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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
Jul-2006Extreme Promiscuity in a Mating System Dominated by Sexual ConflictBlyth, Jennifer E; Gilburn, Andre-Journal Article
Dec-2009Sex-Biased Phoretic Mite Load on Two Seaweed Flies: Coelopa frigida and Coelopa pilipesGilburn, Andre; Stewart, Katie M; Edward, Dominic A-Journal Article
2012A growth model for azobe, Lophira alata, in GabonEngone, Obiang Nestor; Ngomanda, Alfred; White, Lee; Jeffery, Kathryn Jane; Chezeaux, Eric; Picard, Nicolas-Journal Article
13-Jan-2017Conserving the World’s Megafauna and Biodiversity: The Fierce Urgency of Now (Forthcoming/Available Online)Ripple, William J; Chapron, Guillaume; Lopez-Bao, Jose Vicente; Durant, Sarah M; Macdonald, David W; Lindsey, Peter A; Bennett, Elizabeth L; Beschta, Robert L; Bruskotter, Jeremy T; Campos-Arceiz, Ahimsa; Corlett, Richard T; Darimont, Chris T; Dickman, Amy J; Dirzo, Rodolfo; Maisels, Fiona-Journal Article
14-Sep-2016Impact of woody encroachment on soil organic carbon storage in the Lopé National Park, Gabon (Forthcoming/Available Online)Chiti, Tommaso; Mihindou, Yves; Jeffery, Kathryn Jane; Malhi, Yadvinder; De, Oliveira Fabiane L; White, Lee; Valentini, Riccardo-Journal Article
Dec-2016Tracing ancient evolutionary divergence in parasitesTinsley, Richard C; Tinsley, M C-Journal Article
30-Nov-2016Inbreeding parents should invest more resources in fewer offspringDuthie, A Bradley; Lee, Aline; Reid, Jane M-Journal Article
Jan-2017Highest drought sensitivity and lowest resistance to growth suppression are found in the range core of the tree Fagus sylvatica L. not the equatorial range edgeCavin, Liam; Jump, Alistair-Journal Article
2016Deregulated expression of HDAC9 in B cells promotes development of lymphoproliferative disease and lymphoma in miceGil, Veronica; Bhagat, Govind; Howell, Louise; Zhang, Jiyuan; Kim, Chae H; Stengel, Sven; Vega, Francisco; Zelent, Arthur; Petrie, Kevin-Journal Article
Feb-2016Biomineral shell formation under ocean acidification: A shift from order to chaosFitzer, Susan C; Chung, Peter; Maccherozzi, Francesco; Dhesi, Sarnjeet S; Kamenos, Nicholas A; Phoenix, Vernon R; Cusack, Maggie-Journal Article
Feb-2015Red coralline algae assessed as marine pH proxies using 11B MAS NMRCusack, Maggie; Kamenos, Nicholas A; Rollion-Bard, Claire; Tricot, Gregory-Journal Article
Feb-2014Biomineral Proteins from Mytilus edulis Mantle Tissue TranscriptomeFreer, Andy; Bridgett, Stephen; Jiang, Jiahong; Cusack, Maggie-Journal Article
Nov-2015Ocean acidification and temperature increase impact mussel shell shape and thickness: Problematic for protection?Fitzer, Susan C; Vittert, Liberty; Bowman, Adrian; Kamenos, Nicholas A; Phoenix, Vernon R; Cusack, Maggie-Journal Article
Aug-2014Ocean acidification impacts mussel control on biomineralisationFitzer, Susan C; Phoenix, Vernon R; Cusack, Maggie; Kamenos, Nicholas A-Journal Article
May-2010Environmental technologies: In search of a meaningJabbour, Charbel Jose Chiappetta-Journal Article
Nov-2016Community change and species richness reductions in rapidly advancing tree linesGreenwood, Sarah; Chen, Jan-Chang; Chen, Chaur-Tzuhn; Jump, Alistair-Journal Article
Oct-2016Role of geographical provenance in the response of silver fir seedlings to experimental warming and droughtMatias, Luis; Gonzalez, Diaz Patricia; Quero, Jose Luis; Camarero, J Julio; Lloret, Francisco; Jump, Alistair-Journal Article
Dec-2016How mammalian predation contributes to tropical tree community structurePaine, C E Timothy; Beck, Harald; Terborgh, John-Journal Article
Dec-2016Evolution of inbreeding avoidance and inbreeding preference through mate choice among interacting relativesDuthie, A Bradley; Reid, Jane M-Journal Article
21-Dec-2016Sex as a strategy against rapidly evolving parasitesAuld, Stuart; Tinkler, Shona; Tinsley, M C-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1135
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