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Oct-2013The Vikings were not the first colonizers of the Faroe IslandsChurch, Mike J; Arge, Simun V; Edwards, Kevin J; Ascough, Philippa L; Bond, Julie M; Cook, Gordon; Dockrill, Stephen J; Dugmore, Andrew J; McGovern, Thomas H; Nesbitt, Claire; Simpson, IanJournal Article
Jul-2010Visible and near-infrared multispectral analysis of geochemically measured rock fragments at the Opportunity landing site in Meridiani PlanumWeitz, Catherine; Farrand, William H; Johnson, Jeffrey R; Fleischer, Iris; Schröder, Christian; Yingst, R Aileen; Jolliff, Bradley L; Gellert, Ralf; Bell, III James F; Herkenhoff, Kenneth E; Klingelhoefer, Goestar; Cohen, Barbara A; Calvin, Wendy M; Rutherford, Malcolm; Ashley, James WJournal Article
Apr-1999Visual responses of Musca domestica to pheromone impregnated targets in poultry unitsChapman, Jason W; Knapp, Jennifer J; Goulson, DaveJournal Article
Aug-2012Volcanic impacts on peatland microbial communities: A tephropalaeoecological hypothesis-testPayne, RichardJournal Article
Mar-2013Volcanic impacts on the Holocene vegetation history of Britain and Ireland? A review and meta-analysis of the pollen evidencePayne, Richard; Edwards, Kevin J; Blackford, Jeffrey JJournal Article
Dec-2013Vulnerabilidad de los bosques españoles frente al Cambio Climático: evaluación mediante modelosRuiz-Benito, Paloma; Herrero, Asier; Zavala, Miguel AJournal Article
7-Jul-2005Water alteration of rocks and soils on Mars at the Spirit rover site in Gusev craterHaskin, Larry A; Wang, Alian; Jolliff, Bradley L; McSween, Harry Y; Clark, Benton C; DesMarais, David J; McLennan, Scott M; Tosca, Nicholas J; Hurowitz, Joel A; Farmer, Jack; Yen, Albert S; Squyres, Steven W; Arvidson, Raymond E; Klingelhoefer, Goestar; Schröder, ChristianJournal Article
Jul-2008Weak competition among tropical tree seedlings: Implications for species coexistencePaine, C E Timothy; Harms, Kyle E; Schnitzer, Stefan A; Carson, Walter PJournal Article
Sep-2004Weathering of Fe-bearing minerals under Martian conditions, investigated by Mössbauer spectroscopySchröder, Christian; Klingelhoefer, Goestar; Tremel, WolfgangJournal Article
Jan-2002Wet conditions during the last glaciation in the Chihuahuan Desert, Alta Babicora basin, MexicoMetcalfe, Sarah; Say, Alison; Black, Stuart; McCulloch, Robert; O'Hara, SarahJournal Article
Jun-2007Who killed Porthos? Genetic tracking of a gorilla deathJeffery, Kathryn Jane; Abernethy, Katharine; Tutin, Caroline E G; Anthony, Nicola M; Bruford, Michael WJournal Article
Dec-2000Why do pollinators visit proportionally fewer flowers in large patches?Goulson, DaveJournal Article
Jun-2012Wide variation in spatial genetic structure between natural populations of the European beech (Fagus sylvatica) and its implications for SGS comparabilityJump, Alistair; Rico, Laura; Coll, Marta; Penuelas, JosepJournal Article
May-2012Wild yellow dung fly females may not select sperm based on dung pat microclimate but could nevertheless benefit from polyandryDemont, Marco; Martin, Oliver; Bussiere, LucJournal Article
Jan-2009Willow (Salix spp.) and aspen (Populus tremula) regrowth after felling by the Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber): implications for riparian woodland conservation in ScotlandJones, Kevin; Gilvear, David; Willby, Nigel; Gaywood, MartinJournal Article
Aug-1999Winter activity of a population of greater horseshoe bats (Rhinolophus ferrumequinum)Park, Kirsty; Jones, Gareth; Ransome, Roger DJournal Article
Jan-1997Wipfelkrankheit: Modification of host behaviour during baculoviral infectionGoulson, DaveJournal Article
Jan-2011Within-individual variation of trunk and branch xylem density in tropical treesSarmiento, Carolina; Patino, Sandra; Paine, C E Timothy; Beauchene, Jacques; Thibaut, Anne; Baraloto, ChristopherJournal Article
Jul-2012Wood provisioning in Mediterranean forests: A bottom-up spatial valuation approachOjea, Elena; Ruiz-Benito, Paloma; Markandya, Anil; Zavala, Miguel AJournal Article
Apr-2013Worker drift and egg dumping by queens in wild Bombus terrestris coloniesO'Connor, Stephanie; Park, Kirsty; Goulson, DaveJournal Article
Showing results 767 to 786 of 786
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