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This collection contains electronic copies of conference papers and proceedings produced by Computing Science and Mathematics staff.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
Jun-2021Local search pivoting rules and the landscape global structureTari, Sara; Ochoa, GabrielaChicano, FranciscoConference Paper
Jul-2021Partition crossover for continuous optimization: EPXTinós, Renata; Whitley, Darrell; Chicano, Francisco; Ochoa, GabrielaChicano, FranciscoConference Paper
Jul-2021Understanding parameter spaces using local optima networks: a case study on particle swarm optimizationCleghorn, Christopher W; Ochoa, GabrielaChicano, FranciscoConference Paper
2021Comparing a Game v. Non-Game approach for plant provenance public educationDocherty, Craig; Rutherford, Alasdair; Jones, Glyn; Maharaj, SavitriGabron, StephaneConference Paper
2021Monitoring Aquatic Weeds In Indian Wetlands Using Multitemporal Remote Sensing Data With Machine Learning TechniquesAkbari, Vahid; Simpson, Morgan; Maharaj, Savitri; Marino, Armando; Bhowmik, Deepayan; Prabhu, G Nagendra; Rupavatharam, Srikanth; Datta, Aviraj; Kleczkowski, Adam; Sujeetha, J Alice R P-Conference Paper
2021An Introduction to the JPEG Fake Media InitiativeTemmermans, Frederik; Bhowmik, Deepayan; Pereira, Fernando; Ebrahimi, Touradj-Conference Paper
-Persian Sentence-level Sentiment Polarity ClassificationDashtipour, Kia; Gogate, Mandar; Gelbukh, Alexander; Hussain, Amir-Conference Paper
-Adopting Transition Point Technique for Persian Sentiment AnalysisDashtipour, Kia; Gogate, Mandar; Gelbukh, Alexander; Hussain, Amir-Conference Paper
1-Apr-2021A NEAT Visualisation of Neuroevolution TrajectoriesSarti, Stefano; Ochoa, GabrielaCastillo, Pedro A; Jiménez Laredo, Juan LuisConference Paper
2021A formal model of Algorand smart contractsBartoletti, Massimo; Bracciali, Andrea; Lepore, Cristian; Scalas, Alceste; Zunino, RobertoBorisov, Nikita; Diaz, ClaudiaConference Paper
2021Antenna position estimation through sub-sampled exponential analysis of harmonically related input signalsLouw, Ridalise; Knaepkens, Ferre; Cuyt, Annie; Lee, Wen-shin; Wijnholds, Stefan J; de Villiers, Dirk I L; Weideman, Rina-Mari-Conference Paper
2020The Variational InfoMax AutoEncoderCrescimanna, Vincenzo; Graham, Bruce-Conference Paper
2020Coding and Decoding Speech using a Biologically Inspired Coding SystemPahar, Madhurananda; Smith, Leslie S-Conference Paper
2021Exploring the Accuracy - Energy Trade-off in Machine LearningBrownlee, Alexander; Adair, Jason; Haraldsson, Saemundur; Jabbo, John-Conference Paper
2021Decomposing Textures Using Exponential AnalysisHou, Yuan; Cuyt, Annie; Lee, Wen-Shin; Bhowmik, Deepayan-Conference Paper
2021Video Watermarking for Persistent and Robust Tracking of Entertainment Content (PARTEC)Bhowmik, Deepayan; Abhayaratne, Charith; Green, StuartMandal, Jyotsna Kumar; Mukherjee, Imon; Bakshi, Sambit; Chatterji, Sanjay; Sa, Pankaj KConference Paper
2020Synthetic vs. Real-World Continuous Landscapes: A Local Optima Networks ViewContreras-Cruz, Marco A; Ochoa, Gabriela; Ramirez-Paredes, Juan PFilipič, Bogdan; Minisci, Edmondo; Vasile, MassimilianoConference Paper
2020Learning Spatial Relations with a Standard Convolutional Neural NetworkSwingler, Kevin; Bath, MandyMerelo, Juan Julian; Garibaldi, Jonathan; Wagner, Christian; Bäck, Thomas; Madani, Kurosh; Warwick, KevinConference Paper
2018Editorial Image Retrieval Using Handcrafted and CNN FeaturesCompanioni-Brito, Claudia; Elawady, Mohamed; Yildirim, Sule; Hardeberg, Jon YngveMansouri, Alamin; El Moataz, Abderrahim; Nouboud, Fathallah; Mammass, DrissConference Paper
2020Towards Open-Set Semantic Segmentation of Aerial Imagesda Silva, Caio C V; Nogueira, Keiller; Oliveira, Hugo N; dos Santos, Jefersson A-Conference Paper
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 417