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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
9-Dec-2008Movement-related changes in cortical excitability: A steady-state SEP approachKourtis, Dimitrios; Seiss, Ellen; Praamstra, Peter-Journal Article
17-May-2006Neurophysiology of implicit timing in serial choice reaction-time performancePraamstra, Peter; Kourtis, Dimitrios; Kwok, Hoi Fei; Oostenveld, Robert-Journal Article
1-Feb-2008Maintaining grip: Anticipatory and reactive EEG responses to load perturbationsKourtis, Dimitrios; Kwok, Hoi Fei; Roach, Nick; Wing, Alan; Praamstra, Peter-Journal Article
31-May-2007Cortical control of muscle relaxation: A lateralized readiness potential (LRP) investigationPope, Paul; Holton, Andrew; Hassan, Sameh; Kourtis, Dimitrios; Praamstra, Peter-Journal Article
15-Oct-2018Adult Learning and Language Simplification (Forthcoming/Available Online)Atkinson, Mark; Smith, Kenny; Kirby, Simon-Journal Article
28-Oct-2018Analyzing land use change to identify migration corridors of African elephants (Loxodonta africana) in the Kenyan-Tanzanian borderlands (Forthcoming/Available Online)Schüßler, Dominik; Lee, Phyllis C; Stadtmann, Robin-Journal Article
31-Dec-2004Spine height and disc height changes as the effect of hyperextension using stadiometry and MRIKourtis, Dimitrios; Magnusson, Marianne; Smith, Francis; Hadjipavlou, Alex; Pope, Malcolm-Journal Article
Sep-2003Constitution of the Self: Intersubjectivity and DialogicalityMarkova, Ivana-Journal Article
1-Sep-1996Correlates of HIV/AIDS knowledge in a Scottish prison samplePower, Kevin George; Markova, Ivana; McKee, Kevin J; Kilfedder, Catherine J-Journal Article
28-Feb-1997The meanings of the community and of the individual in Slovakia and in ScotlandMoodie, Eleanor; Markova, Ivana; Farr, Robert M; Plichtova, Jana-Journal Article
30-Apr-1999Theory and method of social representationsWagner, Wolfgang; Duveen, Gerard; Farr, Robert M; Jovchelovitch, Sandra; Lorenzi-Cioldi, Fabio; Markova, Ivana; Rose, Diana-Journal Article
31-Oct-2009Simultaneous preparation of multiple potential movements: Opposing effects of spatial proximity mediated by premotor and parietal cortexPraamstra, Peter; Kourtis, Dimitrios; Nazarpour, Kianoush-Journal Article
4-Mar-2010An early parietal ERP component of the frontoparietal system: EDAN ≠ N2pcPraamstra, Peter; Kourtis, Dimitrios-Journal Article
23-Dec-2010Favouritism in the motor system: Social interaction modulates action simulationKourtis, Dimitrios; Sebanz, Natalie; Knoblich, Guenther-Journal Article
1-Jul-2012EEG correlates of Fitts's law during preparation for actionKourtis, Dimitrios; Sebanz, Natalie; Knoblich, Guenther-Journal Article
31-Dec-2012Objectification in common sense thinkingMarkova, Ivana-Journal Article
Aug-2012Neural and vascular responses to fused binocular stimuli: A VEP and fNIRS studyWijeakumar, Sobanawartiny; Shahani, Uma; McCulloch, Daphne L; Simpson, William A-Journal Article
Jun-1997Language and authenticityMarkova, Ivana-Journal Article
30-Apr-1992Living in hospital and hostel: The pattern of interactions of people with learning difficultiesMarkova, Ivana; Jahoda, Andrew; Cattermole, Martin; Woodward, D-Journal Article
31-Jan-1992Intravenous drug use and HIV transmission amongst inmates in Scottish prisonsPower, Kevin G; Markova, Ivana; Rowlands, Alison; McKee, Kevin J; Anslow, P J; Kilfedder, Catherine J-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1296