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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
Sep-2013Face recognition and description abilities in people with mild intellectual disabilitiesGawrylowicz, Julie; Gabbert, Fiona; Carson, Derek; Lindsay, William; Hancock, Peter J B-Journal Article
Feb-2005Contemporary composite techniques: The impact of a forensically-relevant target delayFrowd, Charlie D; Carson, Derek; Ness, Hayley; McQuiston-Surrett, Dawn; Richardson, Jan; Baldwin, Hayden; Hancock, Peter J B-Journal Article
Jun-2009Strategies for achieving a high response rate in a home interview surveyKiezebrink, Kirsty; Crombie, Iain K; Irvine, Linda; Swanson, Vivien; Power, Kevin George; Wrieden, Wendy L; Slane, Peter W-Journal Article
Jun-2000Distribution and forest utilization of Saguinus and other primates of the Pando Department, Northern BoliviaBuchanan-Smith, Hannah M; Hardie, Scott; Caceres, Carolina; Prescott, Mark J-Journal Article
13-Oct-2016Interventions for sustained healthcare professional behaviour change: A protocol for an overview of reviewsDombrowski, Stephan U; Campbell, Pauline; Frost, Helen; Pollock, Alex; McLellan, Julie; MacGillivray, Steve; Gavine, Anna; Maxwell, Margaret; O'Carroll, Ronan; Cheyne, Helen; Presseau, Justin; Williams, Brian-Journal Article
Sep-2009What maternal factors influence the diet of 2-year-old children living in deprived areas? A cross-sectional surveyCrombie, Iain K; Kiezebrink, Kirsty; Irvine, Linda; Wrieden, Wendy L; Swanson, Vivien; Power, Kevin George; Slane, Peter W-Journal Article
2007Knowledge-based public order policing: Principles and practiceReicher, Stephen; Stott, Clifford; Drury, John; Adang, Otto; Cronin, Patrick; Livingstone, Andrew G-Journal Article
Jul-2011A sex difference in effect of prior experience on object-mediated problem-solving in gibbonsCunningham, Clare; Anderson, James; Mootnick, Alan-Journal Article
Aug-2000Responses of captive single- and mixed-species groups of Saguinus to novel nonthreatening objectsHardie, Scott; Buchanan-Smith, Hannah M-Journal Article
Jul-2005The enigma of facial asymmetry: Is there a gender specific pattern of facedness?Hardie, Scott; Hancock, Peter J B; Rodway, Paul; Penton-Voak, Ian S; Penton-Voak, Ian; Carson, Derek; Wright, Lynn-Journal Article
Mar-2011A longitudinal study of adolescents' judgments of the attractiveness of facial symmetry, averageness and sexual dimorphismSaxton, Tamsin K; DeBruine, Lisa M; Jones, Benedict C; Little, Anthony; Roberts, S Craig-Journal Article
8-May-2018Abstract images and words can convey the same meaningKuipers, Jan Rouke; Jones, Manon W; Thierry, Guillaume-Journal Article
Feb-2018Optimization and validation of automated hippocampal subfield segmentation across the lifespanBender, Andrew; Keresztes, Attila; Bodammer, Nils; Shing, Yee Lee; Werkle-Bergner, Markus; Daugherty, Ana M; Yu, Qijing; Kuhn, Simone; Lindenberger, Ulman; Raz, Naftali-Journal Article
7-May-2018Human Body Odour Composites Are Not Perceived More Positively than the Individual SamplesFialova, Jitka; Sorokowska, Agnieszka; Roberts, S Craig; Kubicova, Lydie; Havlicek, Jan-Journal Article
30-Apr-2018No Compelling Evidence That Preferences for Facial Masculinity Track Changes in Women’s Hormonal Status (Forthcoming/Available Online)Jones, Benedict C; Hahn, Amanda C; Fisher, Claire; Wang, Hongyi; Kandrik, Michael; Han, Chengyang; Fasolt, Vaness; Morrison, Danielle; Lee, Anthony J; Holzleitner, Iris J; O'Shea, Kieran J; Roberts, S Craig; Little, Anthony C; DeBruine, Lisa M-Journal Article
Mar-2018"First, I will get the marbles." Children's foresight abilities in a modified spoon taskMartin-Ordas, Gema-Journal Article
Jun-2018Luminance-polarity distribution across the symmetry axis affects the electrophysiological response to symmetryWright, Damien; Mitchell, Claire; Dering, Benjamin; Gheorghiu, Elena-Journal Article
27-Feb-2018Nutritional labelling for healthier food or non-alcoholic drink purchasing and consumptionCrockett, Rachel; King, Sarah; Marteau, Theresa M; Prevost, A Toby; Bignardi, Giacomo; Roberts, Nia; Stubbs, Brendon; Hollands, Gareth; Jebb, Susan-Journal Article
27-Apr-2018Can you spot a liar? Deception, mindreading, and the case of autism spectrum disorder (Forthcoming/Available Online)Williams, David; Nicholson, Toby; Grainger, Catherine; Lind, Sophie; Carruthers, Peter-Journal Article
Apr-2018Perfume experts' perceptions of body odors: Towards a new lexicon for body odor descriptionAllen, Caroline; Havlicek, Jan; Williams, Kate; Roberts, S Craig-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1227