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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
-Eye spy a liar: Assessing the utility of eye fixations and confidence judgments for detecting concealed recognition of people, places and objectsMillen, Ailsa E; Hope, Lorraine; Hillstrom, Anne P-Journal Article
Jun-2020Antimicrobial Resistance in Humans and Animals: Rapid Review of Psychological and Behavioral DeterminantsChambers, Julie A; Crumlish, Margaret; Comerford, David A; O'Carroll, Ronan E-Journal Article
11-Jun-2020Stereotypes and Structure in the Interaction between Facial Emotional Expression and Sex CharacteristicsCraig, Belinda; Lee, Anthony-Journal Article
-Is threat in the way they move? Influences of static and gait information on threat judgments of unknown peopleSatchell, Liam; Mayes, Harry; Lee, Anthony; O'Reilly, Liam; Akehurst, Lucy; Morris, Paul-Journal Article
May-2020Forgetting in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes): What is the role of interference?Martin-Ordas, Gema; Atencia, Rebeca; Fernandez-Navarro, Sofia-Journal Article
7-May-2020Bilinguals' inhibitory control and attentional processes in a visual perceptual taskWimmer, Marina C; Marx, Christina; Stirk, Steven; Hancock, Peter J B-Journal Article
17-Aug-2020Maternal presence or absence alters nociceptive responding and cortical anandamide levels in juvenile female ratsO’Sullivan, Grace; Humphrey, Rachel M; Thornton, Aoife M; Kerr, Daniel M; McGuire, Brian E; Caes, Line; Roche, Michelle-Journal Article
Jul-2020Do more attractive women show stronger preferences for male facial masculinity?Docherty, Ciaran; Lee, Anthony J; Hahn, Amanda C; DeBruine, Lisa M; Jones, Benedict C-Journal Article
-A multilab registered replication of the attentional SNARC effect.Colling, Lincoln J; Szűcs, Dénes; De Marco, Damiano; Cipora, Krzysztof; Ulrich, Rolf; Nuerk, Hans-Christoph; Soltanlou, Mojtaba; Bryce, Donna; Chen, Sau-Chin; Schroeder, Philipp Alexander; Henare, Dion T; Chrystall, Christine K; Hancock, Peter JB; Millen, Ailsa E; Langton, Stephen RH-Journal Article
27-Apr-2020It is about time: Conceptual and experimental evaluation of the temporal cognitive mechanisms in mental time travelMartin-Ordas, Gema-Journal Article
Apr-2020Human olfactory communication: current challenges and future prospectsRoberts, S Craig; Havlíček, Jan; Schaal, Benoist-Editorial
Apr-2020Decoding the social volatilome by tracking rapid context-dependent odour changeRoberts, S Craig; Misztal, Pawel K; Langford, Ben-Journal Article
2020Action Real-Time Strategy Gaming Experience Related to Increased Attentional Resources: An Attentional Blink StudyGan, Xianyang; Yao, Yutong; Liu, Hui; Zong, Xin; Cui, Ruifang; Qiu, Nan; Xie, Jiaxin; Jiang, Dong; Ying, Shaofei; Tang, Xingfeng; Dong, Li; Gong, Diankun; Ma, Weiyi; Liu, Tiejun-Journal Article
2020Defining preconception: exploring the concept of a preconception populationHill, Briony; Hall, Jennifer; Skouteris, Helen; Currie, Sinéad-Journal Article
17-Mar-2020Multivariate Intra-Sexual Selection on Men’s Perceptions of Male Facial MorphologyMefodeva, Valeriya; Sidari, Morgan J; Chau, Holly; Fitzsimmons, Brett; Antoine, Gabrielle; Clarkson, Tessa R; Pearson, Samuel; Lee, Anthony J; Dixson, Barnaby J W-Journal Article
Aug-2020Evaluating Metacognitive Self-reports: Systematic Reviews of the value of self-report in metacognitive researchCraig, Kymberly; Hale, Dan; Grainger, Catherine; Stewart, Mary-Journal Article
1-Jul-2019"Older Adults with ASD: The Consequences of Aging." Insights from a series of special interest group meetings held at the International Society for Autism Research 2016–2017Roestorf, Amanda; Bowler, Dermot M; Deserno, Marie K; Howlin, Patricia; Klinger, Laura; McConachie, Helen; Parr, Jeremy R; Powell, Patrick; Van Heijst, Barbara F C; Geurts, Hilde M-Journal Article
1-May-2020Self-guided mindfulness and cognitive behavioural practices reduce anxiety in autistic adults: A pilot 8-month waitlist-controlled trial of widely available online toolsGaigg, Sebastian B; Flaxman, Paul E; McLaven, Gracie; Shah, Ritika; Bowler, Dermot M; Meyer, Brenda; Roestorf, Amanda; Haenschel, Corinna; Rodgers, Jacqui; South, Mikle-Journal Article
-Kin recognition and perceived facial similarityLee, Anthony J; Hansen, Florian; DeBruine, Lisa M; Holzleitner, Iris J; O'Shea, Kieran J; Fasolt, Vanessa-Journal Article
-Women's preferences for sexual dimorphism in faces: Data from a sample of Arab womenAlharbi, Sarah AH; Holzleitner, Iris J; Lee, Anthony J; Saribay, S Adil; Jones, Benedict C-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1594