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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Oct-2007An historical account of the social and ecological causes of Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus extinction and reintroduction in ScotlandStevenson, Gilbert BuchananThesis or Dissertation
Mar-2006Historic landscape management: a validation of quantitative soil thin-section analysesAdderley, W Paul; Simpson, Ian; Davidson, DonaldJournal Article
Nov-2011The Holocene history of Pinus sylvestris woodland in the Mar Lodge Estate, Cairngorms, Eastern ScotlandPaterson, DannyThesis or Dissertation
Aug-2010Home-range Use by a Large Horde of Wild Mandrillus sphinxWhite, Elizabeth C; Dikangadissi, Jean-Thoussaint; Dimoto, Edmond; Karesh, William B; Kock, Michael D; Abiaga, Natacha Ona; Starkey, Ruth; Ukizintambara, Tharcisse; White, Lee; Abernethy, KatharineJournal Article
Jan-2001Homing ability of the bumblebee Bombus terrestris (Hymenoptera: Apidae)Goulson, Dave; Stout, Jane CJournal Article
Jan-2011Host migration impacts on the phylogeography of Lyme Borreliosis spirochaete species in EuropeVollmer, Stephanie A; Bormane, Antra; Dinnis, Ruth E; Seelig, Frederik; Dobson, Andrew; Aanensen, David M; James, Marianne C; Donaghy, Michael; Randolph, Sarah E; Feil, Edward J; Kurtenbach, Klaus; Margos, GabrieleJournal Article
Dec-2009How many is enough? Determining optimal count totals for ecological and palaeoecological studies of testate amoebaePayne, Richard; Mitchell, Edward A DJournal Article
Apr-2011How to test nontarget effects of veterinary pharmaceutical residues in livestock dung in the fieldJochmann, Ralf; Blanckenhorn, Wolf U; Bussiere, Luc; Eirkson, Charles E; Jensen, John; Kryger, Ute; Lahr, Joost; Lumaret, Jean-Pierre; Rombke, Jorg; Wardhaugh, Keith G; Floate, Kevin DJournal Article
Jun-2010Human responses, resilience and vulnerability: An interdisciplinary approach to understanding past farm success and failure in Mývatnssveit, northern IcelandBrown, JenniferThesis or Dissertation
Mar-2012Hunter-gatherers, biogeographic barriers and the development of human settlement in Tierra del FuegoMorello, Flavia; Borrero, Luis; Massone, Mauricio; Stern, Charles; Garcia-Herbst, Arleen; McCulloch, Robert; Arroyo-Kalin, Manuel; Calas, Elisa; Torres, Jimena; Prieto, Alfredo; Martinez, Ismael; Bahamonde, Gabriel; Cárdenas, PedrJournal Article
Aug-2002Hybrid queen butterflies from the cross Danaus chrysippus (L.) x D. gilippus (Cramer): confirmation of species status for the parents and further support for Haldane's RuleSmith, David A S; Gordon, Ian J; Lushai, Gugs; Goulson, Dave; Allen, John A; Maclean, NormanJournal Article
19-Jun-2008Hydrothermal origin of halogens at Home Plate, Gusev CraterSchmidt, Mariek E; Ruff, Steven W; McCoy, Timothy J; Farrand, William H; Johnson, Jeffrey R; Gellert, Ralf; Ming, Douglas Wayne; Morris, Richard Van; Cabrol, Nathalie A; Lewis, Kevin W; Schröder, ChristianJournal Article
15-Nov-2010Hyperspectral remote sensing of cyanobacterial pigments as indicators for cell populations and toxins in eutrophic lakesHunter, Peter; Tyler, Andrew; Carvalho, Laurence; Codd, Geoffrey; Maberly, Stephen CJournal Article
Oct-2005A Hypothesis-Based Approach to Landscape Change in Suduroy, Faroe IslandsEdwards, Kevin J; Borthwick, Douglas; Cook, Gordon; Dugmore, Andrew J; Mairs, Kerry-Ann; Church, Mike J; Simpson, Ian; Adderley, W PaulJournal Article
2012The IAEA handbook on radionuclide transfer to wildlifeHoward, Brenda J; Beresford, Nicholas A; Copplestone, David; Telleria, Diego; Proehl, Gerard; Fesenko, Sergey; Jeffree, Ross A; Yankovich, Tamara L; Brown, Justin; Higley, Kathryn; Johansen, Mat; Mulye, Hemendra; Vandenhove, Hildegarde; Gashchak, Sergey; Wood, Michael DJournal Article
May-2007The identification and significance of inputs to Anthrosols in North-West EuropeDavidson, Donald; Dercon, Gerd; Simpson, Ian; Dalsgaard, Kirsten; Spek, Theo; Plant, D AJournal Article
23-Jul-2010Identification of Carbonate-Rich Outcrops on Mars by the Spirit RoverMorris, Richard Van; Ruff, Steven W; Gellert, Ralf; Ming, Douglas Wayne; Arvidson, Raymond E; Clark, Benton C; Golden, D C; Siebach, Kirsten; Klingelhoefer, Goestar; Schröder, Christian; Fleischer, Iris; Yen, Albert S; Squyres, Steven WJournal Article
Feb-2008Identification of morphological biosignatures in martian analogue field specimens using in situ planetary instrumentationPullan, Derek; Westall, Frances; Hofmann, Beda; Parnell, John; Cockell, Charles S; Edwards, Howell G M; Villar, Susana E Jorge; Schröder, Christian; Cressey, Gordon; Marinangeli, Lucia; Richter, Lutz; Klingelhoefer, GoestarJournal Article
Dec-2000Identity and function of scent marks deposited by foraging bumblebeesGoulson, Dave; Stout, Jane C; Langley, John; Hughes, William O HJournal Article
27-Jan-2014Immune response costs are associated with changes in resource acquisition and not resource reallocation (Forthcoming/Available Online)Bashir-Tanoli, Sumayia; Tinsley, M CJournal Article
Showing results 342 to 361 of 786
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