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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Mar-2011Estimating sediment and caesium-137 fluxes in the Ribble Estuary through time- series airborne remote sensingWakefield, Richard; Tyler, Andrew; McDonald, Paul; Atkin, P A; Gleizon, Philippe; Gilvear, DavidJournal Article
Sep-2008Estimating the exposure of small mammals at three sites within the Chernobyl exclusion zone - a test application of the ERICA ToolBeresford, Nicholas A; Gashchak, Sergey; Barnett, Catherine L; Howard, Brenda J; Chizhevsky, Igor; Stromman, Gjermund; Oughton, Deborah; Wright, Simon M; Maksimenko, Andrey; Copplestone, DavidJournal Article
May-2011The estimation of absorbed dose rates for non-human biota: an extended intercomparisonVives, i Batlle Jordi; Beaugelin-Seiller, Karine; Beresford, Nicholas A; Copplestone, David; Horyna, Jan; Hosseini, Ali; Johansen, Mat; Kamboj, Sunita; Keum, Dong-Kwon; Kurosawa, Naohiro; Newsome, Laura; Vandenhove, Hildegarde; Ryufuku, Susumu; Vives, Lynch Sandra; Wood, Michael D; Yu, CharleyJournal Article
Feb-2010Estimation of bumblebee queen dispersal distances using sibship reconstruction methodLepais, Olivier; Darvill, Ben; O'Connor, Stephanie; Osborne, Juliet L; Sanderson, Roy A; Cussans, John; Goffe, Louis; Goulson, DaveJournal Article
Nov-2012Evaluating a Rapid Method to Determine Faecal Burden on Pasture from Grazing CattleOliver, David; Young, GrantJournal Article
Dec-2009Evaluating the role of ecological isolation in maintaining the species boundary between Silene dioica and S. latifoliaGoulson, DaveJournal Article
2007Evaluating the use of multi-element soil analysis in archaeology: a study of a postmedieval croft (Olligarth) in ShetlandWilson, Clare; Davidson, Donald; Cresser, Malcolm SJournal Article
Feb-1999Evaluation of a baculovirus bioinsecticide for small-scale maize growers in Latin AmericaWilliams, Trevor; Goulson, Dave; Caballero, Primitivo; Cisneros, Juan; Martinez, Ana-Mabel; Chapman, Jason W; Roman, D X; Cave, Ronald DJournal Article
Nov-2005An evaluation of multielement analysis of historic soil contamination to differentiate space use and former function in and around abandoned farmsWilson, Clare; Davidson, Donald; Cresser, MalcolmJournal Article
Oct-2009An evaluation of the site specificity of soil elemental signatures for identifying and interpreting former functional areasWilson, Clare; Davidson, DonaldJournal Article
Nov-1998An evaluation of (Z)-9-tricosene and food odours for attracting house flies, Musca domestica, to baited targets in deep-pit poultry unitsChapman, Jason W; Knapp, Jennifer J; Howse, Philip E; Goulson, DaveJournal Article
Aug-2004Evaluation of (Z)-9-tricosene baited targets for control of the housefly (Musca domestica) in outdoor situationsHanley, Michael E; Dunn, Derek W; Abolins, Steven R; Goulson, DaveJournal Article
Jul-2005Evidence for alloethism in stingless bees (Meliponinae)Goulson, Dave; Derwent, Lara C; Peat, JamesJournal Article
Apr-2009Evidence for competition between honeybees and bumblebees; effects on bumblebee worker sizeGoulson, Dave; Sparrow, Kate RJournal Article
Jan-2001Evidence for handedness in bumblebeesKells, Andrea R; Goulson, DaveJournal Article
Oct-2011Evidence for hilltopping in bumblebees?Goulson, Dave; Sangster, Elizabeth L; Young, Jill CJournal Article
Jun-2005Evidence for late-glacial ice dammed lakes in the central Strait of Magellan and Bahia Inutil, southernmost South AmericaMcCulloch, Robert; Bentley, Michael J; Tipping, Richard; Clapperton, Chalmers MJournal Article
Jul-2011Evidence for mechanical and chemical alteration of iron‐nickel meteorites on Mars: Process insights for Meridiani PlanumAshley, James W; Golombek, Matthew; Christensen, Philip R; Squyres, Steven W; McCoy, Timothy J; Schröder, Christian; Fleischer, Iris; Johnson, Jeffrey R; Herkenhoff, Kenneth E; Parker, Timothy JJournal Article
Jun-2007Evidence for montmorillonite or its compositional equivalent in Columbia Hills, MarsClark, Benton C; Arvidson, Raymond E; Gellert, Ralf; Morris, Richard Van; Ming, Douglas Wayne; Richter, Lutz; Ruff, Steven W; Michalski, Joseph R; Farrand, William H; Yen, Albert S; Herkenhoff, Kenneth E; Li, Ron; Squyres, Steven W; Schröder, Christian; Klingelhoefer, Goestar; Bell, III James FJournal Article
Sep-2012Evidence for plant traits driving specific drought resistance. A community field experimentMatias, Luis; Quero, Jose Luis; Zamora, Regino; Castro, JorgeJournal Article
Showing results 242 to 261 of 786
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