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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
Jun-2021Sarcopenia, mobility, and 24h movement behaviours in South African and Scottish older adults across different socioeconomic settingsPina, Ilaria-Thesis or Dissertation
28-Jan-2022The Ideal Psychologist vs. a Messy Reality: Using and Misunderstanding Effect Sizes, Confidence Intervals and PowerCollins, Elizabeth-Thesis or Dissertation
1982Dominance and personality in stumptailed macaquesNash, Victoria Jane-Thesis or Dissertation
1980Personality, dominance experience, and the development of social behaviour in laboratory stumptail macaques (Macaca arctoides)Leonard, June Walker-Thesis or Dissertation
2005Secondary representational abilities in nonhuman primates (Macaca nemestrina, Cebus apella)Paukner, Annika-Thesis or Dissertation
11-Oct-2021An fNIRS investigation into the development of executive function across the school transition periodMcKay, Courtney-Thesis or Dissertation
Jun-2021Testing the stability of adult attachment in romantic relationships from an evolutionary perspectiveEryaman, Faize-Thesis or Dissertation
Mar-2021Expectations and experiences following a first ever transient ischaemic attack or minor strokeDickinson, Lucy-Thesis or Dissertation
Oct-2020Investigating Perceptual-Cognitive Expertise, Visual Gaze, and Neural Activity in Golf PuttingCarey, Laura M-Thesis or Dissertation
Mar-2021The Roots of the Ratchet: An Evaluation of the Capacity for Cumulative Culture in Non-human PrimatesKean, Donna-Thesis or Dissertation
26-Mar-2021Understanding the Barriers to Organ Donation Under Opt-out LegislationMiller, Jordan-Thesis or Dissertation
Dec-2020Cognitive Capacities Underlying Cumulative Culture: A Developmental ApproachWilks, Charlotte Elizabeth Holmes-Thesis or Dissertation
Dec-2020The role of mental state understanding in distinctively human cumulative cultural evolutionMackintosh, Gemma-Thesis or Dissertation
18-Dec-2020Developing Distinctively Human Cumulative Culture: Age-Related Changes in Social Information UseBlakey, Kirsten H-Thesis or Dissertation
1984Marking in a visual operant discrimination in pigeonsEdgar, David John-Thesis or Dissertation
1985Spatial and temporal factors in the discrimination of lifted weightsBrodie, Eric Edward-Thesis or Dissertation
1985Structural and functional factors affecting selective response to complex auditory inputRichardson, Alison M-Thesis or Dissertation
3-Sep-2020Living Together: Habitat use, behaviour and social networks in mixed-species groups of tufted capuchin and squirrel monkeysDaoudi-Simison, Sophia Marieangela-Thesis or Dissertation
23-Oct-2020Who knows what they know? An experimental investigation into the impact of explicit metacognition on cumulative cultural evolutionDunstone, Juliet A F-Thesis or Dissertation
Feb-2020Exploring the development of an asset-based intervention to promote the maintenance of positive health behaviours during times of stress and challenge using the behaviour change wheelSnodin, Catriona A-Thesis or Dissertation
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 202