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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
2017Remote sensing of macrophyte morphological traits: Implications for the management of shallow lakesVilla, Paolo; Pinardi, Monica; Toth, Victor; Hunter, Peter; Bolpagni, Rossano; Bresciani, Mariano-Journal Article
Mar-2013The effects of climate variability and the color of weather time series on agricultural diseases and pests, and on decisions for their managementGarrett, Karen A; Dobson, Andrew; Kroschel, Jurgen; Natarajan, Bala; Orlandini, Simone; Tonnang, Henri E Z; Valdivia, Corinne-Journal Article
Nov-2012Phagocytic activity of Limulus polyphemus amebocytes in vitroCoates, Christopher; Whalley, Tim; Nairn, Jacqueline-Journal Article
Mar-2018Echinochrome A Release by Red Spherule Cells Is an Iron-Withholding Strategy of Sea Urchin Innate ImmunityCoates, Christopher; McCulloch, Claire; Betts, Joshua; Whalley, Tim-Journal Article
Mar-2009Using Remote Sensing to Aid the Assessment of Human Health Risks from Blooms of Potentially Toxic CyanobacteriaHunter, Peter; Tyler, Andrew; Gilvear, David; Willby, Nigel-Journal Article
2017Non-invasive genotyping and spatial mark-recapture methods to estimate European pine marten density in forested landscapesKubasiewicz, Laura M; Quine, Christopher P; Summers, Ron W; Coope, Rob; Cottrell, Joan E; A'Hara, Stuart W; Park, Kirsty-Journal Article
13-Apr-2018Maps from mud – using the Multiple Scenario Approach to reconstruct land cover dynamics from pollen records: a case study of two Neolithic landscapesBunting, M Jane; Farrell, Michelle; Bayliss, Alex; Marshall, Peter; Whittle, Alasdair-Journal Article
Feb-2018Rows with the neighbours: the short lives of longhouses at the Neolithic site of Versend-GilencsaJakucs, Janos; Oross, Krisztián; Banffy, Eszter; Voicsek, Vanda; Dunbar, Elaine; Reimer, Paula J; Bayliss, Alex; Marshall, Peter; Whittle, Alasdair-Journal Article
-The chemical composition of two seaweed flies (Coelopa frigida and Coelopa pilipes) reared in the laboratory (Forthcoming)Biancarosa, Irene; Liland, Nina; Day, Nicola; Belghit, Ikram; Amlund, Heidi; Lock, Erik-Jan; Gilburn, Andre-Journal Article
Jun-2016Thermal and microstructural properties of fine-grained material at the Viking Lander 1 sitePaton, Mark D; Harri, Ari-Matti; Savijarvi, Hannu; Makinen, Teemu; Hagermann, Axel; Kemppinen, Osku; Johnston, Andrew-Journal Article
1-Mar-2018Influence of petrographic textures on the shapes of impact experiment fine fragments measuring several tens of microns: Comparison with Itokawa regolith particlesMichikami, Tatsuhiro; Kadokawa, Tokiyuki; Tsuchiyama, Akira; Hagermann, Axel; Nakano, Tsukasa; Uesugi, Kentaro; Hasegawa, Sunao-Journal Article
-Collecting the dead: temporality and disposal in the Neolithic hypogée of Les Mournouards II (Marne, France) (Forthcoming)Chambon, Philippe; Blin, Arnaud; Bronk, Ramsey Christopher; Kromer, Bernd; Bayliss, Alex; Beavan, Nancy; Healy, Frances; Whittle, Alasdair-Journal Article
2016Midlife changes: the Sopot burial ground at AlsónyékOross, Krisztián; Osztás, Anett; Marton, Tibor; Köhler, Kitti; Gábor, Ódor János; Szécsényi-Nagy, Anna; Bánffy, Eszter; Alt, Kurt W; Bronk, Ramsey Christopher; Kromer, Bernd; Bayliss, Alex; Hamilton, Derek; Whittle, Alasdair-Journal Article
Jan-2016Fragment shapes in impact experiments ranging from cratering to catastrophic disruptionMichikami, Tatsuhiro; Hagermann, Axel; Kadokawa, Tokiyuki; Yoshida, Akifumi; Shimada, Akira; Hasegawa, Sunao; Tsuchiyama, Akira-Journal Article
1-Aug-2016Detection of structure in asteroid analogue materials and Titan's regolith by a landing spacecraftPaton, Mark D; Green, Simon F; Ball, Andrew J; Zarnecki, John C; Hagermann, Axel-Journal Article
15-Jan-2017Experimental investigation of insolation-driven dust ejection from Mars' CO2 ice capsKaufmann, Erika; Hagermann, Axel-Journal Article
Jul-2017Thermal Infrared Imaging Experiments of C-Type Asteroid 162173 Ryugu on Hayabusa2Okada, Tatsuaki; Fukuhara, Tetsuya; Tanaka, Satoshi; Taguchi, Makoto; Imamura, Takeshi; Arai, Takehiko; Senshu, Hiroki; Ogawa, Yoshiko; Demura, Hirohide; Kitazato, Kohei; Nakamura, Ryosuke; Kouyama, Toru; Sekiguchi, Tomohiko; Hasegawa, Sunao; Hagermann, Axel-Journal Article
Oct-2017Clastic patterned ground in Lomonosov crater, Mars: examining fracture controlled formation mechanismsBarrett, Alexander M; Balme, Matthew R; Patel, Manish R; Hagermann, Axel-Journal Article
Dec-2017Recent Basal Melting of a Mid-Latitude Glacier on MarsButcher, Frances E G; Balme, Matthew R; Gallagher, Colman; Arnold, Neil S; Conway, Susan J; Hagermann, Axel; Lewis, Stephen R-Journal Article
1-Mar-2018Clastic polygonal networks around Lyot crater, Mars: Possible formation mechanisms from morphometric analysisBrooker, Laura M; Balme, Matthew R; Conway, Susan J; Hagermann, Axel; Barrett, Alexander M; Collins, Gareth S; Soare, Richard J-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1423
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