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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
Aug-2021Effects of extra feeding combined with ocean acidification and increased temperature on the carbon isotope values (δ13C) in the mussel shellFitzer, Susan; Lee, Tin Hang; McGill, Rona A R-Journal Article
15-May-2021Dietary copper improves growth and regulates energy generation by mediating lipolysis and autophagy in hepatopancreas of Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)Shi, Bo; Lu, Jingjing; Hu, Xiaoying; Betancor, Mónica B; Zhao, Mingming; Tocher, Douglas R; Zhou, Qicun; Jiao, Lefei; Xu, Fangmin; Jin, Min-Journal Article
30-Aug-2021Untargeted lipidomics reveals metabolic responses to different dietary n-3 PUFA in juvenile swimming crab (Portunus trituberculatus)Yuan, Ye; Xu, Fangmin; Jin, Min; Wang, Xuexi; Hu, Xiaoying; Zhao, Mingming; Cheng, Xin; Luo, Jiaxiang; Jiao, Lefei; Betancor, Monica B; Tocher, Douglas R; Zhou, Qicun-Journal Article
Apr-2021Farmed Mussels: A Nutritive Protein Source, Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, with a Low Environmental FootprintYaghubi, Elham; Carboni, Stefano; Snipe, Rhiannon M J; Shaw, Christopher S; Fyfe, Jackson J; Smith, Craig M; Kaur, Gunveen; Tan, Sze-Yen; Hamilton, David Lee-Journal Article
Feb-2021Novel Dermatitis and Relative Viral Nucleic Acid Tissue Loads in a Fin Whale (Balaenoptera physalus) with Systemic Cetacean Morbillivirus InfectionDagleish, Mark P; Perri, Adele; Maley, Madeleine; Ballingall, Keith T; Baily, Johanna L; Davison, Nicholas J; Brownlow, Andrew C; Rocchi, Mara S-Journal Article
2021A 20-Year Retrospective Review of Global AquacultureNaylor, Rosamond L; Hardy, Ronald W; Buschmann, Alejandro H; Bush, Simon R; Cao, Ling; Klinger, Dane H; Little, Dave; Lubchenco, Jane; Shumway, Sandra E; Troell, Max-Journal Article
21-Mar-2021Waterbody scale assessment using spatial models to identify suitable locations for cage aquaculture in large lake systems: A case study in Volta Lake, GhanaAsmah, Ruby; Falconer, Lynne; Telfer, Trevor C; Karikari, Anthony Y; Al Wahaibi, Mohamed; Xia, Ivan Fan; Handisyde, Neil; Quansah, Karyn E; Amoah, Daniel K; Alshihhi, Jasim; Ross, Lindsay G-Journal Article
Feb-2021Shift from carbon flow through the microbial loop to the viral shunt in coastal antarctic waters during austral summerEvans, Claire; Brandsma, Joost; Meredith, Michael P; Thomas, David N; Venables, Hugh J; Pond, David W; Brussaard, Corina P D-Journal Article
Mar-2021Dietary organic zinc promotes growth, immune response and antioxidant capacity by modulating zinc signaling in juvenile Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)Shi, Bo; Xu, Fangmin; Zhou, Qicun; Regan, Melanie K; Betancor, Monica B; Tocher, Douglas R; Sun, Mihai; Meng, Fanyi; Jiao, Lefei; Jin, Min-Journal Article
2021Isolation of a New Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus (IPNV) Variant from a Fish Farm in ScotlandBenkaroun, Jessica; Muir, Katherine Fiona; Allshire, Rosa; Tamer, Cüneyt; Weidmann, Manfred-Journal Article
25-Feb-2021Fully automated point-of-care differential diagnosis of acute febrile illnessHin, Sebastian; Lopez-Jimena, Benjamin; Bakheit, Mohammed; Klein, Vanessa; Stack, Seamus; Fall, Cheikh; Sall, Amadou; Enan, Khalid; Mustafa, Mohamed; Gillies, Liz; Rusu, Viorel; Goethel, Sven; Paust, Nils; Zengerle, Roland; Weidmann, Manfred-Journal Article
5-Feb-2021First Succinylome Profiling of Vibrio alginolyticus Reveals Key Role of Lysine Succinylation in Cellular Metabolism and VirulenceZeng, Fuyuan; Pang, Huanying; Chen, Ying; Zheng, Hongwei; Li, Wanxin; Ramanathan, Srinivasan; Hoare, Rowena; Monaghan, Sean J; Lin, Xiangmin; Jian, Jichang-Journal Article
2020Agriculture can help aquaculture become greenerNapier, Johnathan A; Haslam, Richard P; Olsen, Rolf-Erik; Tocher, Douglas R; Betancor, Monica B-Journal Article
15-Apr-2021Dietary soybean oil aggravates the adverse effects of low salinity on intestinal health in juvenile mud crab Scylla paramamosainLuo, Jiaxiang; Zhang, Yingying; Zhou, Qicun; Betancor, Monica B; Tocher, Douglas R; Lu, Jingjing; Yuan, Ye; Zhu, Tingting; Jiao, Lefei; Wang, Xuexi; Zhao, Mingming; Hu, Xiaoying; Jin, Min-Journal Article
2021Pharaoh Cuttlefish, Sepia pharaonis, Genome Reveals Unique Reflectin Camouflage Gene SetSong, Weiwei; Li, Ronghua; Zhao, Yun; Migaud, Herve; Wang, Chunlin; Bekaert, Michaël-Journal Article
2021Linking Scales of Life-History Variation With Population Structure in Atlantic CodWright, Peter J; Doyle, Alice; Taggart, John B; Davie, Andrew-Journal Article
15-Feb-2021Illuminating the planktonic stages of salmon lice: A unique fluorescence signal for rapid identification of a rare copepod in zooplankton assemblagesThompson, Cameron R S; Bron, James E; Bui, Samantha; Dalvin, Sussie; Fordyce, Mark J; Furmanek, Tomasz; Á Norði, Gunnvor; Skern-Mauritzen, Rasmus-Journal Article
Mar-2021Emerging COVID-19 impacts, responses, and lessons for building resilience in the seafood systemLove, David C; Allison, Edward H; Asche, Frank; Belton, Ben; Cottrell, Richard S; Froehlich, Halley E; Gephart, Jessica A; Hicks, Christina C; Little, David C; Nussbaumer, Elizabeth M; Pinto da Silva, Patricia; Poulain, Florence; Rubio, Angel; Stoll, Joshua S; Tlusty, Michael F-Journal Article
Feb-2021Community Parameters and Genome-Wide RAD-Seq Loci of Ceratothoa oestroides Imply Its Transfer between Farmed European Sea Bass and Wild Farm-Aggregating FishMladineo, Ivona; Hrabar, Jerko; Trumbić, Željka; Manousaki, Tereza; Tsakogiannis, Alexandros; Taggart, John B; Tsigenopoulos, Costas S-Journal Article
25-Jan-2021Development of diagnostic assays for differentiation of atypical Aeromonas salmonicida vapA type V and type VI in ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta, Ascanius)Papadopoulou, Athina; Davie, Andrew; Monaghan, Sean J; Migaud, Herve; Adams, Alexandra-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1622