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This collection contains electronic copies of conference papers and proceedings produced by Computing Science and Mathematics staff.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
2021Video Watermarking for Persistent and Robust Tracking of Entertainment Content (PARTEC)Bhowmik, Deepayan; Abhayaratne, Charith; Green, StuartMandal, Jyotsna Kumar; Mukherjee, Imon; Bakshi, Sambit; Chatterji, Sanjay; Sa, Pankaj KConference Paper
2020Synthetic vs. Real-World Continuous Landscapes: A Local Optima Networks ViewContreras-Cruz, Marco A; Ochoa, Gabriela; Ramirez-Paredes, Juan PFilipič, Bogdan; Minisci, Edmondo; Vasile, MassimilianoConference Paper
2020Learning Spatial Relations with a Standard Convolutional Neural NetworkSwingler, Kevin; Bath, MandyMerelo, Juan Julian; Garibaldi, Jonathan; Wagner, Christian; Bäck, Thomas; Madani, Kurosh; Warwick, KevinConference Paper
2018Editorial Image Retrieval Using Handcrafted and CNN FeaturesCompanioni-Brito, Claudia; Elawady, Mohamed; Yildirim, Sule; Hardeberg, Jon YngveMansouri, Alamin; El Moataz, Abderrahim; Nouboud, Fathallah; Mammass, DrissConference Paper
2020Towards Open-Set Semantic Segmentation of Aerial Imagesda Silva, Caio C V; Nogueira, Keiller; Oliveira, Hugo N; dos Santos, Jefersson A-Conference Paper
2020Global Landscape Structure and the Random MAX-SAT Phase TransitionOchoa, Gabriela; Chicano, Francisco; Tomassini, MarcoBäck, Thomas; Preuss, Mike; Deutz, André; Wang, Hao; Doerr, Carola; Emmerich, Michael; Trautmann, HeikeConference Paper
2018Mobile-Based Painting Photo Retrieval Using Combined FeaturesCompanioni-Brito, Claudia; Mariano-Calibjo, Zygred; Elawady, Mohamed; Yildirim, SuleKarray, Fakhri; ter Haar Romeny, Bart; Campilho, AurélioConference Paper
2017Multiple Reflection Symmetry Detection via Linear-Directional Kernel Density EstimationElawady, Mohamed; Alata, Olivier; Ducottet, Christophe; Barat, Cécile; Colantoni, PhilippeKrüger, Norbert; Heyden, Anders; Felsberg, MichaelConference Paper
2020Optimising Antibiotic Treatments with Multi-objective Population-based AlgorithmsGoranova, Mila; Contreras-Cruz, Marco A.; Hoyle, Andrew; Ochoa, Gabriela-Conference Paper
2020Genetic improvement: Taking real-world source code and improving it using genetic programmingHaraldsson, Saemundur O; Woodward, John R; Wagner, Markus-Conference Paper
2016Automatic Nonlinear Filtering and Segmentation for Breast Ultrasound ImagesElawady, Mohamed; Sadek, Ibrahim; Shabayek, Abd El Rahman; Pons, Gerard ; Ganau, SergiCampilho, Aurélio; Karray, FakhriConference Paper
Oct-2017Wavelet-Based Reflection Symmetry Detection via Textural and Color Histograms: Algorithm and ResultsElawady, Mohamed; Ducottet, Christophe; Alata, Olivier; Barat, Cecile; Colantoni, Philippe-Conference Paper
Oct-2017Wavelet-Based Reflection Symmetry Detection via Textural and Color HistogramsElawady, Mohamed; Ducottet, Christophe; Alata, Olivier; Barat, Cecile; Colantoni, Philippe-Conference Paper
2016Global Bilateral Symmetry Detection Using Multiscale Mirror HistogramsElawady, Mohamed; Barat, Cécile; Ducottet, Christophe; Colantoni, PhilippeBlanc-Talon, Jacques; Distante, Cosimo; Philips, Wilfried; Popescu, Dan; Scheunders, PaulConference Paper
2019Local Optima Network Analysis for MAX-SATOchoa, Gabriela; Chicano, FranciscoLópez-Ibáñez, ManuelConference Paper
2019Local Optima Networks for Continuous Fitness LandscapesAdair, Jason; Ochoa, Gabriela; Malan, Katherine MLópez-Ibáñez, ManuelConference Paper
2019A Survey of Genetic Improvement Search SpacesPetke, Justyna; Alexander, Brad; Barr, Earl T; Brownlee, Alexander E I; Wagner, Markus; White, David RLópez-Ibáñez, ManuelConference Paper
-Ir-Man: An Information Retrieval Framework for Marine Animal Necropsy AnalysisCarmichael, Alexander F B; Bhowmik, Deepayan; Baily, Johanna; Brownlow, Andrew; Gunn, George J; Reeves, Aaron-Conference Paper
2-Mar-2020Creeping waves in the shadow region with the Dirichlet and Neumann conditionsKirpichnikova, Anna; Kirpichnikova, NataliaMotygin, OV; Kiselev, AP; Goray, LI; Fedotov, AA; Ya Kazakov, A; Kirpichnikova, ASConference Paper
2021Effective use of evolutionary computation to parameterise an epidemiological modelMitchell, Ryan; Cairns, David; Hamami, Dalila; Pollock, Kevin; Shankland, CarronCazzaniga, Paolo; Besozzi, Daniela; Merelli, Ivan; Manzoni, LucaConference Paper
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 382