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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
Dec-2019A laboratory for multi-century scienceCockell, Charles S; Santomartino, Rosa; McMahon, Sean; Reekie, Philippe; Alberti, Samuel J M M; Phillipson, Tacye; Russell, Sara-Journal Article
Mar-2020A systematic review of energy systems: The role of policymaking in sustainable transitionsMunro, Fiona Robertson; Cairney, Paul-Journal Article
2014Interdependence day and Magna Charta: James Hamilton's public diplomacy in the Anglo-world, 1907–1940sMacRaild, Donald M; Ellis, Sylvia; Bowman, Stephen-Journal Article
1-May-2019Scotland's Great War MemorialsPenman, Michael; Smyth, James-Journal Article
Feb-2014Market Failure during The Great Famine in England and Wales (1315-1317)Slavin, Philip-Journal Article
Oct-2013Landed estates of the Knights Templar in England and Wales and their management in the early fourteenth centurySlavin, Philip-Journal Article
Nov-2012The Great Bovine Pestilence and its economic and environmental consequences in England and Wales, 1318–50Slavin, Philip-Journal Article
2010Crusaders in Crisis: Towards the Re-assessment of the Origins and Nature of the "People’s Crusade" of 1095-1096Slavin, Philip-Journal Article
2016The 1430s: a cold period of extraordinary internal climate variability during the early Spörer Minimum with social and economic impacts in north-western and central EuropeCamenisch, Chantal; Keller, Kathrin M; Salvisberg, Melanie; Amann, Benjamin; Bauch, Martin; Blumer, Sandro; Brázdil, Rudolf; Brönnimann, Stefan; Büntgen, Ulf; Campbell, Bruce M S; Fernández-Donado, Laura; Fleitmann, Dominik; Glaser, Rüdiger; González-Rouco, Fidel; Slavin, Philip-Journal Article
May-2016Early evidence of the impact of preindustrial fishing on fish stocks from the mid-west and southeast coastal fisheries of Scotland in the 19th centuryJones, Peter; Cathcart, Alison; Speirs, Douglas C-Journal Article
2019Can we really "forget" militarization? A conversation on Alison Howell's martial politicsMacKenzie, Megan; Gregory, Thomas; Shah, Nisha; Barkawi, Tarak; Haastrup, Toni; Eichler, Maya; Wegner, Nicole; Howell, Alison-Journal Article
Jan-2020Shaping the Scope of Conflict in Scotland's Fracking Debate: Conflict Management and the Narrative Policy FrameworkStephan, Hannes-Journal Article
Dec-2019A collaboratively derived international research agenda on legislative science adviceAkerlof, Karen; Tyler, Chris; Foxen, Sarah Elizabeth; Heath, Erin; Gual Soler, Marga; Allegra, Alessandro; Cloyd, Emily T; Hird, John A; Nelson, Selena M; Nguyen, Christina T; Gonnella, Cameryn J; Berigan, Liam A; Abeledo, Carlos R; Al-Yakoub, Tamara Adel; Cairney, Paul-Journal Article
Dec-2014'True to his principles'? John Bright, Liberalism and Irish Home Rule 1886-1889Cawood, Ian-Journal Article
-Challenging Corrupt Behaviour and embedding the Public Service Ethos in mid-Victorian administration - the case of Leonard Horner and the Factory OfficeCawood, Ian-Journal Article
Feb-2018The Impact of the 1918 Reform Act on the Politics of the West MidlandsCawood, Ian-Journal Article
May-2017Life after Joe: Politics and War in the West Midlands, 1914–1918Cawood, Ian-Journal Article
Jul-2019Can meso-governments use metagovernance tools to tackle complex policy problems?Connell, Andrew; Martin, Steve; St Denny, Emily-Journal Article
28-Aug-2019'Red' nations: Marxists and the Native American sovereignty movement of the late Cold WarTóth, György-Journal Article
Apr-2020Gendering South Africa's Foreign Policy: Toward a Feminist Approach?Haastrup, Toni-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 443