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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
11-Apr-2016Palaeo-sea-level and palaeo-ice-sheet databases: problems, strategies, and perspectivesDusterhus, Andre; Rovere, Alessio; Carlson, Anders; Horton, Benjamin; Klemann, Volker; Tarasov, Lev; Barlow, Natasha; Bradwell, Tom; Clark, Jorie; Dutton, Andrea; Gehrels, W Roland; Hibbert, Fiona D; Hijma, Marc P; Khan, Nicole; Kopp, Robert EJournal Article
Sep-2015Asymmetric ice-sheet retreat pattern around Northern Scotland revealed by marine geophysical surveysBradwell, Tom; Stoker, MartynJournal Article
Nov-2012Eco-geomorphological processes within grasslands, shrublands and badlands in the semi-arid Karoo, South AfricaDickie, Jennifer; Parsons, Anthony JJournal Article
Sep-2015The seabed geomorphology and geological structure of the Firth of Lorn, western Scotland, UK, as revealed by multibeam echo-sounder surveyHowe, John A; Anderton, Roger; Arosio, Riccardo; Dove, Dayton; Bradwell, Tom; Crump, Philip; Cooper, Rhys; Cucuccio, AndreJournal Article
Aug-2016Application of pattern recognition in detection of buried archaeological sites based on analysing environmental variables, Khorramabad Plain, West Iran (Forthcoming)Sharafi, Siyamack; Fouladvand, Sajjad; Simpson, Ian; Alvarez, Juan Antonio BJournal Article
Apr-2015Recent excavations at Tilaurakot's southern Industrial mound: a preliminary reportStrickland, Keir; Coningham, Robin; Acharya, Kosh Prasad; Dahal, Bhesh Narayan; Davis, Christopher; Kunwar, Ram Bahadur; Tremblay, Jennifer; Simpson, Ian; Jones, J; Hale, Duncan; Bahadur, Krishna; Basanta, BidariJournal Article
2016The Alsónyék story: towards the history of a persistent place (Forthcoming)Bánffy, Estzer; Oross, Krisztián; Osztás, Anett; Zalai-Gaál, István; Marton, Tibor; Nyerges, Éva Ágnes; Köhler, Kitti; Bayliss, Alex; Hamilton, Derek; Whittle, AlasdairJournal Article
2016Peopling the past: creating a site biography in the Hungarian Neolithic (Forthcoming)Bayliss, Alex; Beavan, Nancy; Hamilton, Derek; Köhler, Kitti; Nyerges, Éva Ágnes; Bronk, Ramsey Christopher; Dunbar, Elaine; Fecher, Marc; Goslar, Tomasz; Kromer, Bernd; Reimer, Paula J; Bánffy, Estzer; Marton, Tibor; Oross, Krisztián; Osztás, Anett; Zalai-Gaál, István; Whittle, AlasdairJournal Article
Apr-2015Re-investigating Tilaurakot's Ancient Fortifications: a preliminary report of excavations through the northern rampart at Tilaurakot (Nepal)Davis, Christopher; Coningham, Robin; Acharya, Kosh Prasad; Simpson, Ian; Tremblay, Jennifer; Kunwar, Ram Bahadur; Manuel, Mark; Bahadur, Krishna; Basanta, BidariJournal Article
Apr-2015Ancient Lumminigame: A Preliminary Report on Recent Archaeological Investigations at Lumbini's Village MoundStrickland, Keir; Coningham, Robin; Acharya, Kosh Prasad; Schmidt, Armin; Simpson, Ian; Kunwar, Ram Bahadur; Tremblay, Jennifer; Manuel, Mark; Davis, Christopher; Bahadur, Krishna; Basanta, BidariJournal Article
2016Coalescent community at Alsónyék: the timings and duration of Lengyel burials and settlementOsztás, Anett; Zalai-Gaál, István; Bánffy, Estzer; Marton, Tibor; Nyerges, Éva Ágnes; Köhler, Kitti; Somogyi, Krisztina; Gallina, Zsolt; Bronk, Ramsey Christopher; Dunbar, Elaine; Kromer, Bernd; Bayliss, Alex; Hamilton, Derek; Marshall, Peter; Whittle, AlasdairJournal Article
21-Jan-2016Developments in Earth observation for the assessment and monitoring of inland, transitional, coastal and shelf-sea waters (Forthcoming/Available Online)Tyler, Andrew; Hunter, Peter; Spyrakos, Evangelos; Groom, Steve; Constantinescu, Adriana; Kitchen, JonathanJournal Article
Feb-2015Zoothamnium duplicatum infestation of cultured horseshoe crabs (Limulus polyphemus)Shinn, Andrew; Muhlholzl, Alexander P; Coates, Christopher; Freeman, Mark; Metochis, ChristoforosJournal Article
2014Wrappings of power: a woman’s burial in cattle hide at Langwell Farm, Strath OykelLelong, Olivia; Arabaolaza, Iraia; Booth, Thomas; Evans, Jane; Evershed, Richard P; Harris, Susanna; Hollund, Hege; Keeley, Brendan; Lamb, Angela; Pickering, Matt; Pinder, A P; Ramsay, Susan; Walton, Rogers Penelope; Šoberl, Lucija; Wilson, Clare; Wilson, LynJournal Article
Sep-2015Using targeted enrichment of nuclear genes to increase phylogenetic resolution in the neotropical rain forest genus Inga (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae)Nicholls, James A; Pennington, R Toby; Koenen, Erik J M; Hughes, Colin E; Hearn, Jeff; Bunnefeld, Lynsey; Dexter, Kyle G; Stone, Graham N; Kidner, Catherine AJournal Article
Nov-2015Inferring bottlenecks from genome-wide samples of short sequence blocksBunnefeld, Lynsey; Frantz, Laurent A F; Lohse, KonradJournal Article
May-2013Do Global Diversity Patterns of Vertebrates Reflect Those of Monocots?Bunnefeld, Lynsey; Jones, F Andrew; Orme, C David L; Sobkowiak, Benjamin; Barraclough, Timothy G; Chase, Mark W; Govaerts, Rafael; Soltis, Douglas E; Soltis, Pamela S; Savolainen, VincentJournal Article
Sep-2014ABC inference of multi-population divergence with admixture from unphased population genomic dataRobinson, John D; Bunnefeld, Lynsey; Hearn, Jack; Stone, Graham N; Hickerson, Michael JJournal Article
Jan-2014Likelihood-based inference of population history from low-coverage de novo genome assembliesHearn, Jack; Stone, Graham N; Bunnefeld, Lynsey; Nicholls, James A; Barton, Nicholas H; Lohse, KonradJournal Article
2016Developments in water quality monitoring and management in large river catchments using the Danube River as an example (Forthcoming)Chapman, Deborah V; Bradley, Chris; Gettel, Gretchen M; Hatvani, Istvan Gabor; Hein, Thomas; Kovacs, Jozsef; Liska, Igor; Oliver, David; Tanos, Peter; Trasy, Balazs; Varbiro, GaborJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1045
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