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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
20-May-2016Stroke Ready Intervention: Community Engagement to Decrease Prehospital DelaySkolarus, Lesli E; Zimmerman, Mark A; Bailey, Sarah; Dome, Mackenzie; Murphy, Jillian B; Kobrossi, Christina; Dombrowski, Stephan U; Burke, James F; Morgenstern, Lewis B-Journal Article
Dec-2012Evolutionary Psychology in the Modern World: Applications, Perspectives, and StrategiesRoberts, S Craig; van, Vugt Mark; Dunbar, Robin I M-Journal Article
Jan-2013Who Punishes? Personality Traits Predict Individual Variation in Punitive SentimentRoberts, S Craig; Vakirtzis, Antonios; Kristjansdottir, Lilja; Havlicek, Jan-Journal Article
Jan-2017Interpreting Quality of Life after Brain Injury (QOLIBRI) scores: Cross-walk with the Short Form-36Wilson, J T Lindsay; Marsden-Loftus, Isaac; Koskinen, Sanna; Bakx, Wilbert; Bullinger, Monika; Formisano, Rita; Maas, Andrew; Neugebauer, Edmund; Powell, Jane; Sarajuuri, Jaana; Sasse, Nadine; Von, Steinbuchel Nicole; Von, Wild Klaus; Truelle, Jean-Luc-Journal Article
Jan-2017Cortisol reactivity and suicidal behavior: investigating the role of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis responses to stress in suicide attempters and ideatorsO'Connor, Daryl B; Green, Jessica A; Ferguson, Eamonn; O'Carroll, Ronan; O'Connor, Rory C-Journal Article
15-Dec-2016Metacognitive monitoring and the hypercorrection effect in autism and the general population: Relation to autism(-like) traits and mindreading (Forthcoming/Available Online)Williams, David; Bergstrom, Zara; Grainger, Catherine-Journal Article
2017Eye-movement strategies in developmental prosopagnosia and "super" face recognitionBobak, Anna Katarzyna; Parris, Benjamin A; Gregory, Nicola Jean; Bennetts, Rachel J; Bate, Sarah-Journal Article
6-Dec-2016Edge enhancement improves disruptive camouflage by emphasising false edges and creating pictorial reliefEgan, John; Sharman, Rebecca J; Scott-Brown, Kenneth C; Lovell, Paul George-Journal Article
Dec-2016Motion Direction Influences Surface Segmentation in Stereo TransparencyGoutcher, Ross-Journal Article
25-Sep-2016Systematic Review: Associations Between Family Functioning and Child Adjustment After Pediatric Cancer Diagnosis: A Meta-Analysis (Forthcoming/Available Online)Van, Schoors Marieke; Caes, Line; Knoble, Naomi B; Goubert, Liesbet; Verhofstadt, Lesley L; Alderfer, Melissa A-Journal Article
7-Dec-2016Effect of biological relatedness on perfume selection for others: Preliminary evidence (Forthcoming/Available Online)Sobotkova, Marketa; Fialova, Jitka; Roberts, S Craig; Havlicek, Jan-Journal Article
27-Jun-2016Couple Functioning after Pediatric Cancer Diagnosis: A Systematic Review (Forthcoming/Available Online)Van, Schoors Marieke; Caes, Line; Alderfer, Melissa A; Goubert, Liesbet; Verhofstadt, Lesley L-Journal Article
2016Revisiting the Red Effect on attractiveness and sexual receptivity: No effect of the color red on human mate preferences (Forthcoming)Peperkoorn, Leonard S; Roberts, S Craig; Pollet, Thomas V-Journal Article
10-May-2013Spontaneous and cued gaze-following in autism and Williams syndromeRiby, Deborah M; Hancock, Peter J B; Jones, Nicola; Hanley, Mary-Journal Article
2016Men’s preferences for women’s breast size and shape in four cultures (Forthcoming)Havlicek, Jan; Trebicky, Vit; Valentova, Jaroslava Varella; Kleisner, Karel; Akoko, Robert Mbe; Fialova, Jitka; Jash, Rosina; Kocnar, Tomas; Pereira, Kamila Janaina; Sterbova, Zuzana; Varella, Marco Antonio Correa; Vokurkova, Jana; Vunan, Ernest; Roberts, S Craig-Journal Article
20-Feb-2016A Comparison of Maternal versus Paternal Nonverbal Behavior During Child Pain (Forthcoming/Available Online)Schinkel, Meghan; Chambers, Christine T; Caes, Line; Moon, Erin C-Journal Article
22-Jun-2016Recognition memory and source memory in autism spectrum disorder: A study of the intention superiority and enactment effects (Forthcoming/Available Online)Grainger, Catherine; Williams, David; Lind, Sophie-Journal Article
28-Apr-2016Personal distress and sympathy differentially influence health care professional and parents’ estimation of child procedure-related pain (Forthcoming/Available Online)Caes, Line; Goubert, Liesbet; Devos, Patricia; Verlooy, Joris; Benoit, Yves; Vervoort, Tine-Journal Article
11-Sep-2016The effects of arousal on apical amplification and conscious statePhillips, William; Larkum, Matthew E; Harley, Carolyn W; Silverstein, Steven M-Journal Article
4-Nov-2016Neural activation patterns during retrieval of schema-related memories: Differences and commonalities between children and adults (Forthcoming/Available Online)Brod, Garvin; Lindenberger, Ulman; Shing, Yee Lee-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1038
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