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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
28-Mar-2024Intergenerational Transmission of Human Parenting Styles to Human–Dog RelationshipsKuo, Chih Hsin; Kessler, Sharon-Journal Article
-Anxiety, Depression, and Fear of Cancer Recurrence in Head and Neck CancerFenech, Alyssa L; Humphris, Gerald M; Laurenceau, Jean-Philippe; Siegel, Scott D; Rogers, Simon N; Ozakinci, Gozde; Crawford, John; Pring, Miranda-Journal Article
2024A longitudinal framework to describe the relation between age-related hearing loss and social isolationMotala, Aysha; Johnsrude, Ingrid; Herrmann, Bjorn-Journal Article
15-Mar-2024An experience sensitive approach to care with and for autistic children and young people in clinical servicesMcgreevy, Elaine; Quinn, Alexis; Law, Roslyn; Botha, Monique; Evans, Mairi; Rose, Kieran; Moyse, Ruth; Boyens, Tiegan; Matejko, Maciej; Pavlopoulou, Georgia-Journal Article
May-2024Unity in diversity: Exploring the effect of oneness with humanity on the willingness to donate to Syrian and Ukrainian refugeesBilgen, Emine; Zagefka, Hanna; Bjornsdottir, R Thora-Journal Article
Apr-2024Applying best practice to feasibility assessment and strategic planning for great ape translocation: a case study of Grauer's gorilla (Gorilla beringei graueri)Williamson, Elizabeth; Farmer, Kay; Sherman, Julie-Journal Article
-Investigating the implicit and explicit attitudes of primary school educators in Scotland towards autistic childrenCage, Eilidh; Doyle, Taylor-Journal Article
25-Jan-2024Could care giving have altered the evolution of human immune strategies?Gilbert, Bethany L P; Kessler, Sharon E-Journal Article
3-Nov-2023The role of the behavioural immune system on covid-19 lockdown attitudes: The relationship with authoritarianism and collectivismvan Diepenbeek, Femke; Kessler, Sharon E-Journal Article
31-May-2023Comparative curiosity: How do great apes and children deal with uncertainty?Sánchez-Amaro, Alejandro; Rossano, Federico-Journal Article
2022The evolution of primate short-term memoryPrimates, Many; Aguenounon, G; Allritz, M; Altschul, DM; Ballesta, S; Beaud, A; Bohn, M; Bornbusch, SL; Brandão, A; Brooks, J; Buhnyar, T; Burkart, JM; Bustamente, L; Call, J; Canteloup, C-Journal Article
10-Nov-2021Chimpanzees and bonobos use social leverage in an ultimatum gameSánchez-Amaro, Alejandro; Rossano, Federico-Journal Article
29-Apr-2021Gibbon strategies in a food competition taskSánchez-Amaro, Alejandro; Ball, Robert; Rossano, Federico-Journal Article
4-Feb-2019The word order of languages predicts native speakers’ working memoryAmici, Federica; Sánchez-Amaro, Alex; Sebastián-Enesco, Carla; Cacchione, Trix; Allritz, Matthias; Salazar-Bonet, Juan; Rossano, Federico-Journal Article
12-Dec-2018Chimpanzees’ understanding of social leverageSánchez-Amaro, Alejandro; Duguid, Shona; Call, Josep; Tomasello, Michael-Journal Article
9-Feb-2024Chimpanzees engage in competitive altruism in a triadic ultimatum gameSánchez-Amaro, Alejandro; Maurits, Luke; Haun, Daniel B M-Journal Article
15-Feb-2024A scoping review of methods and measures used to capture children's play during school breaktimesFitzGibbon, Lily; Oliver, Brooke; Nesbit, Rachel; Dodd, Helen-Journal Article
1-Feb-2024Transcranial magnetic stimulation over supramarginal gyrus stimulates primary motor cortex directly and impairs manual dexterity: Implications for TMS focalityHolmes, Nicholas P; Di Chiaro, Nunzia Valentina; Crowe, Emily M; Marson, Ben; Göbel, Karen; Gaigalas, Dominykas; Jay, Talia; Lockett, Abigail V; Powell, Eleanor S; Zeni, Silvia; Reader, Arran T-Journal Article
Mar-2024A new way of classifying developmental prosopagnosia: Balanced Integration ScoreLowes, Judith; Hancock, Peter; Bobak, Anna-Journal Article
8-Sep-2023Anti-ableism and scientific accuracy in autism research: a false dichotomyBottema-Beutel, Kristen; Kapp, Steven K; Sasson, Noah; Gernsbacher, Morton Ann; Natri, Heini; Botha, Monique-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2162