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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2007Estados Tempranos de Desarrollo de Crustáceos Decápodos Asociados a Macroalgas Flotando a la Deriva en Fiordos y Canales del Sur de ChileHinojosa, Ivan A; Boltana, Sebastian; Gonzalez, Exequiel R; Macaya, Erasmo C; Thiel, Martin; Ugalde, Pabla; Valdivia, NelsonJournal Article
May-2008Estimates for local and movement-based transmission of bovine tuberculosis in British cattleGreen, Darren; Kiss, Istvan Z; Mitchell, Andrew P; Kao, Rowland RJournal Article
Sep-2009European aquaculture competitiveness: Limitations and possible strategiesBostock, John; Murray, Francis; Muir, James; Telfer, Trevor; Lane, Alistair; Anagnopoulos, Nikos; Papageorgiou, Philippos; Alday-Sanz, VictoriaResearch Report
8-Oct-2012Evaluation of flow through culture technique for commercial production of sea urchin (Paracentrotus lividus) larvae (Forthcoming/Available Online)Carboni, Stefano; Kelly, Maeve S; Hughes, Adam D; Vignier, Julien; Atack, Tim; Migaud, HerveJournal Article
Mar-2007Evaluation of new microparticulate diets for early weaning of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua): Implications on larval performances and tank hygieneFletcher, Jr R C, Roy William, Davie Andrew, Taylor John, Robertson Derek, Migaud HerveJournal Article
1989An evaluation of strategies for production of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus L.) fry suitable for hormonal treatmentLittle, David C.Thesis or Dissertation
Oct-2009Evaluation of the Impact of "A strategy for the Sustainable Development of European Aquaculture" COM (2002) 511 FinalLane, Alistair; Hough, Courtney; Bostock, JohnResearch Report
Dec-2012An evaluation of trace metal distribution, enrichment factors and risk in sediments of a coastal lagoon (Ria de Aveiro, Portugal)Pastorinho, M Ramiro; Telfer, Trevor; Nogueira, Antonio J A; Soares, Amadeu M V M; Ranville, James FJournal Article
Nov-2007Evidence for differential photic regulation of pineal melatonin synthesis in teleostsMigaud, Herve; Davie, Andrew; Martinez-Chavez, Carlos Christian; Al‐Khamees, SammiJournal Article
Mar-2014Evidence for the existence of two new members of the family Chlamydiaceae and proposal of Chlamydia avium sp. nov. and Chlamydia gallinacea sp. nov.Sachse, Konrad; Laroucau, Karine; Riege, Konstantin; Wehner, Stefanie; Dilcher, Meik; Huot, Creasy Heather; Weidmann, Manfred; Myers, Garry; Vorimore, Fabien; Vicari, Nadia; Magnino, Simone; Liebler-Tenorio, Elisabeth; Ruettger, Anke; Bavoil, Patrik M; Hufert, Frank T; Rossello-Mora, Ramon; Marz, ManjaJournal Article
3-May-2004Evidence for two unlinked "sex reversal" loci in the Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus, and for linkage of one of these to the red body colour geneKarayucel, Ismihan; Ezaz, M Tariq; Karayucel, Sedat; McAndrew, Brendan; Penman, DavidJournal Article
Sep-2002Evidence from heterologous expression of glutathione S-transferases A and A1 of the plaice (Pleuronectes platessa) that their endogenous role is in detoxification of lipid peroxidation productsMartinez-Lara, Esther; Leaver, Michael; George, StephenJournal Article
7-Mar-2011Evidence of Segregated Spawning in a Single Marine Fish Stock: Sympatric Divergence of Ecotypes in Icelandic Cod?Grabowski, Timothy B; Thorsteinsson, Vilhjalmur; McAdam, Bruce James; Marteinsdottir, GudrunJournal Article
Apr-2013An evolutionary perspective on Elovl5 fatty acid elongase: comparison of Northern pike and duplicated paralogs from Atlantic salmonCarmona-Antoñanzas, Greta; Tocher, Douglas R; Taggart, John; Leaver, MichaelJournal Article
Aug-1995Evolutionary relationships of the Lake Malawi Oreochromis species: evidence from allozymesSodsuk, Panom; McAndrew, Brendan; Turner, George FJournal Article
Sep-2010Experimental challenge studies in Vietnamese catfish, Pangasianodon hypophthalmus (Sauvage), exposed to Edwardsiella ictaluri and Aeromonas hydrophilaCrumlish, Margaret; Thanh, Pham Chi; Koesling, Jan; Tung, Vuong T; Gravningen, KjerstiJournal Article
2007An exploration of impacts of aquaculture production and marketing on rural livelihoods in three regions in BangladeshFaruque, GolamThesis or Dissertation
1-Mar-2011Exposure of Larvae to Daily Thermocycles Affects Gonad Development, Sex Ratio, and Sexual Steroids in Solea senegalensis, KaupBlanco-Vives, Borja; Vera, LM; Ramos, Jesus; Bayarri, Maria Jose; Mananos, Evaristo; Sanchez-Vazquez, F JavierJournal Article
Oct-2010Expression and role of Elovl4 elongases in biosynthesis of very long-chain fatty acids during zebrafish Danio rerio early embryonic developmentMonroig, Oscar; Rotllant, Josep; Cerda-Reverter, Jose M; Dick, James R; Figueras, Antonio; Tocher, Douglas RJournal Article
15-Mar-2011Expression of fatty acyl desaturase and elongase genes, and evolution of DHA:EPA ratio during development of unfed larvae of Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus L.)Morais, Sofia; Mourente, Gabriel; Ortega, Aurelio; Tocher, Jamie A; Tocher, Douglas RJournal Article
Showing results 313 to 332 of 875
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