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2011Application of nitrogen fertilizer to a boreal pine forest has a negative impact on the respiration of ectomycorrhizal hyphaeVallack, Harry W; Leronni, Vincenzo; Metcalfe, Daniel B; Hogberg, Peter; Ineson, Phil; Subke, Jens-ArneJournal Article
2012Biotic carbon feedbacks in a materially closed soil-vegetation-atmosphere systemMilcu, Alexandru; Lukac, Martin; Subke, Jens-Arne; Manning, Pete; Heinemeyer, Andreas; Wildman, Dennis; Anderson, Robert; Ineson, PhilJournal Article
2012Biotic interactions and biogeochemical processes in the soil environmentSubke, Jens-Arne; Carbone, M S; Khomik, M; Stoy, P; Bahn, MichaelJournal Article
Jun-2004Comparison of different chamber techniques for measuring soil CO2 effluxPumpanen, Jukka; Kolari, Pasi; Ilvesniemi, Hannu; Minkkinen, Kari; Vesala, Timo; Niinistö, Sin; Lohila, Annalea; Larmola, Tuula; Morero, Micaela; Pihlatie, Mari; Janssens, Ivan; Yuste, Jorge Curiel; Grunzweig, Jose M; Reth, Sascha; Subke, Jens-Arne; Savage, Kathleen; Kutsch, Werner; Ostreng, Geir; Ziegler, Waldemar; Anthoni, Peter; Lindroth, Anders; Hari, PerttiJournal Article
Aug-2004Direct measurements of CO2 flux below a spruce forest canopySubke, Jens-Arne; Tenhunen, John DJournal Article
Oct-2005Does the temperature sensitivity of decomposition of soil organic matter depend upon water content, soil horizon, or incubation time?Reichstein, Markus; Subke, Jens-Arne; Angeli, Andrew C; Tenhunen, John DJournal Article
Jan-2011Dynamics and pathways of autotrophic and heterotrophic soil CO2 efflux revealed by forest girdlingSubke, Jens-Arne; Voke, Naomi R; Leronni, Vincenzo; Garnett, Mark H; Ineson, PhilJournal Article
Jul-2013Ecosystem-level controls on root-rhizosphere respirationHopkins, Francesca; Gonzalez-Meler, Miquel A; Flower, Charles E; Lynch, Douglas J; Czimczik, Claudia; Tang, Jianwu; Subke, Jens-ArneJournal Article
Jan-2014Ecosystems in transition: Interactions and feedbacks with an emphasis on the initial development (Editorial)Huttl, Reinhard F; Gerwin, Werner; Kogel-Knabner, Ingrid; Schulin, Rainer; Hinz, Christoph; Subke, Jens-ArneJournal Article
2010Experimental design: scaling up in time and space, and its statistical considerationsSubke, Jens-Arne; Heinemeyer, Andreas; Reichstein, MarkusPart of book or chapter of book
Nov-2003Explaining temporal variation in soil CO2 efflux in a mature spruce forest in Southern GermanySubke, Jens-Arne; Reichstein, Markus; Tenhunen, John DJournal Article
Jan-2012Exploring the “overflow tap” theory: linking forest soil CO2 fluxes and individual mycorrhizosphere components to photosynthesisHeinemeyer, Andreas; Wilkinson, Matthew; Vargas, Rodrigo; Subke, Jens-Arne; Casella, Eric; Morison, James I L; Ineson, PhilJournal Article
Aug-2012Fast assimilate turnover revealed by in situ 13CO2 pulse labelling in Subarctic tundraSubke, Jens-Arne; Heinemeyer, Andreas; Vallack, Harry W; Ineson, Phil; Leronni, Vincenzo; Baxter, RobertJournal Article
May-2004Feedback interactions between needle litter decomposition and rhizosphere activitySubke, Jens-Arne; Hahn, Volker; Battipaglia, Giovanna; Linder, Sune; Buchmann, Nina; Cotrufo, M FrancescaJournal Article
Aug-2012A field-compatible method for measuring alternative respiratory pathway activities in vivo using stable O2 isotopesKornfeld, Ari; Horton, Travis W; Akir, Dan; Searle, Stephanie Y; Griffin, Kevin L; Atkin, Owen K; Subke, Jens-Arne; Turnbull, Matthew HJournal Article
Oct-2013Greenhouse gas emissions from soil under changing environmental conditions (Guest Editors' Introduction)Subke, Jens-Arne; Lamers, Marc; Herbst, Michael; Franzluebbers, AlanJournal Article
2012The moisture response of soil heterotrophic respiration: Interaction with soil propertiesMoyano, Fernando E; Vasilyeva, Nadezda A; Bouckaert, Liesbeth; Cook, Freeman; Craine, Joseph M; Don, Axel; Epron, Daniel; Formanek, Pavel; Franzluebbers, Alan; Ilstedt, Ulrik; Katterer, Thomas; Orchard, Val; Reichstein, Markus; Rey, Ana; Ruamps, Leo S; Subke, Jens-Arne; Thomsen, Ingrid K; Chenu, ClaireJournal Article
Apr-2009A new method for using 18O to trace ozone depositionSubke, Jens-Arne; Toet, Sylvia; D’Haese, Dav; Crossman, Zoe; Emberson, Lisa D; Barnes, Jeremy D; Evershed, Richard P; Ineson, PhilJournal Article
Apr-2009A new stable isotope approach identifies the fate of ozone in plant-soil systemsToet, Sylvia; Subke, Jens-Arne; D’Haese, David; Ashmore, Michael R; Emberson, Lisa D; Crossman, Zoe; Evershed, Richard P; Barnes, Jeremy D; Ineson, PhilJournal Article
Jun-2004A new technique to measure soil CO2 efflux at constant CO2 concentrationSubke, Jens-Arne; Inglima, Ilaria; Peressotti, Alessandro; Vedove, Gemini Delle; Cotrufo, M FrancescaJournal Article
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