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20-May-2019Ocean acidification affects calcareous tube growth in adult stage and reared offspring of serpulid polychaetesDiaz-Castaneda, Victoria; Cox, T Erin; Gazeau, Frédéric; Fitzer, Susan; Delille, Jeremy; Alliouane, Samir; Gattuso, Jean-Pierre-Journal Article
Sep-2019Microplastics Uptake and Egestion Dynamics in Pacific Oysters, Magallana gigas (Thunberg, 1793), Under Controlled ConditionsGraham, Philip; Palazzo, Luca; de Lucia, Giuseppe Andrea; Telfer, Trevor C; Baroli, Maura; Carboni, Stefano-Journal Article
2019First documented record of the invasive cockle Fulvia fragilis (Forsskal in Niebuhr, 1775) (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Cardiidae) in LibyaRizgalla, Jamila; Shinn, Andrew P; Crocetta, Fabio-Journal Article
2019Characterisation of the First Bovine Parainfluenza Virus 3 Isolate Detected in Cattle in TurkeyAlbayrak, Harun; Yazici, Zafer; Ozan, Emre; Tamer, Cuneyt; Abd El Wahed, Ahmed; Wehner, Stefanie; Ulrich, Kristina; Weidmann, Manfred-Journal Article
21-May-2019Considering adaptive genetic variation in climate change vulnerability assessment reduces species range loss projectionsRazgour, Orly; Forester, Brenna; Taggart, John B; Bekaert, Michaël; Juste, Javier; Ibáñez, Carlos; Puechmaille, Sébastien J; Novella-Fernandez, Roberto; Alberdi, Antton; Manel, Stéphanie-Journal Article
29-May-2019The Effect of Temperature on the Physiological Condition and Immune-Capacity of European Lobsters (Homarus gammarus) During Long-Term StarvationAlbalat, Amaya; Johnson, Laura; Coates, Christopher J; Dykes, Gregory C; Hitte, Fiona; Morro, Bernat; Dick, James; Todd, Keith; Neil, Douglas M-Journal Article
21-May-2019Misunderstandings, myths and mantras in aquaculture: Its contribution to world food supplies has been systematically over reported (Forthcoming/Available Online)Edwards, Peter; Zhang, Wenbo; Belton, Ben; Little, David C-Journal Article
-Taurine metabolism and effects of inclusion levels in rotifer (Brachionus rotundiformis, Tschugunoff, 1921) on Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus, L.) larvae (Forthcoming)Betancor, Monica; Laurent, Guillaume; Ortega, Aurelio; de la Gándara, Fernando; Tocher, Douglas; Mourente, Gabriel-Journal Article
2-Mar-2019Is there a ‘wicked problem’ of small-scale coastal fisheries in Sierra Leone? (Forthcoming/Available Online)Okeke-Ogbuafor, Nwamaka; Gray, Tim; Stead, Selina M-Journal Article
29-Mar-2019First record of Aplysia dactylomela Rang, 1828 (Mollusca: Gastropoda) in Libyan coastal watersRizgalla, Jamila; Bron, James; Crocetta, Fabio; Shinn, Andrew; Almabruk, Sara-Journal Article
13-Apr-2019Application of lipidomics in bivalve aquaculture, a review (Forthcoming/Available Online)Laudicella, Vincenzo A; Whitfield, Phillip D; Carboni, Stefano; Doherty, Mary K; Hughes, Adam D-Journal Article
24-Apr-2019MicroRNAs Involved in the Regulation of LC-PUFA Biosynthesis in Teleosts: miR-33 Enhances LC-PUFA Biosynthesis in Siganus canaliculatus by Targeting insig1 which in Turn Upregulates srebp1 (Forthcoming/Available Online)Sun, Jun Jun; Zheng, Li Guo; Chen, Cui Ying; Zhang, Jin Ying; You, Cui Hong; Zhang, Qing Hao; Ma, Hong Yu; Monroig, Oscar; Tocher, Douglas R; Wang, Shu Qi; Li, Yuan You-Journal Article
29-Apr-2019Risk assessment of the use of alternative animal and plant raw material resources in aquaculture feeds (Forthcoming/Available Online)Glencross, Brett D; Baily, Johanna; Berntssen, Marc H G; Hardy, Ronald; MacKenzie, Simon; Tocher, Douglas R-Journal Article
Jun-2019Haematological and intestinal health parameters of rainbow trout are influenced by dietary live yeast and increased water temperatureHuyben, David; Vidakovic, Aleksandar; Sundh, Henrik; Sundell, Kristina; Kiessling, Anders; Lundh, Torbjörn-Journal Article
Jun-2019Characterization of the European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) Gonadal Transcriptome During Sexual DevelopmentRibas, Laia; Crespo, Berta; Sanchez-Baizan, Núria; Xavier, Daniela; Kuhl, Heiner; Rodriguez, Jose Manuel; Diaz, Noelia; Boltana, Sebastian; MacKenzie, Simon; Moran, Federico; Zanuy, Silvia; Gomez, Ana; Piferrer, Francesc-Journal Article
Apr-2019Will fish be part of future healthy and sustainable diets?Bogard, Jessica R; Farmery, Anna K; Little, David C; Fulton, Elizabeth A; Cook, Mat-Journal Article
Aug-2019Biosynthesis of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in the razor clam Sinonovacula constricta: characterization of four fatty acyl elongases and a novel desaturase capacityRan, Zhaoshou; Xu, Jilin; Liao, Kai; Monroig, Óscar; Navarro, Juan Carlos; Oboh, Angela; Jin, Min; Zhou, Qicun; Zhou, Chengxu; Tocher, Douglas R; Yan, Xiaojun-Journal Article
30-May-2019Effects of different photoperiod regimes on the smoltification and seawater adaptation of seawater-farmed rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss): Insights from Na+, K+-ATPase activity and transcription of osmoregulation and growth regulation genesMorro, Bernat; Balseiro, Pablo; Albalat, aAmaya; Pedrosa, Cindy; Mackenzie, Simon; Nakamura, Shu; Shimizu, Munetaka; Nilsen, Tom O; Sveier, Harald; Ebbesson, Lars O; Handeland, Sigurd O-Journal Article
5-Mar-2019Endogenous biosynthesis of n-3 LC PUFA in Atlantic salmon (Forthcoming/Available Online)Mock, Thomas S; Francis, David S; Jago, Matthew K; Glencross, Brett D; Smullen, Richard P; Turchini, Giovanni M-Journal Article
18-Mar-2019Using systems thinking and open innovation to strengthen aquaculture policy for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Forthcoming/Available Online)Stead, Selina M-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1382