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2022A framework for ensemble modelling of climate change impacts on lakes worldwide: the ISIMIP Lake SectorGolub, Malgorzata; Thiery, Wim; Marcé, Rafael; Pierson, Don; Vanderkelen, Inne; Mercado-Bettin, Daniel; Woolway, R Iestyn; Grant, Luke; Jennings, Eleanor; Kraemer, Benjamin M; Schewe, Jacob; Zhao, Fang; Frieler, Katja; Mengel, Matthias; Jones, Ian D-Journal Article
16-May-2022High nitrogen-fixing rates associated with ground-covering mosses in a tropical mountain cloud forest will decrease drastically in a future climatePermin, Aya; Horwath, Aline B; Metcalfe, Daniel B; Priemé, Anders; Rousk, Kathrin-Journal Article
6-Jun-2022Binding, recovery, and infectiousness of enveloped and non-enveloped viruses associated with plastic pollution in surface waterMoresco, Vanessa; Charatzidou, Anna; Oliver, David M; Weidmann, Manfred; Matallana-Surget, Sabine; Quilliam, Richard S-Journal Article
8-Jun-2022The likely suspects framework: the need for a life cycle approach for managing Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) stocks across multiple scalesBull, Colin D; Gregory, Stephen D; Rivot, Etienne; Sheehan, Timothy Francis; Ensing, Dave; Woodward, Guy; Crozier, Walter-Journal Article
Jan-2021Training future generations to deliver evidence-based conservation and ecosystem managementDowney, Harriet; Amano, Tatsuya; Cadotte, Marc; Cook, Carly N; Cooke, Steven J; Haddaway, Neal R; Jones, Julia P G; Littlewood, Nick; Walsh, Jessica C; Abrahams, Mark I; Adum, Gilbert; Akasaka, Munemitsu; Alves, Jose A; Antwis, Rachael E; Park, Kirsty J-Journal Article
1-Oct-2022Priorities to inform research on marine plastic pollution in Southeast AsiaOmeyer, Lucy C M; Duncan, Emily M; Aiemsomboon, Kornrawee; Beaumont, Nicola; Bureekul, Sujaree; Cao, Bin; Carrasco, Luis R; Chavanich, Suchana; Clark, James R; Cordova, Muhammad R; Couceiro, Fay; Lee, Charlotte; Matallana-Surget, Sabine; Messer, Lauren F; Quilliam, Richard-Journal Article
28-Apr-2022La Soufriere Volcanic Eruptions Launched Gravity Waves Into SpaceYue, Jia; Miller, Steven D; Straka, William C; Noh, Yoo‐Jeong; Chou, Min‐Yang; Kahn, Ralph; Flower, Verity-Journal Article
Jun-2022Detecting Water Hyacinth Infestation in Kuttanad, India, Using Dual-Pol Sentinel-1 SAR ImagerySimpson, Morgan David; Akbari, Vahid; Marino, Armando; Prabhu, G Nagendra; Bhowmik, Deepayan; Rupavatharam, Srikanth; Datta, Aviraj; Kleczkowski, Adam; Sujeetha, J Alice R P; Gunjotikar Anantrao, Girish; Kampurath Poduvattil, Vidhu; Kumar, Saurav; Maharaj, Savitri; Hunter, Peter D-Journal Article
16-May-2022Functional susceptibility of tropical forests to climate changeAguirre‐Gutiérrez, Jesús; Berenguer, Erika; Oliveras Menor, Imma; Bauman, David; Corral-Rivas, Jose Javier; Nava-Miranda, Maria Guadalupe; Both, Sabine; Ndong, Josué Edzang; Ondo, Fidèle Evouna; Bengone, Natacha N’ssi; Mihinhou, Vianet; Dalling, James W; Abernethy, Kate; Jeffery, Kathryn J; White, Lee J T-Journal Article
2022Data standardization of plant-pollinator interactionsSalim, Jose A; Saraiva, Antonio M; Zermoglio, Paula F; Agostini, Kayna; Wolowski, Marina; Drucker, Debora P; Soares, Filipi M; Bergamo, Pedro J; Varassin, Isabela G; Freitas, Leandro; Maues, Marcia M; Rech, Andre R; Veiga, Allan K; Acosta, Andre L; Nunes, Carlos E P-Journal Article
Jun-2022Determination of optical markers of cyanobacterial physiology from fluorescence kineticsCourtecuisse, Emilie; Oxborough, Kevin; Tilstone, Gavin H; Spyrakos, Evangelos; Hunter, Peter D; Simis, Stefan G H-Journal Article
15-Sep-2022Faeces traits as unifying predictors of detritivore effects on organic matter turnoverCoq, Sylvain; Ganault, Pierre; LeMer, Guillaume; Nahmani, Johanne; Capowiez, Yvan; Dignac, Marie-France; Rumpel, Cornelia; Joly, Francois-Xavier-Journal Article
Jul-2022Sewage-associated plastic waste washed up on beaches can act as a reservoir for faecal bacteria, potential human pathogens, and genes for antimicrobial resistanceMetcalf, Rebecca; White, Hannah L; Moresco, Vanessa; Ormsby, Michael J; Oliver, David M; Quilliam, Richard S-Journal Article
May-2022Litter diversity accelerates labile carbon but slows recalcitrant carbon decompositionWang, Lifeng; Zhou, Yu; Chen, Yamei; Xu, Zhenfeng; Zhang, Jian; Liu, Yang; Joly, François-Xavier-Journal Article
Jun-2022Impacts of Hurricane Matthew on adjacent developed and undeveloped barrier islands in southeastern North CarolinaBackstrom, Joni T; Loureiro, Carlos; Eulie, Devon O-Journal Article
2022Searching the web builds fuller picture of arachnid tradeMarshall, Benjamin M; Strine, Colin T; Fukushima, Caroline S; Cardoso, Pedro; Orr, Michael C; Hughes, Alice C-Journal Article
7-May-2022Achieving international biodiversity targets: learning from local norms, values and actions regarding migratory waterfowl management in KazakhstanJones, Isabel L; Timoshenko, Alexey; Zuban, Ivan; Zhadan, Konstantin; Cusack, Jeremy J; Duthie, A Bradley; Hodgson, Isla D; Minderman, Jeroen; Pozo, Rocío A; Whytock, Robin C; Bunnefeld, Nils-Journal Article
2022Malayan kraits (Bungarus candidus) show affinity to anthropogenic structures in a human dominated landscapeHodges, Cameron Wesley; Marshall, Benjamin Michael; Hill, Jacques George; Strine, Colin Thomas-Journal Article
May-2022Freshwater Wild Swimming, Health and Well-Being: Understanding the Importance of Place and RiskMcDougall, Craig W; Foley, Ronan; Hanley, Nick; Quilliam, Richard S; Oliver, David M-Journal Article
16-Mar-2022The Soil Fungi: A Web of Life That Protects Trees and Fight Climate ChangeAzevedo, Olivia; Ashwood, Frank-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2310