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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
17-Sep-2021Functional Specialization of the Medial Temporal Lobes in Human Recognition Memory: Dissociating Effects of Hippocampal versus Parahippocampal DamageArgyropoulos, Georgios P D; Dell’Acqua, Carola; Butler, Emily; Loane, Clare; Roca-Fernandez, Adriana; Almozel, Azhaar; Drummond, Nikolas; Lage-Martinez, Carmen; Cooper, Elisa; Henson, Richard N; Butler, Christopher R-Journal Article
2021Temporal partitioning and spatiotemporal avoidance among large carnivores in a human-impacted African landscapeSearle, Charlotte E; Smit, Josephine B; Cusack, Jeremy J; Strampelli, Paolo; Grau, Ana; Mkuburo, Lameck; Macdonald, David W; Loveridge, Andrew J; Dickman, Amy J-Journal Article
Feb-2013Effects of Cerebellar Stimulation on Processing Semantic AssociationsArgyropoulos, Giorgos P; Muggleton, Neil G-Journal Article
Jan-2013Processing lexical semantics and phonology in epilepsyArgyropoulos, Giorgos; Kouvatsou, Zoe; Pita, Ria; Vlaikidis, Nikolaos D; Kimiskidis, Vasilios K-Journal Article
Oct-2011Theta-burst stimulation of the right neocerebellar vermis selectively disrupts the practice-induced acceleration of lexical decisions.Argyropoulos, Giorgos P; Kimiskidis, Vasilios K; Papagiannopoulos, Sotirios-Journal Article
Mar-2013To eat or not to eat? Kinematics and muscle activity of reach-to-grasp movements are influenced by the action goal, but observers do not detect these differencesNaish, Katherine R; Reader, Arran T; Houston-Price, Carmel; Bremner, Andrew J; Holmes, Nicholas P-Journal Article
13-Jan-2016Semantic Organization of Body Part Representations in the Occipitotemporal CortexReader, Arran T-Journal Article
Mar-2011Doing Sport Psychology: Personal- Disclosure Mutual-Sharing in Professional SoccerWindsor, Phyllis M; Barker, Jamie; Mccarthy, Paul-Journal Article
Jan-2014Eating animals at the zooBrando, Sabrina; Harfeld, Jes Lynning-Journal Article
Sep-2011Cerebellar Theta-Burst Stimulation Selectively Enhances Lexical Associative PrimingArgyropoulos, Giorgos P-Journal Article
Feb-2014Health care professionals' views of paediatric outpatient non-attendance: implications for general practiceCameron, Elaine; Heath, Gemma; Redwood, Sabi; Greenfield, Sheila; Cummins, Carole; Kelly, Deirdre; Pattison, Helen-Journal Article
2013Using the framework method for the analysis of qualitative data in multi-disciplinary health researchGale, Nicola K; Heath, Gemma; Cameron, Elaine; Rashid, Sabina; Redwood, Sabi-Journal Article
Sep-2012Paediatric 'care closer to home': Stake-holder views and barriers to implementationHeath, Gemma; Cameron, Elaine; Cummins, Carole; Greenfield, Sheila; Pattison, Helen; Kelly, Deirdre; Redwood, Sabi-Journal Article
Oct-2011Systematic review of the effect of dental staff behaviour on child dental patient anxiety and behaviourZhou, Yuefang; Cameron, Elaine; Forbes, Gillian; Humphris, Gerry-Journal Article
Aug-2012Development of a novel coding scheme (SABICS) to record nurse–child interactive behaviours in a community dental preventive interventionZhou, Yuefang; Cameron, Elaine; Forbes, Gillian; Humphris, Gerry-Journal Article
Feb-2016Cerebellar Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (ctDCS): A Novel Approach to Understanding Cerebellar Function in Health and DiseaseGrimaldi, Giuliana; Argyropoulos, Georgios P; Bastian, Amy; Cortes, Mar; Davis, Nicholas J; Edwards, Dylan J; Ferrucci, Roberta; Fregni, Felipe; Galea, Joseph M; Hamada, Masahi; Manto, Mario; Miall, R Chris; Morales-Quezada, Leon; Pope, Paul A; Priori, Alberto-Journal Article
15-Nov-2013The neostriatum and response selection in overt sentence production: An fMRI studyArgyropoulos, Georgios P; Tremblay, Pascale; Small, Steven L-Journal Article
Oct-2016The cerebellum, internal models and prediction in 'non-motor' aspects of language: A critical reviewArgyropoulos, Georgios P D-Journal Article
Feb-2014Non-invasive Cerebellar Stimulation - a Consensus PaperGrimaldi, Giuliana; Argyropoulos, Georgios P; Boehringer, Andreas; Celnik, Pablo; Edwards, Mark J; Ferrucci, Roberta; Galea, Joseph Michael; Groiss, Stefan J; Hiraoka, Koichi; Kassavetis, Panagiotis; Lesage, Elise; Manto, Mario; Miall, R Chris; Priori, Alberto; Sadnicka, Anna-Journal Article
2015Video stimuli reduce object-directed imitation accuracy: a novel two-person motion-tracking approachReader, Arran T; Holmes, Nicholas P-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1835