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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
17-Oct-2019A Hybrid Persian Sentiment Analysis Framework: Integrating Dependency Grammar Based Rules and Deep Neural NetworksDashtipour, Kia; Gogate, Mandar; Li, Jingpeng; Jiang, Fengling; Kong, Bin; Hussain, Amir-Journal Article
-High accuracy trigonometric approximations of the real Bessel functions of the first kindCuyt, Annie; Lee, Wen-shin; Wu, Min-Journal Article
Sep-2018Exploiting ConvNet Diversity for Flooding IdentificationNogueira, Keiller; Fadel, Samuel G; Dourado, Icaro C; Werneck, Rafael de O; Munoz, Javier A V; Penatti, Otavio A B; Calumby, Rodrigo T; Li, Lin Tzy; dos Santos, Jefersson A; Torres, Ricardo da S-Journal Article
Oct-2019Dynamic Multicontext Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images Based on Convolutional NetworksNogueira, Keiller; Dalla Mura, Mauro; Chanussot, Jocelyn; Schwartz, William Robson; dos Santos, Jefersson Alex-Journal Article
Apr-2016Pointwise and pairwise clothing annotation: combining features from social mediaNogueira, Keiller; Veloso, Adriano Alonso; dos Santos, Jefersson Alex-Journal Article
Jan-2017Towards better exploiting convolutional neural networks for remote sensing scene classificationNogueira, Keiller; Penatti, Otávio A B; dos Santos, Jefersson A-Journal Article
27-Aug-2018Emergent Properties of Microbial Activity in Heterogeneous Soil Microenvironments: Different Research Approaches Are Slowly Converging, Yet Major Challenges RemainBaveye, Philippe C; Otten, Wilfred; Kravchenko, Alexandra; Balseiro-Romero, María; Beckers, Elenore; Chalhoub, Maha; Darnault, Christophe; Eickhorst, Thilo; Garnier, Patricia; Hapca, Simona; Kiranyaz, Serkan; Monga, Olivier; Mueller, Carsten W; Nunan, Naoise; Pot, Valérie-Journal Article
15-Jan-2019Combination of techniques to quantify the distribution of bacteria in their soil microhabitats at different spatial scalesJuyal, Archana; Otten, Wilfred; Falconer, Ruth; Hapca, Simona; Schmidt, Hannes; Baveye, Philippe C; Eickhorst, Thilo-Journal Article
20-Sep-2017Assessment of Miscanthus × giganteus derived biochar as copper and zinc adsorbent: Study of the effect of pyrolysis temperature, pH and hydrogen peroxide modificationCibati, Alessio; Foereid, Bente; Bissessur, Ajay; Hapca, Simona-Journal Article
Nov-2016Analysis of physical pore space characteristics of two pyrolytic biochars and potential as microhabitatSchnee, Laura S; Knauth, Stefan; Hapca, Simona; Otten, Wilfred; Eickhorst, Thilo-Journal Article
Aug-2017Quantification of the pore size distribution of soils: Assessment of existing software using tomographic and synthetic 3D imagesHouston, A.N.; Otten, W.; Falconer, R.; Monga, O.; Baveye, P.C.; Hapca, S.M.-Journal Article
30-Sep-2019Reframing PTSD for computational psychiatry with the active inference frameworkLinson, Adam; Friston, Karl-Journal Article
2019Are antidementia drugs associated with reduced mortality after a hospital emergency admission in the population with dementia aged 65 years and older?Hapca, Simona; Burton, Jennifer Kirsty; Cvoro, Vera; Reynish, Emma; Donnan, Peter T-Journal Article
19-Feb-2019Characteristics of Positive Deviants in Western Chimpanzee PopulationsHeinicke, Stefanie; Mundry, Roger; Boesch, Christophe; Amarasekaran, Bala; Barrie, Abdulai; Brncic, Terry; Brugiere, David; Campbell, Genevieve; Carvalho, Joana; Danquah, Emmanuel; Dowd, Dervla; Eshuis, Henk; Fleury-Brugiere, Marie-Claire; Gamys, Joel; Ganas, Jessica-Journal Article
2016Transparent fault tolerance for scalable functional computationStewart, Robert; Maier, Patrick; Trinder, Phil-Journal Article
10-Sep-2016HPC-GAP: engineering a 21st-century high-performance computer algebra systemBehrends, Reimer; Hammond, Kevin; Janjic, Vladimir; Konovalov, Alexander; Linton, Steve; Loidl, Hans-Wolfgang; Maier, Patrick; Trinder, Phil-Journal Article
Mar-2018Replicable parallel branch and bound searchArchibald, Blair; Maier, Patrick; McCreesh, Ciaran; Stewart, Robert; Trinder, Phil-Journal Article
-Embedding distortion analysis in wavelet-domain watermarkingBhowmik, Deepayan; Abhayaratne, Charith-Journal Article
-The importance of fisheries and aquaculture production for nutrition and food securityNorman, Rachel; Stetkiewicz, Stacia; Crumlish, Mags-Journal Article
19-Jul-2019Transmission Power and effects on energy consumption and performance in MANETBlakeway, Stewart; Kirpichnikova, Anna; Schaeffer, Marion; Secco, Emanuele Lindo-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 496