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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2014African forest elephant social networks: Fission-fusion dynamics, but fewer associationsSchuttler, Stephanie G; Whittaker, Alden; Jeffery, Kathryn Jane; Eggert, Lori SJournal Article
Dec-2013Establishing a database of radionuclide transfer parameters for freshwater wildlifeYankovich, Tamara L; Beresford, Nicholas A; Fesenko, Sergey; Fesenko, J; Phaneuf, Marcelle; Dagher, Elias; Outola, Iisa; Andersson, Pal; Thiessen, Kathleen; Ryan, Judy; Wood, Michael D; Bollhofer, Andreas; Barnett, Catherine L; Copplestone, DavidJournal Article
2016Modeling Fate and Transport of Fecally-derived Microorganisms at the Watershed Scale: State of the Science and Future Opportunities (Forthcoming)Cho, Kyung Hwa; Pachepsky, Yakov A; Oliver, David; Muirhead, Richard W; Park, Yongeun; Quilliam, Richard; Shelton, DanielJournal Article
Oct-2013Recent, very rapid retreat of a temperate glacier in SE IcelandBradwell, Tom; Sigurdsson, Oddur; Everest, Jeremy DJournal Article
Jul-2013Incorporating socioeconomic and political drivers of international collaboration into marine conservation planningLevin, Noam; Tulloch, Ayesha I T; Gordon, Ascelin; Mazor, Tessa; Bunnefeld, Nils; Kark, SalitJournal Article
1-Mar-2016Large grazing birds and agriculture—predicting field use of common cranes and implications for crop damage preventionNilsson, Lovisa; Bunnefeld, Nils; Persson, Jens; Mansson, JohanJournal Article
Dec-2015Soil physical disturbance resulting from stump harvestingCollison, Jeff; Wilson, Clare; Moffat, Andy; Gallacher, JohnJournal Article
Feb-2015Cross-boundary collaboration: Key to the conservation puzzleKark, Salit; Tulloch, Ayesha I T; Gordon, Ascelin; Mazor, Tessa; Bunnefeld, Nils; Levin, NoamJournal Article
24-Mar-2016Drivers of Public Attitudes towards Small Wind Turbines in the UKTatchley, Cerian; Paton, Heather; Robertson, Emma; Minderman, Jeroen; Hanley, Nick; Park, KirstyJournal Article
Apr-2016Epidemiological Implications of Host Biodiversity and Vector Biology: Key Insights from Simple ModelsDobson, Andrew; Auld, StuartJournal Article
2016Extinction debt on reservoir land-bridge islands (Forthcoming)Jones, Isabel L; Bunnefeld, Nils; Jump, Alistair; Peres, Carlos A; Dent, DaisyJournal Article
30-Mar-2016Using historical woodland creation to construct a long-term, large-scale natural experiment: The WrEN project (Forthcoming/Available Online)Watts, Kevin; Fuentes-Montemayor, Elisa; Macgregor, Nicholas; Peredo-Alvarez, Victor; Ferryman, Mark; Bellamy, Chloe; Brown, Nigel; Park, KirstyJournal Article
Apr-2016The harlequin ladybird, Harmonia axyridis: global perspectives on invasion history and ecologyMurray, Katie M; Brown, Peter M J; Adriaens, Tim; Berkvens, Nick; Borges, Isabel; Clusella-Trullas, Susana; Comont, Richard F; De, Clercq Patrick; Eschen, Rene; Estoup, Arnaud; Evans, Edward W; Facon, Benoit; Gardiner, Mary M; Roy, Helen E; Tinsley, M CJournal Article
Sep-2009Ecological Dynamics Across the Arctic Associated with Recent Climate ChangePost, Eric; Forchhammer, Mads C; Bret-Harte, M Syndonia; Callaghan, Terry V; Christensen, Torben R; Elberling, Bo; Fox, Anthony D; Gilg, Olivier; Hik, David S; Hoye, Toke T; Ims, Rolf A; Jeppesen, Erik; Klein, David R; Madsen, Jesper; McGuire, A David; Rysgaard, Soren; Schindler, Daniel E; Stirling, Ian; Tamstorf, Mikkel P; Tyler, Nicholas J C; van, der Wal Rene; Wookey, Philip; Schmidt, Niels Martin; Aastrup, PeterJournal Article
24-Nov-2015Are neonicotinoid insecticides driving declines of widespread butterflies?Gilburn, Andre; Bunnefeld, Nils; Wilson, John McVean; Botham, Marc S; Brereton, Tom M; Fox, Richard; Goulson, DaveJournal Article
15-Apr-2016Floral sonication is an innate behaviour in bumblebees that can be fine-tuned with experience in manipulating flowers (Forthcoming/Available Online)Morgan, Tan; Whitehorn, Penelope R; Lye, Gillian; Vallejo-Marin, MarioJournal Article
8-Mar-2016Net Assimilation Rate Determines the Growth Rates of 14 Species of Subtropical Forest TreesLi, Xuefei; Schmid, Bernhard; Wang, Fei; Paine, C E TimothyJournal Article
19-Feb-2016Modelling above-ground carbon dynamics using multi-temporal airborne lidar: insights from a Mediterranean woodlandSimonson, Will; Ruiz-Benito, Paloma; Valladares, Fernando; Coomes, David AJournal Article
Mar-2016Modes of functional biodiversity control on tree productivity across the European continentRatcliffe, Sophia; Liebergesell, Mario; Ruiz-Benito, Paloma; Madrigal-Gonzalez, Jaime; Muñoz, Castañeda Jose M; Kändler, Gerald; Lehtonen, Aleksi; Dahlgren, Jonas; Kattge, Jens; Peñuelas, Josep; Zavala, Miguel A; Wirth, ChristianJournal Article
14-Jan-2016Plant functional traits have globally consistent effects on competition (Letter)Kunstler, Georges; Falster, Daniel; Coomes, David A; Hui, Francis; Kooyman, Robert M; Laughlin, Daniel C; Poorter, Lourens; Vanderwel, Mark; Vieilledent, Ghislain; Wright, S Joseph; Aiba, Masahiro; Baraloto, Christopher; Caspersen, John; Cornelissen, J Hans C; Ruiz-Benito, PalomaJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 991
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