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Sep-2013Above-ground biomass and structure of 260 African tropical forestsLewis, Simon L; Sonke, Bonaventure; Sunderland, Terry; Begne, Serge K; Lopez-Gonzalez, Gabriela; van, der Heijden Geertje M F; Phillips, Oliver L; Affum-Baffoe, Kofi; Baker, Timothy R; Banin, Lindsay; Bastin, Jean-Francois; Beeckman, Hans; Boeckx, Pascal; Bogaert, Jan; Jeffery, Kathryn Jane; White, LeeJournal Article
Jan-2005Application of sliding-window discretization and minimization of stochastic complexity for the analysis of fAFLP genotyping fingerprint patterns of VibrionaceaeDawyndt, Peter; Thompson, Fabiano L; Austin, Brian; Swings, Jean; Koski, Timo; Gyllenberg, MatsJournal Article
Jan-2003Comparative study of antioxidant defence mechanisms in marine fish fed variable levels of oxidised oil and vitamin ETocher, Douglas R; Mourente, Gabriel; Van, der Eecken Anne; Evjemo, Jan Ove; Diaz, Esther; Wille, Mathieu; Bell, J Gordon; Olsen, YngvarJournal Article
Mar-2004The development of the therapeutic community in correctional establishments: a comparative, retrospective account of the 'democratic' Maxwell Jones TC and the 'hierarchical' concept-based TC in prisonVandevelde, Stijn; Broekaert, Eric; Yates, Rowdy; Kooyman, MartienJournal Article
Sep-2002Effects of dietary vitamin E on antioxidant defence mechanisms of juvenile turbot (Scophthalmus maximus L.), halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus L.) and sea bream (Sparus aurata L.)Tocher, Douglas R; Mourente, Gabriel; Van, der Eecken Anne; Evjemo, Jan Ove; Diaz, Esther; Bell, J Gordon; Geurden, I; Lavens, P; Olsen, YngvarJournal Article
2008Innovation in aquaculture teaching and learningBostock, John; Steingrimsson, Stefan Oli; Pirhonen, Juhani; Fernandez-Borras, Jaime; Ronsholdt, Bent; Dhont, Jean; de, Lara Rey Jose; Moulton, Michael Kirby; Kiessling, Anders; Ueberschaer, BerndResearch Report
2012The moisture response of soil heterotrophic respiration: Interaction with soil propertiesMoyano, Fernando E; Vasilyeva, Nadezda A; Bouckaert, Liesbeth; Cook, Freeman; Craine, Joseph M; Don, Axel; Epron, Daniel; Formanek, Pavel; Franzluebbers, Alan; Ilstedt, Ulrik; Katterer, Thomas; Orchard, Val; Reichstein, Markus; Rey, Ana; Ruamps, Leo S; Subke, Jens-Arne; Thomsen, Ingrid K; Chenu, ClaireJournal Article
Nov-2005Mössbauer spectroscopy on Mars: goethite in the Columbia Hills at Gusev craterKlingelhoefer, Goestar; DeGrave, Eddy; Morris, Richard Van; Van, Alboom A Toon; de, Resende Valdirene G; de, Souza; Jr, Paulo A; Rodionov, Daniel S; Schröder, Christian; Ming, Douglas Wayne; Yen, Albert SJournal Article
Oct-2002New methods for the analysis of binarized BIOLOG GN data of vibrio species: Minimization of stochastic complexity and cumulative classificationGyllenberg, Mats; Koski, Timo; Dawyndt, Peter; Lund, Tatu; Thompson, Fabiano L; Austin, Brian; Swings, JeanJournal Article
Sep-2005Pathogenicity of vibrios to rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss, Walbaum) and Artemia naupliiAustin, Brian; Austin, Dawn A; Sutherland, Rowan; Thompson, Fabiano L; Swings, JeanJournal Article
Apr-2008Sex Ratio Changes as Sentinel Health Events of Endocrine DisruptionVan, Larebeke Nicolas A; Sasco, Annie J; Brophy, James T; Keith, Margaret M; Gilbertson, Michael; Watterson, AndrewJournal Article
Nov-2004Sliding window discretization: a new method for multiple band matching of bacterial genotyping fingerprintsAustin, Brian; Dawyndt, Peter; Gyllenberg, Mats; Koski, Timo; Lund, Tatu; Swings, Jean; Thompson, Fabiano LJournal Article
Jan-2007Sneathiella chinensis gen. nov., sp nov., a novel marine alphaproteobacterium isolated from coastal sediment in Qingdao, ChinaJordan, Elizabeth M; Thompson, Fabiano L; Zhang, Xiao-Hua; Li, Yun; Vancanneyt, Marc; Kroppenstedt, Reiner M; Priest, Fergus G; Austin, BrianJournal Article
Dec-2005The third generation of therapeutic communities: the early development of the TC for addictions in EuropeBroekaert, Eric; Vandevelde, Stijn; Soyez, Veerle; Yates, Rowdy; Slater, AnthonyJournal Article
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