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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
-Discrepancies in East Asians’ perceived actual and ideal phenotypic facial featuresThai, Michael; Lee, Anthony J.; Axt, Jordan R.; Hornsey, Matthew J.; Barlow, Fiona K.-Journal Article
-Dropping out and moving on: A qualitative study of autistic people's experiences of universityCage, Eilidh; Howes, Jack-Journal Article
Feb-2020Why Care: Complex Evolutionary History of Human Healthcare NetworksKessler, Sharon E-Journal Article
2020Young people taking responsibility for self-management: when is the ideal time?Caes, Line-Journal Article
12-Mar-2020Evolutionary significance of the variation in acoustic communication of a cryptic nocturnal primate radiation (Microcebus spp.)Hasiniaina, Alida Frankline; Radespiel, Ute; Kessler, Sharon E; Evasoa, Mamy Rina; Rasoloharijaona, Solofonirina; Randrianambinina, Blanchard; Zimmermann, Elke; Schmidt, Sabine; Scheumann, Marina-Journal Article
-Chronic pain: A poorly understood experience in young people.Caes, Line; Jordan, Abbie-Journal Article
Feb-2020Evidence Head Tilt Has Dissociable Effects on Dominance and Trustworthiness Judgments, But Does Not Have Category-Contingent Effects on Hypothetical Leadership JudgmentsTorrance, Jaimie S; Holzleitner, Iris J; Lee, Anthony J; DeBruine, Lisa M; Jones, Benedict C-Journal Article
14-Feb-2020Play in Elephants: Wellbeing, Welfare or Distraction?Webber, C Elizabeth; Lee, Phyllis-Journal Article
2020Quality indicators for patients with traumatic brain injury in European intensive care units: a CENTER-TBI studyHuijben, Jilske A; Wiegers, Eveline J A; Ercole, Ari; de Keizer, Nicolette F; Maas, Andrew I R; Steyerberg, Ewout W; Citerio, Giuseppe; Wilson, Lindsay; Polinder, Suzanne; Nieboer, Daan; Menon, David; Lingsma, Hester F; van der Jagt, Mathieu-Journal Article
Jun-2020Implementation Effectiveness of a Parent-Directed YouTube Video ("It Doesn't Have To Hurt") on Evidence-Based Strategies to Manage Needle Pain: Descriptive Survey StudyChambers, Christine T; Dol, Justine; Parker, Jennifer A; Caes, Line; Birnie, Kathryn A; Taddio, Anna; Campbell-Yeo, Marsha; Halperin, Scott A; Langille, Jennifer-Journal Article
Jun-2020Neural responses to dynamic adaptation reveal the dissociation between the processing of the shape of contours and texturesWright, Damien; Dering, Benjamin; Martinovic, Jasna; Gheorghiu, Elena-Journal Article
25-Feb-2020Game of Stones: Feasibility randomised controlled trial of how to engage men with obesity in text message and incentive interventions for weight lossDombrowksi, Stephan U; McDonald, Matthew; Van Der Pol, Marjon; Grindle, Mark; Avenell, Alison; Carroll, Paula; Calveley, Eileen; Elders, Andrew; Gray, Cindy; Harris, Fiona M; Glennie, Nicola; Hapca, Adrian; Jones, Claire; Kee, Frank; Mckinley, Michelle; Skinner, Rebecca; Tod, Martin; Hoddinott, Patricia-Journal Article
Jan-2020A multivariate analysis of women's mating strategies and sexual selection on men's facial morphologyClarkson, Tessa R.; Sidari, Morgan J; Sains, Rosanna; Alexander, Meredith; Harrison, Melissa; Mefodeva, Valeriya; Pearson, Samuel; Lee, Anthony J; Dixson, Barnaby J W-Journal Article
7-Mar-2014Spatial memory - a unique window into healthy and pathological agingWolbers, Thomas; Dudchenko, Paul A; Wood, Emma R-Journal Article
2020Qualitative exploration of the acceptability of a postnatal pelvic floor muscle training intervention to prevent urinary incontinenceGrant, Aileen; Currie, Sinead-Journal Article
10-Mar-2020A New Species of Sucking Louse from the Mandrill from Gabon with a Review of Host Associations and Geographical Distributions, and Identification Keys to Members of the Genus Pedicinus (Phthiraptera: Anoplura: Pedicinidae)Durden, Lance A; Kessler, Sharon E; Boundenga, Larson; Ngoubangoye, Barthélemy; Tsoumbou, Thierry A; Moussadji-Kinga, Cyr I; Halbwax, Michel; Setchell, Joanna M; Nichols, Jennifer; Greiman, Stephen E-Journal Article
13-Jan-2020Patient experience of gastrointestinal endoscopy: Informing the development of the Newcastle ENDOPREMNeilson, Laura J; Patterson, Joanne; von Wagner, Christian; Hewitson, Paul; McGregor, Lesley M; Sharp, Linda; Rees, Colin J-Journal Article
6-Feb-2020Perspective-taking influences attentional deployment towards facial expressions of pain: An eye-tracking studyPilch, Monika; O'Hara, Denis; Jennings, Caroline; Caes, Line; McGuire, Brian E; Kainz, Veronika; Vervoort, Tine-Journal Article
Apr-2020Understanding the factors that affect university completion for autistic peopleCage, Eilidh; De Andres, Maria; Mahoney, Paige-Journal Article
Feb-2018Experiences of Autism Acceptance and Mental Health in Autistic AdultsCage, Eilidh; Di Monaco, Jessica; Newell, Victoria-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1548