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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
30-Nov-2005An astrobiological perspective on Meridiani PlanumKnoll, Andrew H; Carr, Michael H; Clark, Benton C; DesMarais, David J; Farmer, Jack; Fischer, Woodward W; Grotzinger, John; McLennan, Scott M; Malin, Michael C; Schröder, Christian; Squyres, Steven W; Tosca, Nicholas J; Wdowiak, Thomas JJournal Article
Apr-1997The attitudinal legacy of communist labor relationsBlanchflower, David; Freeman, RichardJournal Article
1-Jun-2012Debating the Sources and Prospects of European Integration (Letter)Krotz, Ulrich; Maher, Richard; McCourt, David M; Glencross, Andrew; Ripsman, Norrin M; Sheetz, Mark S; Haine, Jean-Yves; Rosato, SebastianJournal Article
22-May-2009Exploration of Victoria Crater by the Mars Rover OpportunitySquyres, Steven W; Knoll, Andrew H; Arvidson, Raymond E; Ashley, James W; Bell, III James F; Calvin, Wendy M; Christensen, Philip R; Clark, Benton C; Cohen, Barbara A; de, Souza; Jr, Paulo A; Edgar, Lauren A; Farrand, William H; Fleischer, Iris; Gellert, Ralf; Schröder, ChristianJournal Article
May-2013From Russia with love: the impact of relocated firms on incumbent survivalFalck, Oliver; Guenther, Christina; Heblich, Stephan; Kerr, William RJournal Article
Jul-2011From Russia with Love: The Impact of Relocated Firms on Incumbent SurvivalFalck, Oliver; Guenther, Christina; Heblich, Stephan; Kerr, William RWorking or Discussion Paper
30-Nov-2005Geochemical modeling of evaporation processes on Mars: Insight from the sedimentary record at Meridiani PlanumTosca, Nicholas J; McLennan, Scott M; Clark, Benton C; Grotzinger, John; Hurowitz, Joel A; Knoll, Andrew H; Schröder, Christian; Squyres, Steven WJournal Article
2012Mixed-ethnicity face shape and attractiveness in humansLittle, Anthony; Hockings, Kimberley Jane; Apicella, Coren L; Sousa, ClaudiaJournal Article
2013A novel clinical expert system for chest pain risk assessmentFarooq, Kamran; Hussain, Amir; Atassi, Hicham; Leslie, Stephen; Eckl, Chris; MacRae, Calum; Slack, WarnerPart of book or chapter of book
2012An ontology driven and Bayesian Network based cardiovascular decision support frameworkFarooq, Kamran; Hussain, Amir; Leslie, Stephen; Eckl, Chris; MacRae, Calum; Slack, WarnerPart of book or chapter of book
Dec-2007Preferences for symmetry in human faces in two cultures: data from the UK and the Hadza, an isolated group of hunter-gatherersLittle, Anthony; Apicella, Coren L; Marlowe, Frank WConference Paper
Aug-2007Raised salivary testosterone in women is associated with increased attraction to masculine facesWelling, Lisa L M; Jones, Benedict C; DeBruine, Lisa M; Conway, Claire A; Law, Smith Miriam J; Little, Anthony; Feinberg, David R; Sharp, Martin A; Al-Dujaili, Emad A SJournal Article
Dec-2010Sex-dimorphic face shape preference in heterosexual and homosexual men and womenGlassenberg, Aaron N; Feinberg, David R; Jones, Benedict C; Little, Anthony; DeBruine, Lisa MJournal Article
2008Symmetry Is Related to Sexual Dimorphism in Faces: Data Across Culture and SpeciesLittle, Anthony; Jones, Benedict C; Waitt, Corri; Tiddeman, Bernard P; Feinberg, David R; Perrett, David I; Apicella, Coren L; Marlowe, Frank WJournal Article
Nov-2008Testosterone and financial risk preferencesApicella, Coren L; Drebner, Anna; Campbell, Benjamin; Gray, Peter B; Hoffman, Moshe; Little, AnthonyJournal Article
Mar-2010Testosterone exposure, dopaminergic reward, and sensation-seeking in young menCampbell, Benjamin C; Dreber, Anna; Apicella, Coren L; Eisenberg, Dan T A; Gray, Peter B; Little, Anthony; Garcia, Justin R; Zamore, Richard S; Lum, J KojiJournal Article
Jan-1992Unionism in the United States and other advanced OECD countriesBlanchflower, David; Freeman, RichardJournal Article
Jul-2010Women's preferences for masculinity in male faces are highest during reproductive age range and lower around puberty and post-menopauseLittle, Anthony; Saxton, Tamsin K; Roberts, S Craig; Jones, Benedict C; DeBruine, Lisa M; Vukovic, Jovana; Perrett, David I; Feinberg, David R; Chenore, ToddJournal Article
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18


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