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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Sep-2002Parasite transmission: reconciling theory and realityFenton, Andrew; Fairbairn, Jonathan P; Norman, Rachel; Hudson, Peter JJournal Article
Jul-2011A Participatory Simulation Model for Studying Attitudes to Infection RiskMaharaj, Savitri; Kleczkowski, Adam; McCaldin, TamsinConference Paper
Nov-2012Pathogen evolution in switching environments: A hybrid dynamical system approachFarkas, Jozsef Zoltan; Hinow, Peter; Engelstadter, JanJournal Article
Aug-2010Pathogen exclusion from eco-epidemiological systemsGreenman, Jonathan; Hoyle, AndrewJournal Article
Feb-2008Pathogen Interactions, Population Cycles, and Phase ShiftsLello, Joanne; Norman, Rachel; Boag, Brian; Hudson, Peter J; Fenton, AndrewJournal Article
Jan-1995Persistence and transmission of tick-borne viruses: Ixodes ricinus and louping- ill virus in red grouse populationsHudson, Peter J; Norman, Rachel; Laurenson, M Karen; Newborn, David; Gaunt, Michael W; Jones, Linda D; Reid, Hugh W; Gould, Ernie; Bowers, Roger; Dobson, AndrewJournal Article
7-Sep-1999Persistence of tick-borne virus in the presence of multiple host species: Tick reservoirs and parasite mediated competitionNorman, Rachel; Bowers, Roger; Begon, Mike; Hudson, Peter JJournal Article
Nov-2003The population dynamical implications of covert infections in host-microparasite interactionsBoots, Michael; Greenman, Jonathan; Ross, David; Norman, Rachel; Hails, Rosemary S; Sait, SteveJournal Article
Jan-2011Prostate cancer: Exploring the reasons for timing of presentation and diagnosis. Final ReportPlace, Morag Anne; Kelly, Daniel; Hubbard, Gill; Boyd, Kenny; Winslow, Fiona; Leung, Hing; Howie, Catherine; Forbat, LizResearch Report
2000Re-assessing the infection strategies of the entomopathogenic nematode Steinernema feltiae (Rhabditidae; Steinernematidae)Fairbairn, Jonathan P; Fenton, Andrew; Norman, Rachel; Hudson, Peter JJournal Article
Nov-2012Reflexology has an acute (immediate) haemodynamic effect in healthy volunteers: A double-blind randomised controlled trialJones, Jenny; Thomson, Patricia; Lauder, William; Howie, Catherine; Leslie, StephenJournal Article
Aug-2013Reflexology has no immediate haemodynamic effect in patients with chronic heart failure: a double blind randomised controlled trialJones, Jenny; Thomson, Patricia; Lauder, William; Howie, Catherine; Leslie, StephenJournal Article
1-Mar-2012Regular star complements in strongly regular graphsRowlinson, PeterJournal Article
Oct-2013Reproductive Trade-Offs May Moderate the Impact of Gyrodactylus salaris in Warmer ClimatesDenholm, Scott J; Norman, Rachel; Hoyle, Andrew; Shinn, Andrew; Taylor, Nicholas G HJournal Article
Mar-2011A rigorous approach to investigating common assumptions about disease transmission: Process algebra as an emerging modelling methodology for epidemiologyMcCaig, Chris; Begon, Mike; Norman, Rachel; Shankland, CarronJournal Article
1-Feb-2000The role of lambs in louping-ill virus amplificationLaurenson, M Karen; Norman, Rachel; Reid, Hugh W; Pow, Irene; Newborn, David; Hudson, Peter JJournal Article
Feb-2004The role of non-viraemic transmission on the persistence and dynamics of a tick borne virus - Louping ill in red grouse (Lagopus lagopus scoticus) and mountain hares (Lepus timidus)Norman, Rachel; Ross, David; Laurenson, M Karen; Hudson, Peter JJournal Article
Jan-2012Searching for the most cost-effective strategy for controlling epidemics spreading on regular and small-world networksKleczkowski, Adam; Oles, Katarzyna; Gudowska-Nowak, Ewa; Gilligan, Christopher AJournal Article
Jan-2010Semigroup analysis of structured parasite populationsFarkas, Jozsef Zoltan; Green, Darren; Hinow, PeterJournal Article
Dec-2008A sharp lower bound for the least eigenvalue of the signless Laplacian of a non-bipartite graphCardoso, Domingos M; Cvetkovic, Dragos; Rowlinson, Peter; Simic, Slobodan KJournal Article
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