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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
15-Nov-2011BMI Not WHR Modulates BOLD fMRI Responses in a Sub-Cortical Reward Network When Participants Judge the Attractiveness of Human Female BodiesHolliday, Ian E; Longe, Olivia A; Thai, N Jade; Hancock, Peter J B; Tovee, Martin JJournal Article
Oct-2005Body odor similarity in noncohabiting twinsRoberts, S Craig; Gosling, L Morris; Spector, Tim D; Miller, Paul D; Penn, Dustin J; Petrie, MarionJournal Article
Mar-2008Bumblebee flight distances in relation to the forage landscapeOsborne, Juliet L; Martin, Andrew P; Carreck, Norman L; Swain, Jennifer L; Knight, Mairi E; Goulson, Dave; Hale, Roddy J; Sanderson, Roy AJournal Article
May-2009Bumblebee nest density and the scale of available forage in arable landscapesKnight, Mairi E; Osborne, Juliet L; Sanderson, Roy A; Hale, Roddy J; Martin, Andrew P; Goulson, DaveJournal Article
Apr-2011Catching more offenders with EvoFIT facial composites: lab research and police field trialsFrowd, Charlie D; Hancock, Peter J B; Bruce, Vicki; Skelton, Faye Collette; Atherton, Chris J; Nelson, Laura; McIntyre, Alex H; Pitchford, Melanie; Atkins, Rebecca; Webster, DCI Andrew; Pollard, John; Hunt, Beverley; Price, Emma; Morgan, Sandra; Greening, Roz; Stoika, Adrian; Dughila, Romeo; Maftei, Sergiu; Sendrea, GabrielJournal Article
Mar-2006Correlations between heterozygosity and measures of genetic similarity: implications for understanding mate choiceRoberts, S Craig; Hale, Marie L; Petrie, MarionJournal Article
2013Curriculum deregulation in England and Scotland - Different directions of travel?Leat, David; Livingston, Kay; Priestley, MarkPart of book or chapter of book
Apr-2013Developing a community-based intervention to improve quality of life in people with colorectal cancer: a complex intervention development studyGray, Nicola M; Allan, Julia L; Murchie, Peter; Browne, Susan; Hall, Susan; Hubbard, Gill; Johnston, Marie; Lee, Amanda J; McKinley, Aileen; Macleod, Una; Presseau, Justin; Samuel, Leslie; Wyke, Sally; Campbell, Neil CJournal Article
Jun-2008Developmental defects in a zebrafish model for muscular dystrophies associated with the loss of fukutin-related protein (FKRP)Thornhill, P; Bassett, D; Lochmuller, H; Bushby, K; Straub, VJournal Article
Aug-2011Differences in eye-movement patterns between anorexic and control observers when judging body size and attractivenessGeorge, Hannah R; Cornelissen, Piers L; Hancock, Peter J B; Kiviniemi, Vesa V; Tovee, Martin JJournal Article
Mar-2009Do faces capture the attention of individuals with Williams syndrome or Autism? Evidence from tracking eye movementsRiby, Deborah M; Hancock, Peter J BJournal Article
2001The economic consequences of advertising scent mark location on territoriesRoberts, S Craig; Gosling, L MorrisPart of book or chapter of book
Oct-2013The Effectiveness of Gain- Versus Loss-Framed Health Messages in Improving Oral Health in Iranian Secondary Schools: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial (Forthcoming/Available Online)Pakpour, Amir H; Yekaninejad, Mir Saeed; Sniehotta, Falko F; Updegraff, John A; Dombrowski, Stephan UJournal Article
Dec-2010Effects of land use at a landscape scale on bumblebee nest density and survivalGoulson, Dave; Lepais, Olivier; O'Connor, Stephanie; Osborne, Juliet L; Sanderson, Roy A; Cussans, John; Goffe, Louis; Darvill, BenJournal Article
Feb-2010Estimation of bumblebee queen dispersal distances using sibship reconstruction methodLepais, Olivier; Darvill, Ben; O'Connor, Stephanie; Osborne, Juliet L; Sanderson, Roy A; Cussans, John; Goffe, Louis; Goulson, DaveJournal Article
Jan-2011Evolving the face of a criminal: how to search a face space more effectivelyFrowd, Charlie D; Bruce, Vicki; Pitchford, Melanie; Gannon, Carol; Robinson, Mark; Tredoux, Colin; Park, Joanne; McIntyre, Alex H; Hancock, Peter J BJournal Article
Apr-2012The FEeding Support Team (FEST) randomised, controlled feasibility trial of proactive and reactive telephone support for breastfeeding women living in disadvantaged areasHoddinott, Pat; Craig, Leone C A; MacLennan, Graeme; Boyers, Dwayne; Vale, LukeJournal Article
7-Aug-2004Female facial attractiveness increases during the fertile phase of the menstrual cycleRoberts, S Craig; Havlicek, Jan; Flegr, Jaroslav; Hruskova, Martina; Little, Anthony; Jones, Benedict C; Perrett, David I; Petrie, MarionJournal Article
Sep-2003Genetic similarity and quality interact in mate choice decisions by female mice (Letter)Roberts, S Craig; Gosling, L MorrisJournal Article
7-Nov-2002Human female attractiveness: waveform analysis of body shapeTovee, Martin J; Hancock, Peter J B; Mahmoodi, Sasan; Singleton, Ben R R; Cornelissen, Piers LConference Paper
Showing results 3 to 22 of 67
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