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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
23-Feb-2017Dynamics of contextual modulation of perceived shape in human visionGheorghiu, Elena; Frederick, Kingdom-Journal Article
Dec-2016Motion Direction Influences Surface Segmentation in Stereo TransparencyGoutcher, Ross-Journal Article
15-Dec-2016Metacognitive monitoring and the hypercorrection effect in autism and the general population: Relation to autism(-like) traits and mindreading (Forthcoming/Available Online)Williams, David; Bergstrom, Zara; Grainger, Catherine-Journal Article
8-Feb-2017Facial expression: An under-utilised tool for the assessment of welfare in mammals (Forthcoming/Available Online)Descovich, Kristin; Wathan, Jennifer Wathan; Leach, Matthew C; Buchanan-Smith, Hannah M; Flecknell, Paul; Farningham, David; Vick, Sarah-Jane-Journal Article
19-Oct-2016Catastrophic decline of world's largest primate: 80% loss of Grauer's gorilla (Gorilla beringei graueri) population justifies Critically Endangered statusPlumptre, Andrew; Nixon, Stuart; Kujirakwinja, Deo; Vieilledent, Ghislain; Critchlow, Rob; Williamson, Elizabeth A; Nishuli, Radar; Kirkby, Andrew; Hall, Jefferson S-Journal Article
20-Dec-2013Demographic Variables for Wild Asian Elephants Using Longitudinal Observationsde, Silva Shermin; Webber, Catherine; Weerathunga, U S; Pushpakumara, T V; Weerakoon, Devaka; Wittemyer, George-Journal Article
Oct-2012Misperception of aspect ratio in binocularly viewed surfacesHibbard, Paul; Goutcher, Ross; O'Kane, Lisa; Scarfe, Peter-Journal Article
Feb-2013Applying the revenge system to the criminal justice system and jury decision-makingRoberts, S Craig; Murray, Jennifer-Journal Article
Jul-2012Face Structure Predicts Cooperation: Men With Wider Faces Are More Generous to Their In-Group When Out-Group Competition Is SalientStirrat, Michael; Perrett, David I-Journal Article
2013Humans Are Dunnocks, not Peacocks: On Cause and Consequence of Variation in Human Mating StrategiesRoberts, S Craig; Havlicek, Jan-Journal Article
7-Apr-2012Relationship satisfaction and outcome in women who meet their partner while using oral contraceptionRoberts, S Craig; Klapilova, Katerina; Little, Anthony; Burriss, Robert; Jones, Benedict C; DeBruine, Lisa M; Petrie, Marion; Havlicek, Jan-Journal Article
Jan-2017The influence of facility and home pen design on the welfare of the laboratory-housed dog (Forthcoming/Available Online)Scullion-Hall, Laura; Robinson, Sally; Finch, John; Buchanan-Smith, Hannah M-Journal Article
Mar-2015Refining dosing by oral gavage in the dog: A protocol to harmonise welfareScullion-Hall, Laura; Robinson, Sally; Buchanan-Smith, Hannah M-Journal Article
2017Is Mixed-Species Living Cognitively Enriching? Enclosure Use and Welfare in Two Captive Groups of Tufted Capuchins (Sapajus apella) and Squirrel Monkeys (Saimiri sciureus) (Forthcoming)Daoudi, Sophia; Badihi, Gal; Buchanan-Smith, Hannah M-Journal Article
Aug-2013Interspecific interactions and welfare implications in mixed species communities of capuchin (sapajus apella) and squirrel monkeys (saimiri sciureus) over 3 yearsBuchanan-Smith, Hannah M; Griciute, Joana; Daoudi, Sophia; Leonardi, Rebecca; Whiten, Andrew-Journal Article
2017Ego-depletion in visual perception: Ego depleted viewers experience less ambiguous figure reversal (Forthcoming)Wimmer, Marina; Stirk, Steven; Hancock, Peter J B-Journal Article
16-Jan-2017Social Cognition, Behaviour and Relationship Continuity in Dementia of the Alzheimer Type (Forthcoming/Available Online)Poveda, Blanca; Osborne-Crowley, Katherine; Laidlaw, Kenneth; Macleod, Fiona; Power, Kevin George-Journal Article
2017What Does Conservation Mean for Women? The Case of the Cantanhez Forest National Park (Forthcoming)Costa, Susana; Casanova, Catarina C N; Lee, Phyllis C-Journal Article
Jan-2017Prevalence, impact and cost of multimorbidity in a cohort of people with chronic pain in Ireland: a study protocolSlattery, Brian W; O'Connor, Laura; Haugh, Stephanie; Dwyer, Christopher P; O'Higgins, Siobhain; Caes, Line; Egan, Jonathan; McGuire, Brian E-Journal Article
May-2005Initiation and continuation of breastfeeding: theory of planned behaviourSwanson, Vivien; Power, Kevin George-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1050
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