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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
24-Jan-2017Global biogeography of mating system variation in seed plants (Forthcoming/Available Online)Moeller, David; Briscoe, Runquist Ryan; Moe, Anika M; Geber, Monica; Goodwillie, Carol; Cheptou, Pierre-Olivier; Eckert, Christopher G; Elle, Elizabeth; Johnston, Mark O; Kalisz, Susan; Ree, Richard H; Sargent, Risa D; Vallejo-Marin, Mario; Winn, Alice A-Journal Article
Oct-2014Ocean acidification reduces the crystallographic control in juvenile mussel shellsFitzer, Susan C; Cusack, Maggie; Phoenix, Vernon R; Kamenos, Nicholas A-Journal Article
29-Jan-2017Oscillating Magnet Array−Based Nanomagnetic Gene Transfection: A Valuable Tool for Molecular Neurobiology StudiesSubramanian, Mahendran; Tyler, Aimee-Jayne; Luther, Eva Maria; Di, Daniel Elena; Lim, Jenson; Dobson, John-Journal Article
Jan-2017The database of the PREDICTS (Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems) projectHudson, Lawrence N; Newbold, Tim; Contu, Sara; Hill, Samantha L L; Lysenko, Igor; De, Palma Adriana; Phillips, Helena R P; Alhusseini, Tamera I; Bedford, Felicity E; Bennett, Dominic J; Booth, Hollie; Burton, Victoria J; Chng, Charlotte W T; Choimes, Argyrios; Kirkpatrick, Lucinda-Journal Article
2017Improving the Sampling Strategy for Point-to-Point Line-Of-Sight Modelling in Urban EnvironmentsBartie, Phil; Mackaness, William-Journal Article
Jan-2017“New Forests” from the Twentieth Century are a Relevant Contribution for C Storage in the Iberian PeninsulaVilà-Cabrera, Albert; Espelta, Josep Maria; Vayreda, Jordi; Pino, Joan-Journal Article
-Application of high resolution Mobile Metal Ion (MMI) soil geochemistry to archaeological investigations: an example from a Roman metal working site, Somerset, United Kingdom (Forthcoming)Sylvester, Graham; Mann, Alan; Rate, Andrew; Wilson, Clare-Journal Article
11-Jan-2017Convergence of bark investment according to fire and climate structures ecosystem vulnerability to future change (Forthcoming/Available Online)Pellegrini, Adam; Anderegg, William R L; Paine, C E Timothy; Hoffmann, William A; Kartzinel, Tyler; Rabin, Sam S; Sheil, Douglas; Franco, Augusto C; Pacala, Stephen W-Journal Article
5-Nov-2016Redox dynamics in the active layer of an Arctic headwater catchment; examining the potential for transfer of dissolved methane from soils to stream water (Forthcoming/Available Online)Street, Lorna E; Dean, Joshua; Billett, Michael; Baxter, Robert; Dinsmore, Kerry J; Lessels, Jason S; Subke, Jens-Arne; Tetzlaff, Doerthe; Wookey, Philip-Journal Article
Nov-2016Biogeochemistry of “pristine” freshwater stream and lake systems in the western Canadian ArcticDean, Joshua; Billett, Michael; Baxter, Robert; Dinsmore, Kerry J; Lessels, Jason S; Street, Lorna E; Subke, Jens-Arne; Tetzlaff, Doerthe; Washbourne, Ian; Wookey, Philip-Journal Article
2016Patterns of ecosystem development in glacial foreland chronosequences: a comparative analysis of Chile and New ZealandPerez, Cecilia; Aravena, Juan Carlos; Silva, Wladimir; McCulloch, Robert; Parfitt, Roger-Journal Article
21-Dec-2016Sex as a strategy against rapidly evolving parasitesAuld, Stuart; Tinkler, Shona; Tinsley, M C-Journal Article
7-Nov-2016Solo: An open source, customizable and inexpensive audio recorder for bioacoustic research (Forthcoming/Available Online)Whytock, Robin; Christie, James-Journal Article
Jan-2013Impact of nitrogen deposition at the species levelPayne, Richard; Dise, Nancy B; Stevens, Carly J; Gowing, David J; Dupre, Cecilia; Dorland, Edu; Gaudnik, Cassandre; Bleeker, Albert; Diekmann, Martin; Alard, Didier; Bobbink, Roland; Fowler, David; Corcket, Emmanuel; Mountford, J Owen; Vandvik, Vigdis; Aarrestad, Per Arild; Muller, Serge-Journal Article
Jun-2005Late-glacial glacier events in southernmost South America: A blend of 'northern'and 'southern' hemispheric climatic signals?Sugden, David E; Bentley, Michael J; Fogwill, Chris; Hulton, Nicholas R J; McCulloch, Robert; Purves, Ross-Journal Article
17-Jan-2017Diversity and carbon storage across the tropical forest biomeSullivan, Martin J P; Talbot, Joey; Lewis, Simon L; Phillips, Oliver L; Qie, Lan; Begne, Serge K; Chave, Jerome; Cuni-Sanchez, Aida; Hubau, Wannes; Lopez-Gonzalez, Gabriela; Miles, Lera; Monteagudo-Mendoza, Abel; Sonke, Bonaventure; Sunderland, Terry; ter, Steege Hans; White, Lee-Journal Article
Jan-2017Is vegetation collapse on Borneo already in progress?Becek, Kazimierz; Horwath, Aline B-Journal Article
Jun-2016High-latitude dust in the Earth systemBullard, Joanna; Baddock, Matthew; Bradwell, Tom; Crusius, John; Darlington, Eleanor; Gaiero, Diego; Gasso, Santiago; Gisladottir, Gudrun; Hodgkins, Richard; McCulloch, Robert; McKenna-Neuman, Cheryl; Mockford, Tom; Stewart, Helena; Thorsteinsson, Throstur-Journal Article
Jul-2016Extinction debt on reservoir land-bridge islandsJones, Isabel L; Bunnefeld, Nils; Jump, Alistair; Peres, Carlos A; Dent, Daisy-Journal Article
23-Dec-2017Atmospheric Correction Performance of Hyperspectral Airborne Imagery over a Small Eutrophic Lake under Changing Cloud CoverMarkelin, Lauri; Simis, Stefan; Hunter, Peter; Spyrakos, Evangelos; Tyler, Andrew; Clewley, Daniel; Groom, Steve-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1155
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