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31-May-2014Childhood cognitive ability accounts for associations between cognitive ability and brain cortical thickness in old ageKarama, Sherif; Bastin, Mark E; Murray, Catherine; Royle, Natalie A; Penke, Lars; Muñoz Maniega, Susana; Gow, Alan J; Corley, Janie; Valdés Hernández, Maria del C; Lewis, John D; Rousseau, Marc-Étienne; Lepage, Claude; Fonov, Vladminir; Collins, D Louis; Booth, Tom-Journal Article
1-Jul-2013Monitoring individual and joint action outcomes in duet music performanceLoehr, Janeen; Kourtis, Dimitrios; Vesper, Cordula; Sebanz, Natalie; Knoblich, Gunther-Journal Article
30-Jun-2013History of interaction and task distribution modulate action simulationKourtis, Dimitrios; Knoblich, Gunther; Sebanz, Natalie-Journal Article
17-Aug-2018Diagnosis of gestational diabetes: a 'teachable moment' (Forthcoming/Available Online)Okely, Judy; Mason, Corina; Collier, Andrew; Dunnachie, Noreen; Swanson, Vivien-Journal Article
-Individual-based modelling of elephant population dynamics using remote sensing to estimate food availability (Forthcoming)Boult, Victoria L; Quaife, Tristan; Fishlock, Vicki; Moss, Cynthia J; Lee, Phyllis C; Sibly, Richard M-Journal Article
1-Sep-2018A developmental arrest? Interruption and identity in adolescent chronic painJordan, Abbie; Noel, Melanie; Caes, Line; Connell, Hannah; Gauntlett-Gilbert, Jeremy-Journal Article
23-Aug-2018What is a predatory journal? A scoping reviewCobey, Kelly D; Lalu, Manoj M; Skidmore, Becky; Ahmadzai, Nadera; Grudniewicz, Agnes; Moher, David-Journal Article
9-Jun-2015Speaker input variability does not explain why larger populations have simpler languagesAtkinson, Mark; Kirby, Simon; Smith, Kenny-Journal Article
-Social group effects on the emergence of communicative conventions and language complexity (Forthcoming)Atkinson, Mark; Mills, Gregory J; Smith, Kenny-Journal Article
28-Aug-2018Concurrent Cortical Representations of Function- and Size-Related Object Affordances: An fMRI Study (Forthcoming/Available Online)Kourtis, Dimitrios; Vandemaele, Pieter; Vingerhoets, Guy-Journal Article
31-Mar-2012Brain iron deposits are associated with general cognitive ability and cognitive agingPenke, Lars; Valdés Hernandéz, Maria C; Muñoz Maniega, Susana; Gow, Alan J; Murray, Catherine; Starr, John M; Bastin, Mark E; Deary, Ian J; Wardlaw, Joanna M-Journal Article
8-Aug-2018Visually Activating Pathogen Disgust: A New Instrument for Studying the Behavioral Immune SystemCulpepper, Paxton D; Havlíček, Jan; Leongómez, Juan David; Roberts, S Craig-Journal Article
31-Oct-2018An item's status in semantic memory determines how it is recognized: Dissociable patterns of brain activity observed for famous and unfamiliar facesMacKenzie, Graham; Alexandrou, Georgia; Hancock, Peter J B; Donaldson, David I-Journal Article
31-Aug-2018Interoceptive impairments do not lie at the heart of autism or alexithymiaNicholson, Toby M; Williams, David M; Grainger, Catherine; Christensen, Julia F; Calvo-Merino, Beatriz; Gaigg, Sebastian B-Journal Article
3-Aug-2018Neural responses when learning spatial and object sequencing tasks via imitationRenner, Elizabeth; White, Jessica P; Hamilton, Antonia F C; Subiaul, Francys-Journal Article
31-Jan-2011Reliability of two techniques for assessing cerebral iron deposits with structural magnetic resonance imagingValdés Hernández, Maria C; Jeong, Tina H; Murray, Catherine; Bastin, Mark E; Chappell, Francesca M; Deary, Ian J; Wardlaw, Joanna M-Journal Article
31-Jul-2011The association between cognitive ability across the lifespan and health literacy in old age: The Lothian Birth Cohort 1936Murray, Catherine; Johnson, Wendy; Wolf, Michael S; Deary, Ian J-Journal Article
1-Dec-2011Brain Ageing, Cognition in Youth and Old Age and Vascular Disease in the Lothian Birth Cohort 1936: Rationale, Design and Methodology of the Imaging ProtocolWardlaw, Joanna M; Bastin, Mark E; Valdés Hernández, Maria C; Maniega, Susana Muñoz; Royle, Natalie A; Morris, Zoe; Clayden, Jonathan D; Sandeman, Elaine M; Eadie, Elizabeth; Murray, Catherine; Starr, John M; Deary, Ian J-Journal Article
30-Sep-2013Brain white matter tract integrity and cognitive abilities in community-dwelling older people: The Lothian Birth Cohort, 1936Booth, Tom; Bastin, Mark E; Penke, Lars; Maniega, Susana Muñoz; Murray, Catherine; Royle, Natalie A; Gow, Alan J; Corley, Janie; Henderson, Ross D; Valdés Hernández, Maria del C; Starr, John M; Wardlaw, Joanna M; Deary, Ian J-Journal Article
27-Oct-2012Can we spot deleterious ageing in two waves of data? The Lothian Birth Cohort 1936 from ages 70 to 73Johnson, Wendy; Gow, Alan J; Corley, Janie; Redmond, Paul; Henderson, Ross; Murray, Catherine; Starr, John M; Deary, Ian J-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1259