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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
Nov-2017Neural activation patterns during retrieval of schema-related memories: Differences and commonalities between children and adultsBrod, Garvin; Lindenberger, Ulman; Shing, Yee Lee-Journal Article
2017Supporting the transition from weight loss to maintenance: development and optimisation of a face-to-face behavioural intervention componentSainsbury, Kirby; Cleland, Claire L; Evans, Elizabeth H; Adamson, Ashley; Batterham, Alan; Dombrowski, Stephan U; Gellert, Paul; Hill, Moira; Kwasnicka, Dominika; Scott, Dawn; Sniehotta, Falko F; White, Martin; Araujo-Soares, Vera-Journal Article
1-Oct-2017Field repetition and local mapping in the hippocampus and medial entorhinal cortexGrieves, Roddy; Duvelle, Eleonore; Wood, Emma R; Dudchenko, Paul-Journal Article
2-Nov-2017Family resilience and adaptive coping in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis: protocol for a systematic reviewSaetes, Sophia; Hynes, Lisa; McGuire, Brian; Caes, Line-Journal Article
13-Oct-2017An international survey and modified Delphi process revealed editors' perceptions, training needs, and ratings of competency-related statements for the development of core competencies for scientific editors of biomedical journalsGalipeau, James; Cobey, Kelly D; Barbour, Virginia; Baskin, Patricia; Bell-Syer, Sally; Deeks, Jon; Garner, Paul; Shamseer, Larissa; Straus, Sharon; Tugwell, Peter; Winker, Margaret; Moher, David-Journal Article
Oct-2016Pain and self-harm: A systematic reviewKirtley, Olivia J; O'Carroll, Ronan; O'Connor, Rory C-Journal Article
Aug-2016Metacognitive developments in word learning: Mutual exclusivity and theory of mindGollek, Cornelia; Doherty, Martin-Journal Article
Dec-2017Discrimination of attractiveness and health in men’s faces: The impact of color cues and variation in relation to sex and age of raterRoberts, S Craig; Little, Anthony C; DeBruine, Lisa M; Petrie, Marion-Journal Article
4-Nov-2017The 24/7 approach to promoting optimal welfare for captive wild animalsBuchanan-Smith, Hannah M; Brando, Sabrina-Journal Article
7-Sep-2017Illegitimate journals scam even senior scientistsCobey, Kelly D-Journal Article
11-Sep-2016The effects of arousal on apical amplification and conscious statePhillips, William; Larkum, Matthew E; Harley, Carolyn W; Silverstein, Steven M-Journal Article
2-Mar-2017The nursing work environment and quality of care: A cross-sectional study using the Essentials of Magnetism II Scale in England (Forthcoming/Available Online)Oshodi, Titilayo; Crockett, Rachel; Bruneau, Benjamin; West, Elizabeth-Journal Article
-Effects of childhood trauma on cortisol levels in suicide attempters and ideatorsO'Connor, Daryl B; Green, Jessica A; Ferguson, Eamonn; O'Carroll, Ronan; O'Connor, Rory C-Journal Article
Oct-2016Disorders of consciousness: Painless or painful conditions?-evidence from neuroimaging studiesPistoia, Francesca; Sacco, Simona; Stewart, Janet; Sara, Marco; Carolei, Antonio-Journal Article
16-Feb-2017Did the Popsicle Melt? Preschoolers’ Performance in an Episodic-like Memory Task (Forthcoming/Available Online)Martin-Ordas, Gema; Atance, Cristina M; Caza, Julian-Journal Article
Jan-2017Prevalence, impact and cost of multimorbidity in a cohort of people with chronic pain in Ireland: a study protocolSlattery, Brian W; O'Connor, Laura; Haugh, Stephanie; Dwyer, Christopher P; O'Higgins, Siobhain; Caes, Line; Egan, Jonathan; McGuire, Brian-Journal Article
Nov-2017The TASS-Q: The Team-referent Availability of Social Support QuestionnaireCoffee, Pete; Freeman, Paul; Allen, Mark-Journal Article
26-Oct-2017Partial and Entropic Information Decompositions of a Neuronal Modulatory InteractionKay, James W; Ince, Robin A A; Dering, Benjamin; Phillips, William-Journal Article
Nov-2017Weight and see: Line bisection in neglect reliably measures the allocation of attention, but not the perception of lengthMcIntosh, Robert D; Ietswaart, Magdalena; Milner, A David-Journal Article
Nov-2017'Will I Want These Stickers Tomorrow?' Preschoolers' Ability to Predict Current and Future NeedsMartin-Ordas, Gema-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1132
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