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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2003Biochemical and molecular studies of the polyunsaturated fatty acid desaturation pathway in fishTocher, Douglas R; Agaba, Morris K; Hastings, Nicola; Teale, Alan JPart of book or chapter of book
Sep-2012Biosynthesis of essential fatty acids in Octopus vulgaris (Cuvier, 1797): Molecular cloning, functional characterisation and tissue distribution of a fatty acyl elongaseMonroig, Oscar; Guinot, Diana; Hontoria, Francisco; Tocher, Douglas R; Navarro, Juan CarlosJournal Article
25-Feb-2011Biosynthesis of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in marine fish: Characterization of an Elovl4-like elongase from cobia Rachycentron canadum and activation of the pathway during early life stagesMonroig, Oscar; Webb, Ken; Ibarra-Castro, Leonardo; Holt, G Joan; Tocher, Douglas RJournal Article
2009Biosynthesis of polyunsaturated fatty acids in aquatic ecosystems: General pathways and new directionsBell, Michael; Tocher, Douglas RPart of book or chapter of book
Oct-2013Biosynthesis of polyunsaturated fatty acids in marine invertebrates: Recent advances in molecular mechanismsMonroig, Oscar; Tocher, Douglas R; Navarro, Juan CarlosJournal Article
Jun-2011Biosynthesis of very long-chain fatty acids (C > 24) in Atlantic salmon: Cloning, functional characterisation, and tissue distribution of an Elovl4 elongaseCarmona-Antoñanzas, Greta; Monroig, Oscar; Dick, James R; Davie, Andrew; Tocher, Douglas RJournal Article
Apr-2012Changes in tissue and mitochondrial membrane composition during rapid growth, maturation and aging in rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykissAlmaida-Pagan, Pedro F; de, Costa Jorge; Mendiola, Pilar; Tocher, Douglas RJournal Article
Oct-2004Characterization and comparison of fatty acyl Delta 6 desaturase cDNAs from freshwater and marine teleost fish speciesZheng, Xiaozhong; Seiliez, Iban; Hastings, Nicola; Tocher, Douglas R; Panserat, Stephane; Dickson, Cathryn; Bergot, PierreJournal Article
Nov-2005Cloning and functional characterisation of polyunsaturated fatty acid elongases of marine and freshwater teleost fishAgaba, Morris K; Tocher, Douglas R; Zheng, Xiaozhong; Dickson, Cathryn; Dick, James R; Teale, Alan JJournal Article
3-Mar-2014Cloning, Functional Characterization and Nutritional Regulation of Delta 6 Fatty Acyl Desaturase in the Herbivorous Euryhaline Teleost Scatophagus ArgusXie, Dizhi; Chen, Fang; Lin, Siyuan; Wang, Shuqi; You, Cuihong; Monroig, Oscar; Tocher, Douglas R; Li, YuanyouJournal Article
Jan-2003Comparative study of antioxidant defence mechanisms in marine fish fed variable levels of oxidised oil and vitamin ETocher, Douglas R; Mourente, Gabriel; Van, der Eecken Anne; Evjemo, Jan Ove; Diaz, Esther; Wille, Mathieu; Bell, J Gordon; Olsen, YngvarJournal Article
1-Aug-2008Comparison of effects of vegetable oils blended with southern hemisphere fish oil and decontaminated northern hemisphere fish oil on growth performance, composition and gene expression in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)Pratoomyot, Jarunan; Bendiksen, Eldar Asgard; Bell, J Gordon; Tocher, Douglas RJournal Article
Jun-2007Conjugated Linoleic Acid Affects Lipid Composition, Metabolism, and Gene Expression in Gilthead Sea Bream (Sparus aurata L)Diez, Amalia; Menoyo, David; Perez-Benavente, Susana; Calduch-Giner, Josep A; Vega-Rubin, de Celis Silvia; Obach, Alex; Favre-Krey, Laurence; Boukouvala, Evridiki; Leaver, Michael; Tocher, Douglas R; Perez-Sanchez, Jaume; Krey, Grigorios; Bautista, Jose MJournal Article
Jan-2014Conservation of lipid metabolic gene transcriptional regulatory networks in fish and mammalsCarmona-Antoñanzas, Greta; Tocher, Douglas R; Martinez-Rubio, Laura; Leaver, MichaelJournal Article
2008A critical assessment of different transmethylation procedures commonly employed in the fatty acid analysis of aquatic organismsSchlechtriem, Christian; Henderson, R James; Tocher, Douglas RJournal Article
Feb-2001Cultured fish cells metabolize octadecapentaenoic acid (all-cis delta3,6,9,12,15–18∶5) to octadecatetraenoic acid (all-cis delta6,9,12,15–18∶4) via its 2-trans intermediate (trans delta2, all-cis delta6,9,12,15–18∶5)Ghioni, Cristina; Porter, Alexander E A; Sadler, Ian H; Tocher, Douglas R; Sargent, John RJournal Article
Nov-2003Degradation of specific polyunsaturated fatty acids in red blood cells stored at -20 degrees Celsius proceeds faster in patients with schizophrenia when compared with healthy controlsFox, Helen; Ross, Brian M; Tocher, Douglas R; Horrobin, David; Glen, Iain; St, Clair DavidJournal Article
Aug-2011Delta-8 desaturation activity varies among fatty acyl desaturases of teleost fish: high activity in delta-6 desaturases of marine speciesMonroig, Oscar; Li, Yuanyou; Tocher, Douglas RJournal Article
Jul-2000Depletion of alpha-tocopherol and astaxanthin in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) affects autoxidative defense and fatty acid metabolismBell, J Gordon; McEvoy, John; Tocher, Douglas R; Sargent, John RJournal Article
Jun-2008A description of the origins, design and performance of the TRAITS-SGP Atlantic salmon Salmo salar L. cDNA microarrayTaggart, John; Bron, James; Martin, Sam A M; Seear, Paul J; Hoyheim, Bjorn; Talbot, Richard T; Carmichael, Stephen N; Villeneuve, Laure; Sweeney, Glen E; Houlihan, Dominic F; Secombes, Christopher J; Tocher, Douglas R; Teale, Alan JJournal Article
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