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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
2017Contemporary challenges to dialogicalityMarkova, Ivana-Journal Article
1-Feb-2018Feasibility study to assess the impact of a lifestyle intervention ('LivingWELL') in people having an assessment of their family history of colorectal or breast cancerAnderson, Annie S; Dunlop, Jacqueline; Gallant, Stephanie; Macleod, Maureen; Miedzybrodzka, Zosia; Mutrie, Nanette; O'Carroll, Ronan; Stead, Martine; Steele, Robert; Taylor, Rod S; Vinnicombe, Sarah; Berg, Jonathan-Journal Article
2017Supporting the transition from weight loss to maintenance: development and optimisation of a face-to-face behavioural intervention componentSainsbury, Kirby; Cleland, Claire L; Evans, Elizabeth H; Adamson, Ashley; Batterham, Alan; Dombrowski, Stephan U; Gellert, Paul; Hill, Moira; Kwasnicka, Dominika; Scott, Dawn; Sniehotta, Falko F; White, Martin; Araujo-Soares, Vera-Journal Article
Dec-2014Young children's causal explanations are biased by post-action associative informationAtance, Cristina M; Metcalf, Jennifer L; Martin-Ordas, Gema; Walker, Cheryl L-Journal Article
2014Remembering in tool-use tasks in children and great apes: the role of the information at encodingMartin-Ordas, Gema; Atance, Cristina M; Call, Josep-Journal Article
Nov-2014The future of future oriented cognition in non-humans: theory and the empirical case of the great apesOsvath, Mathias; Martin-Ordas, Gema-Journal Article
7-May-2015Corvids create novel causal interventions after allJacobs, Ivo F; von, Bayern Auguste; Martin-Ordas, Gema; Rat-Fischer, Lauriane; Osvath, Mathias-Journal Article
Sep-2015Perceiving objects by their function: An EEG study on feature saliency and prehensile affordancesKourtis, Dimitrios; Vingerhoets, Guy-Journal Article
Oct-2014Attention allocation and task representation during joint action planningKourtis, Dimitrios; Knoblich, Guenther; Wozniak, Mateusz; Sebanz, Natalie-Journal Article
May-2014Handedness consistency influences bimanual coordination: A behavioural and electrophysiological investigationKourtis, Dimitrios; De, Saedeleer Lien; Vingerhoets, Guy-Journal Article
Oct-2015It's not just my fault: Neural correlates of feedback processing in solo and joint actionLoehr, Janeen; Kourtis, Dimitrios; Brazil, Inti-Journal Article
Aug-2017How do violations of Gricean maxims affect reading?Fukumura, Kumiko; van, Gompel Roger P G-Journal Article
19-Apr-2016Feature-Based Change Detection Reveals Inconsistent Individual Differences in Visual Working Memory CapacityAmbrose, Joseph P; Wijeakumar, Sobanawartiny; Buss, Aaron T; Spencer, John P-Journal Article
1-Mar-2018Measuring physiological stress in the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus): Validation of a salivary cortisol collection and assay techniqueAsh, Hayley; Smith, Tessa E; Knight, Simon; Buchanan-Smith, Hannah M-Journal Article
15-Feb-2017Validating an image-based fNIRS approach with fMRI and a working memory taskWijeakumar, Sobanawartiny; Huppert, Theodore J; Magnotta, Vincent A; Buss, Aaron T; Spencer, John P-Journal Article
Feb-2017Health behaviors and their relationship with disease control in people attending genetic clinics with a family history of breast or colorectal cancerAnderson, Annie S; Caswell, Stephen; Macleod, Maureen; Steele, Robert; Berg, Jonathan; Dunlop, Jacqueline; Stead, Martine; Eadie, Douglas; O'Carroll, Ronan-Journal Article
Jun-2017Heart rate variability in insomnia patients: A critical review of the literatureDodds, Kirstie L; Miller, Christopher; Kyle, Simon D; Marshall, Nathaniel S; Gordon, Christopher J-Journal Article
Dec-2016Evidence for dissociable effects of handedness and consistency of hand preference in allocation of attention and movement planning: An EEG investigationKourtis, Dimitrios; Vingerhoets, Guy-Journal Article
8-Feb-2018Luminance-polarity distribution across the symmetry axis affects the electrophysiological response to symmetry (Forthcoming/Available Online)Wright, Damien; Mitchell, Claire; Dering, Benjamin; Gheorghiu, Elena-Journal Article
Dec-2017Themata in science and in common senseMarkova, Ivana-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1194
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