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-'If I donate my organs it's a gift, if you take them it's theft': a qualitative study of planned donor decisions under opt-out legislationMiller, Jordan; Currie, Sinéad; O'Carroll, Ronan E-Journal Article
1-Nov-2017Audio-visual synchrony and spatial attention enhance processing of dynamic visual stimulation independently and in parallel: A frequency-tagging studyCovic, Amra; Keitel, Christian; Porcu, Emanuele; Schröger, Erich; Müller, Matthias M-Journal Article
Apr-2016Early Visual Cortex Dynamics during Top–Down Modulated Shifts of Feature-Selective AttentionMüller, Matthias M; Trautmann, Mireille; Keitel, Christian-Journal Article
Jan-2016Sustained Splits of Attention within versus across Visual Hemifields Produce Distinct Spatial Gain ProfilesWalter, Sabrina; Keitel, Christian; Müller, Matthias M-Journal Article
30-Jul-2014Stimulus-Driven Brain Oscillations in the Alpha Range: Entrainment of Intrinsic Rhythms or Frequency-Following Response?Keitel, Christian; Quigley, Cliodhna; Ruhnau, Philipp-Journal Article
-Constructing identifiable composite faces: the importance of cognitive alignment of interview and construction procedureSkelton, Faye C; Frowd, Charlie D; Hancock, Peter J B; Jones, Helen S; Jones, Ben; Fodarella, Cristina; Battersby, Kirsty; Logan, Karen-Journal Article
26-Sep-2019Predictors of intention translation in flexible sigmoidoscopy screening for colorectal cancervon Wagner, Christian; Bonello, Bernardette; Stoffel, Sandro T; Skrobanski, Hanna; Kerrison, Robert; McGregor, Lesley M-Journal Article
-Preference for deliberation and perceived usefulness of standard- and narrative-style leaflet designs: Implications for equitable cancer-screening communicationRobb, Kathryn; Gatting, Lauren P; von Wagner, Christian; McGregor, Lesley M-Journal Article
2016Reducing the Social Gradient in Uptake of the NHS Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme Using a Narrative-Based Information Leaflet: A Cluster-Randomised TrialMcGregor, Lesley M; von Wagner, Christian; Atkin, Wendy; Kralj-Hans, Ines; Halloran, Stephen P; Handley, Graham; Logan, Richard F; Rainbow, Sandra; Smith, Steve; Snowball, Julia; Thomas, Mary C; Smith, Samuel G; Vart, Gemma; Howe, Rosemary; Counsell, Nicholas-Journal Article
2-Feb-2016Impact of general practice endorsement on the social gradient in uptake in bowel cancer screeningRaine, Rosalind; Duffy, Stephen W; Wardle, Jane; Solmi, Francesca; Morris, Stephen; Howe, Rosemary; Kralj-Hans, Ines; Snowball, Julia; Counsell, Nicholas; Moss, Sue; Hackshaw, Allan; von Wagner, Christian; Vart, Gemma; McGregor, Lesley M; Smith, Samuel G-Journal Article
1-Oct-2015Understanding low colorectal cancer screening uptake in South Asian faith communities in England - A qualitative study Health behavior, health promotion and societyPalmer, Cecily K; Thomas, Mary C; McGregor, Lesley M; von Wagner, Christian; Raine, Rosalind-Journal Article
21-Mar-2015The impact of supplementary narrative-based information on colorectal cancer screening beliefs and intentionMcGregor, Lesley M; von Wagner, Christian; Vart, Gemma; Yuen, Wing Chee; Raine, Rosalind; Wardle, Jane; Robb, Kathryn A-Journal Article
15-May-2019Frequency and power of human alpha oscillations drift systematically with time-on-taskBenwell, Christopher S Y; London, Raquel E; Tagliabue, Chiara F; Veniero, Domenica; Gross, Joachim; Keitel, Christian; Thut, Gregor-Journal Article
17-Apr-2019Stimulus-Driven Brain Rhythms within the Alpha Band: The Attentional-Modulation ConundrumKeitel, Christian; Keitel, Anne; Benwell, Christopher S Y; Daube, Christoph; Thut, Gregor; Gross, Joachim-Journal Article
7-Sep-2018Uptake of the English Bowel (Colorectal) Cancer Screening Programme: an update 5 years after the full roll-outHirst, Yasemin; Stoffel, Sandro; Baio, Gianluca; McGregor, Lesley; von Wagner, Christian-Journal Article
7-Jun-2018Persuasion, Adaptation, and Double Identity: Qualitative Study on the Psychological Impact of a Screen-Detected Colorectal Cancer DiagnosisMcGregor, Lesley M; Tookey, Sara; Raine, Rosalind; von Wagner, Christian; Black, Georgia-Journal Article
8-Mar-2019Trial-by-trial co-variation of pre-stimulus EEG alpha power and visuospatial bias reflects a mixture of stochastic and deterministic effectsBenwell, Christopher S Y; Keitel, Christian; Harvey, Monika; Gross, Joachim; Thut, Gregor-Journal Article
2-Aug-2019Post-traumatic stress disorder after civilian traumatic brain injury: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prevalence ratesVan Praag, Dominique L G; Cnossen, Maryse; Polinder, Suzanne; Wilson, Lindsay; Maas, Andrew-Journal Article
Apr-2016Flicker-Driven Responses in Visual Cortex Change during Matched-Frequency Transcranial Alternating Current StimulationRuhnau, Philipp; Keitel, Christian; Lithari, Chrysa; Weisz, Nathan; Neuling, Toralf-Journal Article
-Exploration of potential triggers for self-directed behaviours and regurgitation and reingestion in zoo-housed chimpanzeesWallace, Emma K; Herrelko, Elizabeth S; Koski, Sonja E; Vick, Sarah-Jane; Buchanan-Smith, Hannah M; Slocombe, Katie E-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1481