilitates number: brain potentials and microstates reveal the interplay between shape and numerosity in human visionGheorghiu, Elena; Dering, Benjamin-Journal Article
30-Jun-2020For the good of evolutionary psychology, let's reunite proximate and ultimate explanationsZietsch, Brendan P; Sidari, Morgan J; Murphy, Sean C; Sherlock, James M; Lee, Anthony J-Journal Article
Sep-2020The crosslinguistic acquisition of sentence structure: Computational modeling and grammaticality judgments from adult and child speakers of English, Japanese, Hindi, Hebrew and K'iche'Ambridge, Ben; Tatsumi, Tomoko; Doherty, Laura; Maitreyee, Ramya; Bannard, Colin; Samanta, Soumitra; McCauley, Stewart; Arnon, Inbal; Zicherman, Shira; Bekman, Dani; Efrati, Amir; Berman, Ruth; Narasimhan, Bhuvana; Sharma, Dipti Misra; Fukumura, Kumiko-Journal Article
13-Jun-2020Mild traumatic brain injury recovery: a growth curve modelling analysis over 2 yearsCarroll, Ellen L; Outtrim, Joanne G; Forsyth, Faye; Manktelow, Anne E; Hutchinson, Peter J A; Tenovuo, Olli; Posti, Jussi P; Wilson, Lindsay; Sahakian, Barbara J; Menon, David K; Newcombe, Virginia F J-Journal Article
2020Adverse early life experiences are associated with changes in pressure and cold pain sensitivity in young adultsCaes, Line; Roche, Michelle-Journal Article
5-Jun-2020The cheerleader effect is robust to experimental manipulations of presentation timeCarragher, Daniel J; Thomas, Nicole A; Gwinn, O Scott; Nicholls, Michael E R-Journal Article
May-2020Contextual Modulation in Mammalian Neocortex is AsymmetricKay, Jim W; Phillips, William A-Journal Article
2019Network-wide abnormalities explain memory variability in hippocampal amnesiaArgyropoulos, Georgios P D; Loane, Clare; Roca-Fernandez, Adriana; Lage-Martinez, Carmen; Gurau, Oana; Irani, Sarosh R; Butler, Christopher R-Journal Article
Jun-2019Neocerebellar Crus I Abnormalities Associated with a Speech and Language Disorder Due to a Mutation in FOXP2Argyropoulos, Georgios P D; Watkins, Kate E; Belton-Pagnamenta, Emma; Liégeois, Frederique; Saleem, Kadharbatcha S; Mishkin, Mortimer; Vargha-Khadem, Faraneh-Journal Article
Sep-2019Hippocampal network abnormalities explain amnesia after VGKCC-Ab related autoimmune limbic encephalitisLoane, Clare; Argyropoulos, Georgios P D; Roca-Fernández, Adriana; Lage, Carmen; Sheerin, Fintan; Ahmed, Samrah; Zamboni, Giovanna; Mackay, Clare; Irani, Sarosh R; Butler, Christopher R-Journal Article
Feb-2020The Cerebellar Cognitive Affective/Schmahmann Syndrome: a Task Force PaperArgyropoulos, Georgios P D; van Dun, Kim; Adamaszek, Michael; Leggio, Maria; Manto, Mario; Masciullo, Marcella; Molinari, Marco; Stoodley, Catherine J; Van Overwalle, Frank; Ivry, Richard B; Schmahmann, Jeremy D-Journal Article
24-Mar-2020Pathologic tearfulness after limbic encephalitis: A novel disorder and its neural basisArgyropoulos, Georgios P D; Moore, Lauren; Loane, Clare; Roca-Fernandez, Adriana; Lage-Martinez, Carmen; Gurau, Oana; Irani, Sarosh R; Zeman, Adam; Butler, Christopher R-Journal Article
May-2020Outcomes after Complicated and Uncomplicated Mild Traumatic Brain Injury at Three- and Six-Months Post-Injury: Results from the CENTER-TBI StudyVoormolen, Daphne C; Zeldovich, Marina; Haagsma, Juanita A; Polinder, Suzanne; Friedrich, Sarah; Maas, Andrew I R; Wilson, Lindsay; Steyerberg, Ewout W; Covic, Amra; Andelic, Nada; Plass, Anne Marie; Wu, Yi-Jhen; Asendorf, Thomas; von Steinbüechel, Nicole-Journal Article
-Eye spy a liar: Assessing the utility of eye fixations and confidence judgments for detecting concealed recognition of people, places and objectsMillen, Ailsa E; Hope, Lorraine; Hillstrom, Anne P-Journal Article
Jun-2020Antimicrobial Resistance in Humans and Animals: Rapid Review of Psychological and Behavioral DeterminantsChambers, Julie A; Crumlish, Margaret; Comerford, David A; O'Carroll, Ronan E-Journal Article
11-Jun-2020Stereotypes and Structure in the Interaction between Facial Emotional Expression and Sex CharacteristicsCraig, Belinda; Lee, Anthony-Journal Article
-Is threat in the way they move? Influences of static and gait information on threat judgments of unknown peopleSatchell, Liam; Mayes, Harry; Lee, Anthony; O'Reilly, Liam; Akehurst, Lucy; Morris, Paul-Journal Article
May-2020Forgetting in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes): What is the role of interference?Martin-Ordas, Gema; Atencia, Rebeca; Fernandez-Navarro, Sofia-Journal Article
7-May-2020Bilinguals' inhibitory control and attentional processes in a visual perceptual taskWimmer, Marina C; Marx, Christina; Stirk, Steven; Hancock, Peter J B-Journal Article
17-Aug-2020Maternal presence or absence alters nociceptive responding and cortical anandamide levels in juvenile female ratsO’Sullivan, Grace; Humphrey, Rachel M; Thornton, Aoife M; Kerr, Daniel M; McGuire, Brian E; Caes, Line; Roche, Michelle-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1587