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This collection contains electronic copies of journal articles produced by Aquaculture staff.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
2022The effects of electrical stunning on the nervous activity and physiological stress response of a commercially important decapod crustacean, the brown crab Cancer pagurus L.Neil, Douglas M.; Albalat, Amaya; Thompson, John-Journal Article
4-Jul-2022Exploring the impacts of different fasting and refeeding regimes on Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.): growth performance, histopathological study, and expression levels of some muscle growth-related genesElbialy, Zizy I; Gamal, Shrouk; Al-Hawary, Ibrahim I; Shukry, Mustafa; Salah, Abdallah S; Aboshosha, Ali A; Assar, Doaa H-Journal Article
15-Nov-2022The effect of oxytetracycline treatment on the gut microbiome community dynamics in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) over timePayne, Christopher; Turnbull, James; MacKenzie, Simon; Crumlish, Margaret-Journal Article
15-Sep-2022Stable isotope and fatty acid analysis reveal the ability of sea cucumbers to use fish farm waste in integrated multi-trophic aquacultureCutajar, Karl; Falconer, Lynne; Massa-Gallucci, Alexia; Cox, Rachel E; Schenke, Lena; Bardócz, Tamás; Andolina, Cristina; Signa, Geraldina; Vizzini, Salvatrice; Sprague, Matthew; Telfer, Trevor C-Journal Article
15-Sep-2022Temporal changes in skin and gill microbiomes of Atlantic salmon in a recirculating aquaculture system – Why do they matter?Lorgen-Ritchie, Marlene; Clarkson, Michael; Chalmers, Lynn; Taylor, John F; Migaud, Herve; Martin, Samuel A M-Journal Article
Aug-2022The feasibility of underutilised biomass streams for the production of insect-based feed ingredients: The case for whisky by-products and Scottish farmed salmonWehry, Georges-Jan J E; Little, David C; Newton, Richard W; Bostock, John C-Journal Article
2022Key role of mitochondrial mutation Leu107Ser (COX1) in deltamethrin resistance in salmon lice (Lepeophtheirus salmonis)Tschesche, Claudia; Bekaert, Michaël; Bassett, David I; Boyd, Sally; Bron, James E; Sturm, Armin-Journal Article
Jun-2022A comparative study of the fecal microbiota of gray seal pups and yearlings ‐ a marine mammal sentinel speciesWatkins, Craig A; Gaines, Taylor; Strathdee, Fiona; Baily, Johanna L; Watson, Eleanor; Hall, Ailsa J; Free, Andrew; Dagleish, Mark P-Journal Article
2022Fermented medicinal herbs improve hematological and physiological profile of Striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus)Syawal, Henni; Kurniawan, Ronal; Effendi, Irwan; Austin, Brian-Journal Article
Jun-2022The vital roles of blue foods in the global food systemTigchelaar, Michelle; Leape, Jim; Micheli, Fiorenza; Allison, Edward H; Basurto, Xavier; Bennett, Abigail; Bush, Simon R; Cao, Ling; Cheung, William W L; Crona, Beatrice; DeClerck, Fabrice; Fanzo, Jessica; Gelcich, Stefan; Gephart, Jessica A; Little, David C-Journal Article
2022Freshwater Macrophytes: A Potential Source of Minerals and Fatty Acids for Fish, Poultry, and LivestockKumar, Guddu; Sharma, JaiGopal; Goswami, Ravi Kumar; Shrivastav, Avanish Kumar; Tocher, Douglas R; Kumar, Neelesh; Chakrabarti, Rina-Journal Article
May-2022More Than Fish - Framing Aquatic Animals within Sustainable Food SystemsPounds, Alexandra; Kaminski, Alexander M; Budhathoki, Mausam; Gudbrandsen, Oddrun; Kok, Björn; Horn, Stephanie; Malcorps, Wesley; Mamun, Abdullah-Al; McGoohan, Amy; Newton, Richard; Ozretich, Reed; Little, David C-Journal Article
30-Aug-2022Mixed-sex Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) can perform competitively with mono-sex stocks in cage productionBostock, John; Albalat, Amaya; Bunting, Stuart; Turner, Warren A; Mensah, Armah Dorcas; Little, David C-Journal Article
Jun-2022Individual differences in spatial learning are correlated across tasks but not with stress response behaviour in guppiesPrentice, Pamela M; Mnatzaganian, Chloe; Houslay, Thomas M; Thornton, Alex; Wilson, Alastair J-Journal Article
2022Rural Consumer Preferences for Inland Fish and Their Substitutes in the Dry-Zone of Sri Lanka and Implications for Aquaculture DevelopmentMurray, Francis J; Little, David C-Journal Article
May-2022The Role of Aquaculture and Capture Fisheries in Meeting Food and Nutrition Security: Testing a Nutrition-Sensitive Pond Polyculture Intervention in Rural ZambiaKaminski, Alexander M; Little, David C; Middleton, Lucinda; Syapwaya, Muleya; Lundeba, Mary; Johnson, Jacob; Huchzermeyer, Carl; Thilsted, Shakuntala H-Journal Article
2022Evidence of multiple genome duplication events in Mytilus evolutionCorrochano-Fraile, Ana; Davie, Andrew; Carboni, Stefano; Bekaert, Michaël-Journal Article
2022Establishment of a fish model to study gas-bubble lesionsVelázquez-Wallraf, Alicia; Fernández, Antonio; Caballero, Maria Jose; Arregui, Marina; González Díaz, Óscar; Betancor, Monica B; Bernaldo de Quirós, Yara-Journal Article
Jun-2022Edwardsiella ictaluri: A systemic review and future perspectives on disease managementMachimbirike, Vimbai Irene; Crumlish, Margaret; Dong, Ha Thanh; Santander, Javier; Khunrae, Pongsak; Rattanarojpong, Triwit-Journal Article
2022Welfare in farmed decapod crustaceans, with particular reference to Penaeus vannameiAlbalat, Amaya; Zacarias, Simão; Coates, Christopher J; Neil, Douglas M; Rey Planellas, Sonia-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1756