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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
200713_2_30: experiences, perceptions and expectations of retail employment for Generation YBroadbridge, Adelina; Maxwell, Gillian A; Ogden, Susan MJournal Article
201025 years of retailing; 25 years of change? Reflecting on the position of women managersBroadbridge, AdelinaJournal Article
Sep-201125 Years On: Reflecting on the Past and Looking to the Future in Gender and Management ResearchBroadbridge, Adelina; Simpson, RuthJournal Article
May-2010The absence of positive psychological (eudemonic) well-being as a risk factor for depression: A ten year cohort studyWood, Alex M; Joseph, StephenJournal Article
5-Sep-2008Absence of the 7-repeat variant of the DRD4 VNTR is associated with drifting sustained attention in children with ADHD but not in controlsJohnson, Katherine A; Kelly, Simon P; Robertson, Ian H; Barry, Edwina; Mulligan, Aisling; Daly, Michael; Lambert, David; McDonnell, Caroline; Connor, Thomas J; Hawi, Ziarih; Gill, Michael; Bellgrove, Mark AJournal Article
Apr-2011Accounting as a legitimising device in voluntary price agreements: The Dundee jute industry, 1945-1960Masrani, Swapnesh; McKiernan, PeterJournal Article
2009Addressing path dependency in the capabilities approach: historicism and foresight meet on the 'road less travelled'Masrani, Swapnesh; McKiernan, PeterPart of book or chapter of book
Apr-2013Am I Abnormal? Relative Rank and Social Norm Effects in Judgments of Anxiety and Depression Symptom SeverityMelrose, Karen L; Brown, Gordon D A; Wood, Alex MJournal Article
Nov-2009Are defeat and entrapment best defined as a single construct?Taylor, Peter J; Wood, Alex M; Gooding, Patricia A; Johnson, Judith; Tarrier, NicholasJournal Article
1-May-2012Are momentary measures of positive affect better predictors of mortality than recalled feelings?Daly, MichaelJournal Article
Nov-2010Assessment of positive functioning in clinical psychology: Theoretical and practical issuesJoseph, Stephen; Wood, Alex MJournal Article
Sep-2000Attempts to advance the role of training: process and contextHallier, Jerry; Butts, StewartJournal Article
Oct-2011Attenuating focalism in affective forecasts of the commuting experience: Implications for economic decisions and policy makingComerford, David AJournal Article
Jul-2010Attrition from self-directed interventions: Investigating the relationship between psychological predictors, intervention content and dropout from a body dissatisfaction interventionGeraghty, Adam W A; Wood, Alex M; Hyland, Michael EJournal Article
Jul-2008The Authentic Personality: A Theoretical and Empirical Conceptualization and the Development of the Authenticity ScaleWood, Alex M; Linley, P Alex; Maltby, John; Baliousis, Michael; Joseph, StephenJournal Article
Jan-2012A behavioral test of Horney's linkage between authenticity and aggression: People living authentically are less-likely to respond aggressively in unfair situationsPinto, Diana G; Maltby, John; Wood, Alex M; Day, LizJournal Article
Nov-2008Beliefs around luck: Confirming the empirical conceptualization of beliefs around luck and the development of the Darke and Freedman beliefs around luck scaleMaltby, John; Day, Liz; Gill, Poonam; Colley, Ann; Wood, Alex MJournal Article
Mar-2013Beliefs in being unlucky and deficits in executive functioningMaltby, John; Day, Liz; Pinto, Diana G; Hogan, Rebecca A; Wood, Alex MJournal Article
1-Aug-2007Careers in Hospitality Management: Generation Y's Experiences and PerceptionsBarron, Paul; Maxwell, Gillian A; Broadbridge, Adelina; Ogden, Susan MJournal Article
2009CCTV policy in the UK: Reconsidering the evidence baseWebster, C William RJournal Article
Showing results 1 to 20 of 220
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