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This collection contains electronic copies of theses produced by students from the legacy Departments related to the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Note: Some items may not be viewable as they are being prepared for publication.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
1984Low energy electron collisions with some gaseous hydrides and deuteridesMillican, Paul G-Thesis or Dissertation
1984Synthetic and kinetic studies of polyamine and macrocyclic complexesMcLaren, Fiona M-Thesis or Dissertation
1984The chemistry of humuleneMcCormick, Elizabeth-Thesis or Dissertation
1984Some approaches to the synthesis of pyrrolidinesHusinec, Suren-Thesis or Dissertation
1984Applications of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in organic and biological chemistryHayer, Manajit Kaur-Thesis or Dissertation
1985Physico-chemical studies on copolymers of 2-methyleneglutaronitrile and selected derivativesCree, Stephen Henry-Thesis or Dissertation
1985Some aspects of the chemistry of the dried fruit aromaDeboos, Gareth Andrew-Thesis or Dissertation
1985Some aspects of the chemistry of diazoalkanesRechka, Josef A-Thesis or Dissertation
1985Polarisation correlation in the two-photon decay of metastable atomic deuterium and a test of Bell's inequalityPerrie, W-Thesis or Dissertation
1985Analysis of electron-atom and electron-molecule collisionsNagy, Osama Zaid Ibrahim-Thesis or Dissertation
1985Biology of Wet Bubble disease of cultivated mushroomsSzmidt, R A K-Thesis or Dissertation
1985Multiple phase equilibria in polar polymer solutions containing poly (acrylic acid)Swinyard, Brian Trevor-Thesis or Dissertation
1985Excitation and decay of stark mixed n=2 states of atomic hydrogenWatkin, Simon-Thesis or Dissertation
1986Some effects of afforestation on soil organic matterOgden, Joy Margaret-Thesis or Dissertation
1986Angular and polarisation correlation measurements on the 21P and 31P states of heliumIbraheim, Khalid Salman-Thesis or Dissertation
1986The geomorphology and surficial geology of the Koidu area, Sierra LeoneTeeuw, Richard Michael-Thesis or Dissertation
1987Tests of quantum mechanics versus local realism using an atomic deuterium sourceHaji-Hassan, Torla Bin-Thesis or Dissertation
1987Electron and X-ray spectroscopy of electron-atom collisionsChaudhry, Muhammad Afzal-Thesis or Dissertation
1987Physico-chemical studies of polymers containing cycloalkyl and aza-crown-ether unitsWu, Hak Hung-Thesis or Dissertation
1987Proteinases in trichomonads and trichomoniasisLockwood, Barbara C-Thesis or Dissertation
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 286