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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Dec-1995Cognitive brain potentials and regional cerebral blood flow equivalents during two- and three-sound auditory 'oddball tasks'Ebmeier, Klaus P; Steele, J Douglas; MacKenzie, Donald; O'Carroll, Ronan; Kydd, Robert R; Glabus, Michael F; Blackwood, Douglas H; Rugg, Michael D; Goodwin, Guy MJournal Article
Jul-2010A common neural system mediating two different forms of social judgementHall, Jeremy; Whalley, Heather C; McKirdy, James W; Sprengelmeyer, Reiner; Santos, Isabel M; Donaldson, David; McGonigle, David; Young, Andrew W; McIntosh, Andrew M; Johnstone, Eve C; Lawrie, Stephen MJournal Article
Jan-2010Comparative cultural cognitionPrice, Elizabeth E; Caldwell, Christine Anna; Whiten, AndrewJournal Article
Sep-1996Contractile properties and the inheritance of myosin heavy chains in Oreochromis species with different temperature tolerancesCrockford, Tony; Johnston, Ian A; McAndrew, Brendan; Mutungi, GabrielJournal Article
Apr-2010Conventional and unconventional antimicrobials from fish, marine invertebrates and micro-algaeSmith, Valerie J; Desbois, Andrew P; Dyrynda, Elisabeth AJournal Article
Aug-2011Decayed and missing teeth and oral-health-related factors: Predicting depression in homeless peopleColes, Emma; Chan, Karen; Collins, Jennifer; Humphris, Gerry; Richards, Derek; Williams, Brian; Freeman, RuthJournal Article
Feb-2010Developing a Longitudinal Database of Routinely Recorded Primary Care Consultations Linked to Service Use and Outcome DataWilliams, Brian; Dowell, Jon; Humphris, Gerry; Themessl-Huber, Markus; Rushmer, Rosemary; Ricketts, Ian; Boyle, Paul; Sullivan, Frank MJournal Article
2011Differences in 5-year survival after a ‘homeless’ or ‘housed’ drugs-related hospital admission: a study of 15–30-year olds in ScotlandDibben, Christopher J L; Atherton, Iain; Doherty, Joe; Baldacchino, AlexJournal Article
Dec-2012Differences in self-assessed health by socioeconomic group amongst people with and without a history of cancer: an analysis using representative data from ScotlandAtherton, Iain; Evans, Josie; Dibben, Christopher J L; Woods, Laura; Hubbard, GillJournal Article
Jun-2010Differential antibacterial activities of fusiform and oval morphotypes of phaeodactylum tricornutum (bacillariophyceae)Desbois, Andrew P; Walton, Michael J; Smith, Valerie JJournal Article
2008Do Elephants Show Empathy?Bates, Lucy A; Lee, Phyllis; Njiraini, Norah; Poole, Joyce H; Sayialel, Katito; Moss, Cynthia J; Byrne, Richard WJournal Article
Dec-2012Dynamic capital structure adjustment: US MNCs & DCsMcMillan, David; Camara, OmarJournal Article
2011The Effect of Attractiveness on Food Sharing Preferences in Human Mating MarketsStirrat, Michael; Gumert, Michael; Perrett, David IJournal Article
2007Emotion recognition from dynamic emotional displays following anterior cingulotomy and anterior capsulotomy for chronic depressionRidout, Nathan; O'Carroll, Ronan; Dritschel, Barbara; Christmas, David; Eljamel, Muftah S; Matthews, Keith BJournal Article
Feb-2009Engaging pupils with asthma in physical activityHoskins, Gaylor; Williams, Brian; Coyle, Joanne; Corlett, Jo; Neville, RonJournal Article
Aug-2013Enhanced efficacy of synergistic combinations of antimicrobial peptides with caspofungin versus Candida albicans in insect and murine models of systemic infectionMacCallum, Donna M; Desbois, Andrew P; Coote, Peter JJournal Article
May-1999Event-related potential studies of associative recognition and recall: electrophysiological evidence for context dependent retrieval processesDonaldson, David; Rugg, Michael DJournal Article
Oct-2010Evidence for relative disparity matching in the perception of an ambiguous stereogramGoutcher, Ross; Hibbard, PaulJournal Article
7-Nov-2003Evidence from rhesus macaques suggests that male coloration plays a role in female primate mate choiceWaitt, Corri; Little, Anthony; Wolfensohn, Sarah; Honess, Paul; Brown, Anthony P; Buchanan-Smith, Hannah M; Perrett, David IJournal Article
Jul-2012Face Structure Predicts Cooperation: Men With Wider Faces Are More Generous to Their In-Group When Out-Group Competition Is SalientStirrat, Michael; Perrett, David IJournal Article
Showing results 16 to 35 of 97
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