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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
2019Increasing the performance of a Mobile Ad-hoc Network using a game-theoretic approach to drone positioningBlakeway, Stewart; Gromov, Dmirty; Gromova, Ekaterina; Kirpichnikova, Anna; Plekhanova, Taissia-Journal Article
31-Mar-2019Randomness invalidates criminal smart contractsWang, Yilei; Bracciali, Andrea; Li, Tao; Li, Fengyin; Cui, Xinchun; Zhao, Minghao-Journal Article
31-Aug-2009Symbolic-numeric sparse interpolation of multivariate polynomialsGiesbrecht, Mark; Labahn, George; Lee, Wen-shin-Journal Article
30-Nov-2018Assessing the Methods, Tools, and Statistical Approaches in Google Trends Research: Systematic ReviewMavragani, Amaryllis; Ochoa, Gabriela; Tsagarakis, Konstantinos P-Journal Article
30-Sep-2018A Quantum based Evolutionary Algorithm for Stock Index and Bitcoin Price ForecastingAmjad, Usman; Jilani, Tahseen Ahmed; Tariq, Humera; Hussain, Amir-Journal Article
11-Oct-2018How to get high resolution results from sparse and coarsely sampled data (Forthcoming/Available Online)Cuyt, Annie; Lee, Wen-shin-Journal Article
Jul-2014Interactive faceted search and exploration of open social media data on a touchscreen mobile phoneKleinen, Alexander; Scherp, Ansgar; Staab, Steffen-Journal Article
May-2014Real-life events in multimedia: detection, representation, retrieval, and applicationsMezaris, Vasileios; Scherp, Ansgar; Jain, Ramesh; Kankanhalli, Mohan S-Journal Article
Jul-2014Ambient media today and tomorrow: What have ambient media in common? What are ambient media today? Where will ambient media be in 2020?Lugmayr, Artur; Serral, Estefania; Scherp, Ansgar; Pogorelc, Bogdan; Mustaquim, Moyen-Journal Article
Dec-2015Analysis of schema structures in the Linked Open Data graph based on unique subject URIs, pay-level domains, and vocabulary usageGottron, Thomas; Knauf, Malte; Scherp, Ansgar-Journal Article
31-May-2017A review of the nature and effects of guidance design featuresMorana, Stefan; Schacht, Silvia; Scherp, Ansgar; Maedche, Alexander-Journal Article
30-Nov-2018Survey and empirical comparison of different approaches for text extraction from scholarly figuresBöschen, Falk; Beck, Tilman; Scherp, Ansgar-Journal Article
Feb-2018Clustering-Oriented Multiple Convolutional Neural Networks for Single Image Super-ResolutionRen, Peng; Sun, Wenjian; Luo, Chunbo; Hussain, Amir-Journal Article
May-2014Survey on modeling and indexing events in multimediaScherp, Ansgar; Mezaris, Vasileios-Journal Article
Jul-2014Benefiting from users' gaze: selection of image regions from eye tracking information for provided tagsWalber, Tina; Scherp, Ansgar; Staab, Steffen-Journal Article
31-Aug-2018Relation Extraction of Medical Concepts Using Categorization and Sentiment AnalysisMondal, Anupam; Cambria, Erik; Das, Dipankar; Hussain, Amir; Bandyopadhyay, Sivaji-Journal Article
31-Mar-2014On robustness against JPEG2000: a performance evaluation of wavelet-based watermarking techniquesBhowmik, Deepayan; Abhayaratne, Charith-Journal Article
15-Jun-2018Faint and clustered components in exponential analysisCuyt, Annie; Tsai, Min-nan; Verhoye, Marleen; Lee, Wen-shin-Journal Article
31-Dec-2018Infoveillance of infectious diseases in USA: STDs, tuberculosis, and hepatitisMavragani, Amaryllis; Ochoa, Gabriela-Journal Article
30-Nov-1987Polymorphism, persistence and software re-use in a strongly typed object-oriented environmentMorrison, Ronald; Brown, Alfred L; Carrick, Raymund; Connor, Richard C H; Dearle, Alan; Atkinson, Malcolm P-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 473