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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
Jun-2015Shell proteome of rhynchonelliform brachiopodsImmel, Francoise; Gaspard, Daniele; Marie, Arul; Guichard, Nathalie; Cusack, Maggie; Marin, Frederic-Journal Article
Oct-2017Red River Hog Potamochoerus porcus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Forthcoming)Melletti, Mario; Breuer, Thomas; Huffman, Brent A; Turkalo, Andrea; Mirabile, Marzia; Maisels, FionaMelletti, M; Meijaard, EPart of book or chapter of book
2016A Vinca potscape: Formal chronological models for the use and development of Vinca ceramics in south-east EuropeWhittle, Alasdair; Bayliss, Alex; Barclay, Alistair J; Gaydarska, Bisserka; Bánffy, Estzer; Borić, Dušan; Drasovean, Florin; Jakucs, Janos; Marić, Miroslav; Orton, David; Pantovic, Ivana; Schier, Wolfram; Tasić, Nenad; Vander, Linden Marc-Journal Article
2015A review of the dodo and its ecosystem: insights from a vertebrate concentration Lagerstätte in MauritiusRijsdijk, Kenneth F; Hume, Julian P; De, Louw Perry G B; Meijer, Hanneke J M; Janoo, Anwar; De, Boer Erik J; Steel, Lorna; De, Vos John; Van, Der Sluis Laura G; Hooghiemstra, Henry; Florens, F B Vincent; Baider, Claudia; Vernimmen, Tamara J J; Baas, Pieter; Kluiving, Sjoerd Jan-Journal Article
25-Jul-2017An integrated framework to identify wildlife populations under threat from climate change (Forthcoming/Available Online)Razgour, Orly; Taggart, John; Manel, Stephanie; Juste, Javier; Ibanez, Carlos; Rebelo, Hugo; Alberdi, Antton; Jones, Gareth; Park, Kirsty-Journal Article
28-Jul-2017Thresholds of biodiversity and ecosystem function in a forest ecosystem undergoing diebackEvans, Paul M; Newton, Adrian C; Cantarello, Elena; Martin, Phil; Sanderson, Neil; Jones, David L; Barsoum, Nadia; Cottrell, Joan E; A'Hara, Stuart W; Fuller, Lauren-Journal Article
31-Jul-2017Genomic innovations, transcriptional plasticity and gene loss underlying the evolution and divergence of two highly polyphagous and invasive Helicoverpa pest speciesPearce, Stephen L; Clarke, David F; East, Peter D; Elfekih, Samia; Gordon, Karl; Jermiin, Lars S; McGaughran, Angela; Oakeshott, John G; Papanikolaou, Alexandros; Perera, Omaththage P; Rane, Rahul V; Richards, Stephen; Tay, Wee Tek; Walsh, Thomas K; Anderson, Alisha; Anderson, Craig-Journal Article
15-Aug-2017Recent autopolyploidization in a naturalized population of Mimulus guttatus (Phrymaceae) (Forthcoming/Available Online)Porcar, Violetta; Silva, Jose L; Meeus, Sofie; Higgins, James D; Vallejo-Marin, Mario-Journal Article
20-Apr-2017Plants in aquatic ecosystems: current trends and future directions (Forthcoming/Available Online)O'Hare, Matthew T; Aguiar, Francisca C; Asaeda, Takashi; Bakker, Elisabeth S; Chambers, Patricia A; Clayton, John; Elger, Arnaud; Ferreira, Teresa M; Gross, Elisabeth M; Gunn, Iain D M; Gurnell, Angela M; Hellsten, Seppo; Hofstra, Deborah E; Li, Wei; Mohr, Silvia; Puijalon, Sara; Szoszkiewicz, Krzysztof; Willby, Nigel; Wood, Kevin A-Journal Article
28-Mar-2017Mitochondrial DNA and trade data support multiple origins of Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) in BrazilTay, Wee Tek; Walsh, Thomas K; Downes, Sharon; Anderson, Craig; Jermiin, Lars S; Wong, Thomas K F; Piper, Melissa C; Chang, Ester Silva; Macedo, Isabella Barony; Czepak, Cecilia; Behere, Gajanan T; Silvie, Pierre; Soria, Miguel F; Frayssinet, Marie; Gordon, Karl-Journal Article
11-Jul-2017Assessing Africa-wide pangolin exploitation by scaling local data (Forthcoming/Available Online)Ingram, Daniel J; Coad, Lauren M; Abernethy, Katharine; Maisels, Fiona; Stokes, Emma; Bobo, Kadiri S; Breuer, Thomas; Gandiwa, Edson; Ghiurghi, Andrea; Greengrass, Elizabeth; Holmern, Tomas; Kamgaing, Towa O W; Ndong, Obiang Anne Marie; Poulsen, John R; Schleicher, Judith-Journal Article
19-May-2017Flocculation of dissolved organic matter controls the distribution of iron in boreal estuarine sediments (Discussion Paper)Jilbert, Tom; Asmala, Eero; Schröder, Christian; Tiihonen, Rosa; Myllykangas, Jukka-Pekka; Virtasalo, Joonas J; Kotilainen, Aarno; Peltola, Pasi; Ekholm, Päivi; Hietanen, Susanna-Journal Article
-Ecology and management history drive spatial genetic structure in Scots pine (Forthcoming)Gonzalez, Diaz Patricia; Jump, Alistair; Perry, Annika; Wachowiak, Witold; Lapshina, Elena; Cavers, Stephen-Journal Article
2017Insuetophrynus acarpicus Barrio, 1970 (Anura: Rhinodermatidae): new distribution record at the edge of the Valdivian coastal range, southern ChileParada, Daniel E; Fenolio, Dante; Olivares, Angel P; Nunez, Jose J-Journal Article
-Schwertmannite stability in anoxic Fe(II)-rich aqueous solution (Forthcoming)Paikaray, Susanta; Schröder, Christian; Peiffer, Stefan-Journal Article
Jul-2017A Holocene record of environmental change from Río Zeballos, Central Patagonia (Forthcoming/Available Online)McCulloch, Robert; Figuerero, Torres Maria Jose; Mengoni, Goñalons Guillermo; Barclay, Rebecca; Mansilla, Claudia-Journal Article
2-Aug-2010Influence of growth temperature and starvation state on survival and DNA damage induction in the marine bacterium Sphingopyxis alaskensis exposed to UV radiationMatallana-Surget, Sabine; Meador, Jarah; Douki, Thierry; Cavicchioli, Rick; Joux, Fabien-Journal Article
1-Aug-2012Proteome analysis of the UVB-resistant marine bacterium Photobacterium angustum S14Matallana-Surget, Sabine; Joux, Fabien; Wattiez, Ruddy; Lebaron, Philippe-Journal Article
Sep-2009Remarkable resistance to UVB of the marine bacterium Photobacterium angsutum explained by an unexpected role of photolyaseMatallana-Surget, Sabine; Douki, Thierry; Cavicchioli, Rick; Joux, Fabien-Journal Article
Nov-2008Physiological alteration of the marine bacterium Vibrio angustum S14 exposed to simulated sunlight during growthAbboudi, Maher; Matallana-Surget, Sabine; Rontani, Jean-Francois; Sempéré, Richard; Joux, Fabien-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1280
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