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Oct-1995Diets rich in eicosapentaenoic acid and γ-linolenic acid affect phospholipid fatty acid composition and production of prostaglandins E1, E2 and E3 in turbot (Scophthalmus maximus), a species deficient in Δ5 fatty acid desaturaseBell, J Gordon; Tocher, Douglas R; MacDonald, Fiona M; Sargent, John RJournal Article
Nov-2011Diet x genotype interactions in hepatic cholesterol and lipoprotein metabolism in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) in response to replacement of dietary fish oil with vegetable oilMorais, Sofia; Pratoomyot, Jarunan; Torstensen, Bente E; Taggart, John; Guy, Derrick R; Bell, J Gordon; Tocher, Douglas RJournal Article
May-2007Difference and diversity in probationGelsthorpe, Loraine; McIvor, GillPart of book or chapter of book
Mar-2000The difference in patterns of motor and cognitive function in chronic fatigue syndrome and severe depressive illnessLawrie, Stephen M; MacHale, Siobhan M; Cavanagh, Jonathan T O; O'Carroll, Ronan; Goodwin, Guy MJournal Article
Nov-2010Differences between Decision and Experienced Utility: An Investigation using the Choice Experiment methodTinch, Dugald; Colombo, Sergio; Hanley, NicholasWorking or Discussion Paper
2011Differences in 5-year survival after a ‘homeless’ or ‘housed’ drugs-related hospital admission: a study of 15–30-year olds in ScotlandDibben, Christopher J L; Atherton, Iain; Doherty, Joe; Baldacchino, AlexJournal Article
Apr-1996Differences in CYP1A response between flounder (Platichthys flesus) and plaice (Pleuronectes platessa) after long-term exposure to harbour dredged spoil in a mesocosm studyEggens, Martin L; Vethaak, A Dick; Leaver, Michael; Horbach, G J M Jean; Boon, Jan P; Seinen, WillemJournal Article
Aug-2011Differences in eye-movement patterns between anorexic and control observers when judging body size and attractivenessGeorge, Hannah R; Cornelissen, Piers L; Hancock, Peter J B; Kiviniemi, Vesa V; Tovee, Martin JJournal Article
Dec-2006Differences in Pain Patterns for Infected and Noninfected Patients with Burn InjuriesTengvall, Oili M; Bjornhagen, Viveca C; Lindholm, Christina; Jonsson, Carl-Evert; Wengstrom, YvonneJournal Article
Dec-2012Differences in self-assessed health by socioeconomic group amongst people with and without a history of cancer: an analysis using representative data from ScotlandAtherton, Iain; Evans, Josie; Dibben, Christopher J L; Woods, Laura; Hubbard, GillJournal Article
Nov-2009Differences in the antibody response and survival of genetically different varieties of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) vaccinated with a commercial Aeromonas salmonicida/A. hydrophila vaccine and challenged with A. hydrophilaJeney, Zsigmond; Racz, Timea; Thompson, Kimberly; Poobalane, Saravanane; Ardo, Laszlo; Adams, Alexandra; Jeney, GalinaJournal Article
Oct-2012Differences in volatile terpene composition between the bark and leaves of tropical tree speciesCourtois, Elodie A; Baraloto, Christopher; Paine, C E Timothy; Petronelli, Pascal; Blandinieres, Pierre-Alain; Stien, Didier; Houel, Emeline; Bessiere, Jean-Marie; Chave, JeromeJournal Article
20-Nov-2009Differensieringsmuligheter for Laks: egenskaper ved eksklusiv røkelaksSogn-Grundvag, Geir; Young, JamesJournal Article
2012Different Approaches to the Financial CrisisDow, SheilaJournal Article
Jun-2010Differential antibacterial activities of fusiform and oval morphotypes of phaeodactylum tricornutum (bacillariophyceae)Desbois, Andrew P; Walton, Michael J; Smith, Valerie JJournal Article
Apr-2010Differential Gene Expression During Smoltification of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar L.): a First Large-Scale Microarray StudySeear, Paul J; Carmichael, Stephen N; Talbot, Richard T; Taggart, John; Bron, James; Sweeney, Glen EJournal Article
2001Differential impact of a shared nematode parasite on two gamebird hosts: implications for apparent competitionTompkins, David M; Greenman, Jonathan; Hudson, Peter JJournal Article
1999Differentiation by design: the importance of design in retailer repositioning and differentiationDoyle, Stephen A; Broadbridge, AdelinaJournal Article
2002Differentiation in housing careers: The case of Pakistanis in the UKBowes, Alison; Dar, Naira; Sim, DuncanJournal Article
1992Differentiation strategies of Korean Deposit Money Banks to sustain a competitive advantage in the household savings marketSong, TebekThesis or Dissertation
Showing results 1687 to 1706 of 7904
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