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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
28-Feb-2019Evaluating the use of garlic (Allium sativum) for the remedy of Cryptocaryon irritans in guppies (Poecilia reticulata)Kim, Ji Hyun; Fridman, Sophie; Borochov-Neori, Hamutal; Sinai, Tamar; Zilberg, Dina-Journal Article
2018Perceptions of the existence and causes of structural violence in Ogoni communities, NigeriaOkeke-Ogbuafor, Nwamaka; Gray, Tim Stuart; Stead, Selina M-Journal Article
Jan-2018A comparative analysis of the role of traditional and modern community-based organizations in promoting community development in Ogoniland, NigeriaOkeke-Ogbuafor, Nwamaka; Gray, Tim; Stead, Selina M-Journal Article
1-Apr-2019Have e-cigarettes renormalised or displaced youth smoking? Results of a segmented regression analysis of repeated cross sectional survey data in England, Scotland and Wales (Forthcoming/Available Online)Hallingberg, Britt; Maynard, Olivia; Bauld, Linda; Brown, Rachel; Gray, Linsay; Lowthian, Emily; MacKintosh, Anne Marie; Moore, Laurence; Munafò, Marcus; Moore, Graham-Journal Article
Jun-2009Identifying reefs of hope and hopeful actions: Contextualizing environmental, ecological, and social parameters to respond effectively to climate changeMcClanahan, Tim R; Cinner, Joshua E; Graham, Nicholas A J; Daw, Tim M; Maina, Jospeh; Stead, Selina M; Wamukota, Andrew; Brown, Katrina; Venus, Valentijn; Polunin, Nicholas V C-Journal Article
11-Apr-2019Use of geographic information systems for aquaculture and recommendations for development of spatial tools (Forthcoming/Available Online)Falconer, Lynne; Middelboe, Anne Lise; Kaas, Hanne; Ross, Lindsay; Telfer, Trevor-Journal Article
6-Feb-2016Enhancing collaboration in the UK animal welfare research community (Editorial)Mendl, Michael; Bennett, Richard; Collins, Lisa; Davies, Anna; Flecknell, Paul; Green, Laura; Hurst, Jane; Lawrence, Alistair B; Statham, Poppy; Turnbull, James-Journal Article
15-May-2019Appearance of systemic granulomatosis is modulated by the dietary supplementation of vitamin E and C in meagre (Argyrosomus regius) larvae fed inert microdietsRuiz, Miguel Angel; Hernandez-Ruiz, Carmen Mari; Caballero, Maria Jose; Fernandez-Palacios, Hipolito; Saleh, Reda; Izquierdo, Marisol S; Betancor, Monica B-Journal Article
Feb-2019Identification of aquatic mycobacteria based on sequence analysis of the 16S-23S rRNA internal transcribed spacer regionPourahmad, Fazel; Adams, Alexandra; Thompson, Kim D; Richards, Randolph H-Journal Article
16-Mar-2019Increased pCO2 changes the lipid production in important aquacultural feedstock algae Isochrysis galbana, but not in Tetraselmis suecica (Forthcoming/Available Online)Fitzer, Susan C; Plancq, Julien; Floyd, Cameron J; Kemp, Faith M; Toney, Jaime L-Journal Article
1-Jun-2019Open educational resources (OER) in higher education courses in aquaculture and fisheries: opportunities, barriers, and future perspectivesPounds, Alexandra; Bostock, John-Journal Article
Mar-2019Proactive avoidance behaviour and pace-of-life syndrome in Atlantic salmonDamsgård, Børge; Evensen, Tor H; Øverli, Øyvind; Gorissen, Marnix; Ebbesson, Lars O E; Rey, Sonia; Höglund, Erik-Journal Article
Sep-2017Aquaculture and marine protected areas: Potential opportunities and synergiesLe Gouvello, Raphaela; Hochart, Laure Elise; Laffoley, Dan; Simard, Francoise; Andrade, Carlos; Angel, Dror; Callier, Miriam; De Monbrison, David; Fezzardi, Davide; Haroun, Ricardo; Harris, Alasdair; Hughes, Adam; Massa, Fabio; Roque, Emmanuelle; Soto, Doris; Stead, Selina; Marino, Giovanna-Journal Article
Jun-2014Social networks and fishers' behavior: Exploring the links between information flow and fishing success in the Northumberland lobster fisheryTurner, Rachel A; Polunin, Nicholas V; Stead, Selina M-Journal Article
1-Sep-2018Sustainable financing of a national Marine Protected Area network in FijiIson, Sierra; Hills, Jeremy; Morris, Cherie; Stead, Selina M-Journal Article
15-Nov-2017How effective are MPAs in conserving crab stocks? A comparison of fisheries and conservation objectives in three coastal MPAs in ThailandJones, Estelle Victoria; Macintosh, Donald; Stead, Selina; Gray, Tim-Journal Article
2017Two concepts of community in the Niger Delta: Social sense of communality, and a geographical sense of place. Are they compatible?Okeke-Ogbuafor, Nwamaka; Gray, Tim; Stead, Selina-Journal Article
22-Dec-2018The controversial role of foreign fisheries consultants in Sierra Leone's coastal waters (Forthcoming/Available Online)Okeke-Ogbuafor, Nwamaka; Gray, Tim; Stead, Selina M-Journal Article
Oct-2017Evidence of a common understanding of proximate and distal drivers of reef healthForster, Johanna; Turner, Rachel A; Fitzsimmons, Clare; Peterson, Angelie M; Mahon, Robin; Stead, Selina M-Journal Article
1-Mar-2019Hucho hucho (Linnaeus, 1758): last natural viable population in the Eastern Carpathians - conservation elementsCurtean-Bănăduc, Angela; Marić, Saša; Gábor, Guti; Didenko, Alexander; Planellas, Sonia Rey; Bănăduc, Doru-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1375