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Feb-2010Cellular and molecular immune responses of the sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) experimentally infected with betanodavirusScapigliati, Giuseppe; Buonocore, Francesco; Randelli, Elisa; Casani, Daniela; Meloni, Sabrina; Zarletti, Gianpaolo; Tiberi, Mario; Pietretti, D; Boschi, Illenia; Manchado, Manuel; Martin-Antonio, Beatriz; Jimenez-Cantizano, Rosa M; Bovo, Giuseppe; Borghesan, Fabio; Lorenzen, Niels; Einer-Jensen, Katja; Adams, Alexandra; Thompson, Kimberly; Alonso, Carlos; Bejar, Julia; Cano, Irene; Borrego, Juan J; Alvarez, M CarmenJournal Article
26-Apr-2010Cellular and Molecular Pathogenesis of Salmonid Alphavirus 1 in Atlantic Salmon Salmo salar L.Herath, Tharangani K.Thesis or Dissertation
Jan-2010Cellular components of probiotics control Yersinia ruckeri infection in rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum)Abbass, Amany A; Sharifuzzaman, S M; Austin, BrianJournal Article
Apr-2011Certifying catfish in Vietnam and Bangladesh: Who will make the grade and will it matter?Belton, Ben; Haque, Mohammad Mahfujul; Little, David Colin; Sinh, Le XuanJournal Article
2004Chaetotaxy applied to Norwegian Gyrodactylus salaris Malmberg, 1957 (Monogenea) clades and related species from salmonidsBakke, Torr A; Nilsen, Kariann; Shinn, AndrewJournal Article
Feb-1998Chaetotaxy of members of the Gyrodactylidae (Monogenea), with comments upon their systematic relationships with the Monopisthocotylea and PolyopisthocotyleaShinn, Andrew; Gibson, David; Sommerville, ChristinaJournal Article
Dec-2005Changes in the neuromodulators of the diffuse endocrine system of the alimentary canal of farmed rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum), naturally infected with Eubothrium crassum (Cestoda)Bosi, Giampaolo; Shinn, Andrew; Giari, Luisa; Simoni, Edi; Pironi, Flavio; Dezfuli, Bahram SJournal Article
Apr-2012Changes in tissue and mitochondrial membrane composition during rapid growth, maturation and aging in rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykissAlmaida-Pagan, Pedro F; de, Costa Jorge; Mendiola, Pilar; Tocher, Douglas RJournal Article
Dec-2013Changuinola Virus Serogroup, New Genomes within the Genus Orbivirus (Family Reoviridae) Isolated in the Brazilian Amazon RegionSilva, Sandro P; Dilcher, Meik; Weidmann, Manfred; Carvalho, Valeria L; Casseb, Alexandre R; Silva, Eliana V P; Nunes, Keley N B; Chiang, Jannifer O; Martins, Livia C; Vasconcelos, Pedro F C; Nunes, Marcio R TJournal Article
2012Chapter 2 – Utility of greater wax moth larva (galleria mellonella) for evaluating the toxicity and efficacy of new antimicrobial agenDesbois, Andrew P; Coote, Peter JPart of book or chapter of book
Jan-2009Characterisation and expression of copper homeostasis genes in sea bream (Sparus aurata)Minghetti, MatteoThesis or Dissertation
1996Characterisation of extracellular products produced by Mycobacterium spp. and their effects on the fish immune systemChen, Shih-ChuThesis or Dissertation
2000Characterisation of Flavobacterium psychrophilum, the causative agent of rainbow trout fry syndromeFaruk, Md. Ali RezaThesis or Dissertation
15-Jun-2012Characterisation of QTL-linked and genome-wide restriction site-associated DNA (RAD) markers in farmed Atlantic salmonHouston, Ross D; Davey, John W; Bishop, Stephen C; Lowe, Natalie R; Mota-Velasco, Jose C; Hamilton, Alastair; Guy, Derrick R; Tinch, Alan E; Thomson, Marian L; Blaxter, Mark L; Gharbi, Karim; Bron, James; Taggart, JohnJournal Article
Jul-2010Characterisation of the chromosome fusions in Oreochromis karongaeMota-Velasco, Jose C; Ferreira, Irani Alves; Cioffi, Marcelo B; Ocalewicz, Konrad; Campos-Ramos, Rafael; Shirak, Andrey; Lee, Bo-Young; Martins, Cesar; Penman, DavidJournal Article
Dec-2008Characterisation of Vibrio anguillarum for the development of vaccine in cod (Gadus morhua).Gratacap, Remi M. L.Thesis or Dissertation
Oct-2004Characterization and comparison of fatty acyl Delta 6 desaturase cDNAs from freshwater and marine teleost fish speciesZheng, Xiaozhong; Seiliez, Iban; Hastings, Nicola; Tocher, Douglas R; Panserat, Stephane; Dickson, Cathryn; Bergot, PierreJournal Article
Apr-2009Characterization and expression of NADPH oxidase in LPS-, poly(I:C)- and zymosan-stimulated trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss W.) macrophagesBoltana, Sebastian; Donate, Carmen; Goetz, Frederick W; MacKenzie, Simon; Balasch, Joan CJournal Article
Aug-2010Characterization of a sandfly fever Sicilian virus isolated during a sandfly fever epidemic in TurkeyCarhan, Ahmet; Uyar, Yavuz; Ozkaya, Etem; Ertek, Mustafa; Dobler, Gerhard; Dilcher, Meik; Wang, Yongjie; Spiegel, Martin; Hufert, Frank T; Weidmann, ManfredJournal Article
Dec-2012Characterization of Atlantic Cod Spawning Habitat and Behavior in Icelandic Coastal WatersGrabowski, Timothy B; Boswell, Kevin M; McAdam, Bruce James; Wells, R J David; Marteinsdottir, GudrunJournal Article
Showing results 88 to 107 of 874
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