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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Jan-2011Analyses of Tunnel Stability Under Dynamic LoadsOraee, Behdeen; Hosseini, Navid; Oraee, Kazem; Gholinejad, MehranConference Paper
Jul-2010Analysis of Ground Control Codes in the International Codes of the International Labour OrganisationOraee, Kazem; Oraee-Mirzamani, Nikzad; Goodarzi, ArashConference Paper
Sep-2010Aquaculture: Global status and trendsBostock, John; McAndrew, Brendan; Richards, Randolph; Jauncey, Kim; Telfer, Trevor; Lorenzen, Kai; Little, David Colin; Ross, Lindsay; Handisyde, Neil; Gatward, Iain; Corner, RichardJournal Article
2011Assessment of the Dynamic Loads Effect on Underground Mines SupportsOraee, Kazem; Goodarzi, Arash; Oraee-Mirzamani, NikzadConference Paper
2012Biotic carbon feedbacks in a materially closed soil-vegetation-atmosphere systemMilcu, Alexandru; Lukac, Martin; Subke, Jens-Arne; Manning, Pete; Heinemeyer, Andreas; Wildman, Dennis; Anderson, Robert; Ineson, PhilJournal Article
7-Feb-2006Bovine tuberculosis (Mycobacterium bovis) in British farmland wildlife: the importance to agricultureMathews, Fiona; Macdonald, David; Taylor, G Michael; Gelling, Merryl; Norman, Rachel; Honess, Paul; Foster, Rebecca; Gower, Charlotte M; Varley, Susan; Harris, Audrey; Palmer, Simonette; Hewinson, Glyn; Webster, Joanne PJournal Article
Jul-2013A Comparison of Numerical Methods and Analytical Methods in Determination of Tunnel Walls Displacement – A Case StudyOraee, Behdeen; Zandi, Saeed; Oraee, KazemConference Paper
Dec-2012Contextual effects on the perceived health benefits of exercise: The exercise rank hypothesisMaltby, John; Wood, Alex M; Vlaev, Ivo; Taylor, Michael J; Brown, Gordon D AJournal Article
Dec-2011Cucumber mosaic virus and its 2b RNA silencing suppressor modify plant-aphid interactions in tobaccoZiebell, Heiko; Murphy, Alex M; Groen, Simon C; Tungadi, Trisna; Westwood, Jack H; Lewsey, Mathew G; Moulin, Michael; Kleczkowski, Adam; Smith, Alison G; Stevens, Mark; Powell, Glen; Carr, John PJournal Article
Jan-2014Data-poor management of African lion hunting using a relative index of abundanceEdwards, Charles T T; Bunnefeld, Nils; Balme, Guy A; Milner-Gulland, Eleanor JJournal Article
2011Designing Shotcrete As Primary Support in TunnelsOraee, Behdeen; Tavassoli, Mahdi; Oraee, KazemConference Paper
Jul-2010Design Optimization of Longwall Chain PillarsOraee, Kazem; Oraee, Behdeen; Bangian, Amir HoussainConference Paper
Dec-2010Distribution and Use of Income from Bushmeat in a Rural Village, Central GabonCoad, Lauren M; Abernethy, Katharine; Balmford, Andrew; Manica, Andrea; Airey, Lesley; Milner-Gulland, Eleanor JJournal Article
2011Economic Analysis of the Copper Mining Industry of IranOraee, Kazem; Goodarzi, Arash; Oraee-Mirzamani, NikzadConference Paper
Dec-2002Effect of forest edges on deposition of radioactive aerosolsOuld-Dada, Zitouni; Copplestone, David; Toal, Mark E; Shaw, GraemeJournal Article
2013The Effect of Legislation on the Development of Coal Mining IndustryOraee, Kazem; Oraee-Mirzamani, Nikzad; Goodarzi, ArashConference Paper
2011Estimation of Capital and Operation Costs of Backhoe LoadersOraee, Kazem; Lashgari, Ali; Sayadi, Ahmad Reza; Oraee, BehdeenConference Paper
1-Aug-2012The Evaluation of Empirical Coal Pillar Strength Formula Based on Uncertainty CriterionHosseini, Navid; Oraee, Behdeen; Oraee, KazemConference Paper
Mar-2009Factors affecting unintentional harvesting selectivity in a monomorphic speciesBunnefeld, Nils; Baines, David; Newborn, David; Milner-Gulland, Eleanor JJournal Article
12-Aug-2013Final Wall Stability in Metal Open Pit Mines Using Presplit BlastingOraee, Kazem; Mozafari, Ali; Goodarzi, Arash; Oraee-Mirzamani, NikzadConference Paper
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