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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Nov-2013Animal models of working memory: a review of tasks that might be used in screening drug treatments for the memory impairments found in schizophreniaDudchenko, Paul; Talpos, John; Young, Jared; Baxter, Mark GJournal Article
May-2013Cognitive maps and spatial inference in animals: Rats fail to take a novel shortcut, but can take a previously experienced oneDudchenko, Paul; Grieves, Roderick MJournal Article
Feb-2010Evidence for the use of an internal sense of direction in homingvan, der Meer Matthijs A A; Richmond, Zoe; Braga, Rodrigo M; Wood, Emma R; Dudchenko, PaulJournal Article
Dec-2005The formation of cognitive maps of adjacent environments: Evidence from the head direction cell systemDudchenko, Paul; Zinyuk, Larissa EJournal Article
Jul-2013Functional connectivity between the thalamus and postsubiculum: Analysis of evoked responses elicited by stimulation of the laterodorsal thalamic nucleus in anesthetized ratsShires, Kate L; Hawthorne, James P; Hope, Alexander M J; Dudchenko, Paul; Wood, Emma R; Martin, Steven JJournal Article
5-Sep-2007Hippocampal CA1 place cells encode intended destination on a maze with multiple choice pointsAinge, James A; Tamosiunaite, Minija; Worgotter, Florentin; Dudchenko, PaulJournal Article
29-Oct-2003Hippocampal Place Cell Instability after Lesions of the Head Direction Cell NetworkCalton, Jeffrey L; Stackman, Robert W; Goodridge, Jeremy P; Archey, William B; Dudchenko, Paul; Taube, Jeffrey SJournal Article
Mar-2012Hippocampal place cells encode intended destination, and not a discriminative stimulus, in a conditional T-maze taskAinge, James A; Tamosiunaite, Minija; Worgotter, Florentin; Dudchenko, PaulJournal Article
Aug-2001How do animals actually solve the T maze?Dudchenko, PaulJournal Article
Oct-2012The neural substrates of deliberative decision making: contrasting effects of hippocampus lesions on performance and vicarious trial-and-error behavior in a spatial memory task and a visual discrimination taskBett, David; Allison, Elizabeth; Murdoch, Lauren H; Kaefer, Karola; Wood, Emma R; Dudchenko, PaulJournal Article
15-Apr-2000Neurotoxic Hippocampal Lesions Have No Effect on Odor Span and Little Effect on Odor Recognition Memory But Produce Significant Impairments on Spatial Span, Recognition, and AlternationDudchenko, Paul; Wood, Emma R; Eichenbaum, HowardJournal Article
Dec-2008Odor supported place cell model and goal navigation in rodentsKulvicius, Tomas; Tamosiunaite, Minija; Ainge, James A; Dudchenko, Paul; Worgotter, FlorentinJournal Article
Nov-2004An overview of the tasks used to test working memory in rodentsDudchenko, PaulJournal Article
Dec-2008Path-finding in real and simulated rats: assessing the influence of path characteristics on navigation learningTamosiunaite, Minija; Ainge, James A; Kulvicius, Tomas; Porr, Bernd; Dudchenko, Paul; Worgotter, FlorentinJournal Article
Apr-2012The Postsubiculum Is Necessary for Spatial Alternation but Not for Homing by Path IntegrationBett, David; Wood, Emma R; Dudchenko, PaulJournal Article
Jun-2002Rats use a sense of direction to alternate on T-mazes located in adjacent roomsDudchenko, Paul; Davidson, MichelleJournal Article
Showing results 1 to 16 of 16


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