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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
15-Nov-2011Cyanobacterial blooms: Statistical models describing risk factors for national-scale lake assessment and lake managementCarvalho, Laurence; Ferguson, Claire A; Scott, E Marian; Codd, Geoffrey; Davies, P Sian; Tyler, AndrewJournal Article
Sep-2008The development and purpose of the FREDERICA radiation effects databaseCopplestone, David; Hingston, Joanne L; Real, AlmudenaJournal Article
Mar-2013Ecological status assessment of European lakes: A comparison of metrics for phytoplankton, macrophytes, benthic invertebrates and fishLyche-Solheim, Anne; Feld, Christian K; Birk, Sebastian; Phillips, Geoff; Carvalho, Laurence; Morabito, Giuseppe; Mischke, Ute; Willby, Nigel; Sondergaard, Martin; Hellsten, Seppo; Kolada, Agnieszka; Mjelde, Marit; Bohmer, Jurgen; Miler, Oliver; Pusch, Martin TJournal Article
Nov-2010Engaging with the water sector for public health benefits: waterborne pathogens and diseases in developed countriesBridge, Jonathan; Oliver, David; Chadwick, Dave R; Godfray, H Charles J; Heathwaite, A Louise; Kay, David; Maheswaran, Ravi; McGonicle, Daniel F; Nicols, Gordon; Pickup, Roger; Porter, Jonathan; Wastling, Jonathan M; Banwart, Steven AJournal Article
May-2011The estimation of absorbed dose rates for non-human biota: an extended intercomparisonVives, i Batlle Jordi; Beaugelin-Seiller, Karine; Beresford, Nicholas A; Copplestone, David; Horyna, Jan; Hosseini, Ali; Johansen, Mat; Kamboj, Sunita; Keum, Dong-Kwon; Kurosawa, Naohiro; Newsome, Laura; Vandenhove, Hildegarde; Ryufuku, Susumu; Vives, Lynch Sandra; Wood, Michael D; Yu, CharleyJournal Article
15-May-2010Exposure of birds to radionuclides and other contaminants in Special Protection Areas (SPAs) in North-West EnglandMarshall, K; Watson, Sarah; McDonald, Paul; Copplestone, David; Watts, Stephen JJournal Article
May-1999Gyrodactylus sommervillae n. sp. (Monogenea) from Abramis brama (L.) and Rutilus rutilus (L.) (Cyprinidae) in Oxfordshire, UKTurgut, Emine; Shinn, Andrew; Wootten, Rodney; Yeomans, William EJournal Article
6-Dec-2011Histopathological and ultrastructural studies of the tapeworm Monobothrium wageneri (Caryophyllidea) in the intestinal tract of tench Tinca tincaWilliams, Chris F; Poddubnaya, Larisa; Scholz, Tomas; Turnbull, James; Ferguson, HughJournal Article
Nov-2008An international comparison of models and approaches for the estimation of the radiological exposure of non-human biotaBeresford, Nicholas A; Balonov, Mikhail I; Beaugelin-Seiller, Karine; Brown, Justin; Copplestone, David; Hingston, Joanne L; Horyna, Jan; Hosseini, Ali; Howard, Brenda J; Kamboj, Sunita; Nedveckaite, Tatjana; Sazykina, Tatiana; Vives, i Batlle Jordi; Yankovich, Tamara L; Yu, Charley; Olyslaegers, GeertJournal Article
Dec-2012Introduction and spread of non-native parasites with Silurus glanis L. (Teleostei: Siluridae) in UK fisheriesReading, Amy; Britton, John Robert; Davies, Gareth D; Shinn, Andrew; Williams, Chris FJournal Article
Sep-2008Issues and practices in the use of effects data from FREDERICA in the ERICA Integrated ApproachGarnier-Laplace, Jacqueline; Copplestone, David; Gilbin, Rodolphe; Alonzo, Frederic; Ciffroy, Philippe; Gilek, Michael; Aguero, Almudena; Bjork, Mikael; Oughton, Deborah; Jaworska, Alicja; Larsson, Carl-Magnus; Hingston, Joanne LJournal Article
Mar-2012Larval gryporhynchid tapeworms (Cestoda: Cyclophyllidea) of British freshwater fish, with a description of the pathology caused by Paradilepis scolecinaWilliams, Chris F; Reading, Amy; Scholz, Tomas; Shinn, AndrewJournal Article
Mar-2014Opportunities and limitations of molecular methods for quantifying microbial compliance parameters in EU bathing watersOliver, David; Van, Niekerk Melanie; Kay, David; Heathwaite, A Louise; Porter, Jonathan; Fleming, Lora E; Kinzelman, Julie L; Connolly, Elaine; Cummins, Andy; McPhail, Calum; Rahman, Amanna; Thairs, Ted; de, Roda Husman Ana Maria; Hanley, Nicholas; Dunhill, Ian; Quilliam, RichardJournal Article
Dec-2009Protection of the environment from ionising radiation in a regulatory context (protect): proposed numerical benchmark valuesAndersson, Pal; Garnier-Laplace, Jacqueline; Beresford, Nicholas A; Copplestone, David; Howard, Brenda J; Howe, Paul; Oughton, Deborah; Whitehouse, PaulJournal Article
Jun-2013A risk assessment for managing non-native parasitesWilliams, Chris F; Britton, John Robert; Turnbull, JamesJournal Article
Sep-2012Seasonal development and pathological changes associated with the parasitic nematode Philometroides sanguineus in wild crucian carp Carassius carassius (L.) in EnglandWilliams, Chris F; Moravec, Frantisek; Turnbull, James; Ferguson, HughJournal Article
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