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This collection contains electronic copies of journal articles produced by staff from the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
21-May-2018Routinely collected infant feeding data: Time for global action (Forthcoming/Available Online)Whitford, Heather; Hoddinott, Pat; Amir, Lisa H; Chamberlain, Catherine; East, Christine E; Jones, Leanne; Renfrew, Mary J-Journal Article
31-Mar-2018Exploring masculinities, sexual health and wellbeing across areas of high deprivation in Scotland: The depth of the challenge to improve understandings and practicesLorimer, Karen; McMillan, Lesley; McDaid, Lisa; Milne, Dona; Russell, Siân; Hunt, Kate-Journal Article
31-Mar-2018Validation of a Novel Device to Measure and Provide Feedback on Sedentary BehaviorGill, Jason M R; Hawari, Nabeha S A; Maxwell, Douglas J; Louden, David; Mourselas, Nikos; Bunn, Christopher; Gray, Cindy M; van der Ploeg, Hidde P; Hunt, Kate; Martin, Anne; Wyke, Sally; Mutrie, Nanette-Journal Article
31-Jan-2018Evaluating sickness absence duration by musculoskeletal and mental health issues: a retrospective cohort study of Scottish healthcare workersDemou, Evangelia; Smith, Shanley; Bhaskar, Abita; Mackay, Daniel F; Brown, Judith; Hunt, Kate; Vargas-Prada, Sergio; Macdonald, Ewan B-Journal Article
9-Mar-2018Physical activity levels in adults and older adults 3–4 years after pedometer-based walking interventions: Long-term follow-up of participants from two randomised controlled trials in UK primary careHarris, Tess; Kerry, Sally M; Limb, Elizabeth S; Furness, Cheryl; Wahlich, Charlotte; Victor, Christina R; Iliffe, Steve; Whincup, Peter H; Ussher, Michael; Ekelund, Ulf; Fox-Rushby, Julia; Ibison, Judith; DeWilde, Stephen; McKay, Cathy; Cook, Derek G-Journal Article
19-Feb-2018UK news media representations of smoking, smoking policies and tobacco bans in prisons (Forthcoming/Available Online)Robinson, Amy; Sweeting, Helen; Hunt, Kate-Journal Article
30-Apr-2017Feasibility of a real-time self-monitoring device for sitting less and moving more: a randomised controlled trialMartin, Anne; Adams, Jacob M; Bunn, Christopher; Gill, Jason M R; Gray, Cindy M; Hunt, Kate; Maxwell, Douglas J; van der Ploeg, Hidde P; Wyke, Sally; Mutrie, Nanette-Journal Article
31-Dec-2017Sex differences in child and adolescent physical morbidity: cohort studySweeting, Helen; Whitley, Elise; Teyhan, Alison; Hunt, Kate-Journal Article
-Long-term weight loss trajectories following participation in a randomised controlled trial of a weight management programme for men delivered through professional football clubs: a longitudinal cohort study and economic evaluation (Forthcoming)Gray, Cindy M; Wyke, Sally; Zhang, Ruiqi; Anderson, Annie S; Barry, Sarah; Boyer, Nicki; Brennan, Graham; Briggs, Andrew; Bunn, Christopher; Donnachie, Craig; Grieve, Eleanor; Kohli-Lynch, Ciaran; Lloyd, Suzanne M; McConnachie, Alex; McCowan, Colin; MacLean, Alice; Mutrie, Nanette; Hunt, Kate-Journal Article
Apr-2014The role of health behaviours across the life course in the socioeconomic patterning of all-cause mortality: The west of Scotland twenty-07 prospective cohort studyWhitley, Elise; Batty, G David; Hunt, Kathryn; Popham, Frank; Benzeval, Michaela-Journal Article
6-Apr-2018Facilitators and barriers to the delivery of school-based smoking prevention interventions for children and young people: a protocol for a systematic review of qualitative studiesDobbie, Fiona; Angus, Kathryn; Littlecott, Hannah; Allum, Karen; Wells, Valerie; Amos, Amanda; Haw, Sally; Bauld, Linda-Journal Article
Jul-2014How do men's female relatives feature in their accounts of changing eating practices during a weight-management programme delivered through professional football clubs?MacLean, Alice; Hunt, Kathryn; Gray, Cindy; Smillie, Susan; Wyke, Sally-Journal Article
23-Apr-2018Factors affecting continuation of clean intermittent catheterisation in people with multiple sclerosis: Results of the COSMOS mixed-methods study (Forthcoming/Available Online)McClurg, Doreen; Bugge, Carol; Elders, Andrew; Irshad, Tasneem; Hagen, Suzanne; Moore, Katherine; Buckley, Brian; Fader, Mandy-Journal Article
15-May-2018Barriers and facilitators to smoking cessation in pregnancy and postpartum: The healthcare professionals’ perspective (Forthcoming/Available Online)Naughton, Felix; Hopewell, Sarah; Sinclair, Lesley; McCaughan, Dorothy; McKell, Jennifer; Bauld, Linda-Journal Article
10-May-2018Physical activity for antenatal and postnatal depression in women attempting to quit smoking: randomised controlled trialDaley, Amanda; Riaz, Muhammad; Lewis, Sarah; Aveyard, Paul; Coleman, Tim; Manyonda, Isaac; West, Robert; Lewis, Beth; Marcus, Bess; Taylor, Adrian; Ibison, Judith; Kent, Andrew; Ussher, Michael-Journal Article
14-May-2018Whey Protein Augments Leucinemia and Post-Exercise p70S6K1 Activity Compared to a Hydrolysed Collagen Blend When in Recovery From Training With Low Carbohydrate Availability (Forthcoming/Available Online)Impey, Samuel G; Hammond, Kelly M; Naughton, Robert; Langan-Evans, Carl; Shepherd, Sam O; Sharples, Adam P; Cegielski, Jessica; Smith, Kenneth; Jeromson, Stewart; Hamilton, David Lee; Close, Graeme L; Morton, James P-Journal Article
Nov-2015Nurses respond to patients' psychosocial needs by dealing, ducking, diverting and deferring: An observational study of a hospice wardHill, Hazel; Evans, Josie; Forbat, Liz-Journal Article
Apr-2016Service user involvement in research may lead to contrary rather than collaborative accounts: findings from a qualitative palliative care studyForbat, Liz; Hubbard, Gill-Journal Article
1-Jan-2016Conflict in a paediatric hospital: a prospective mixed-method studyForbat, Liz; Sayer, Charlotte; McNamee, Philip; Menson, Esse; Barclay, Sarah-Journal Article
Apr-2016Developing the DESCARTE Model: The Design of Case Study Research in Health CareCarolan, Clare; Forbat, Liz; Smith, Annetta-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2046