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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
2018Guided Policy Search for Sequential Multitask Learning (Forthcoming/Available Online)Xiong, Fangzhou; Sun, Biao; Yang, Xu; Qiao, Hong; Huang, Kaizhu; Hussain, Amir; Liu, Zhiyong-Journal Article
2018Multifractality and Dimensional Determinism in Local Optima Networks (Forthcoming)Thomson, Sarah; Verel, S├ębastien; Ochoa, Gabriela; Veerapen, Nadarajen; Cairns, David-Conference Paper
Jan-2010Sexually antagonistic co-evolution: a model and an empirical testHoyle, Andrew; Gilburn, Andre-Journal Article
Apr-2018On Nie-Tan operator and type-reduction of interval type-2 fuzzy setsLi, Jiawei; John, Robert; Coupland, Simon; Kendall, Graham-Journal Article
Jan-2007A tool for synthesizing spike trains with realistic interferenceSmith, Leslie; Mtetwa, Nhamoinesu-Journal Article
2018Evolving training sets for improved transfer learning in brain computer interfacesAdair, Jason; Brownlee, Alexander; Daolio, Fabio; Ochoa, GabrielaNicosia, G; Pardalos, P; Giuffrida, G; Umeton, RConference Paper
Feb-2018Special Issue Editorial: Cognitively Inspired Computing for Knowledge DiscoveryHuang, Kaizhu; Zhang, Rui; Jin, Xiaobo; Hussain, Amir-Journal Article
Feb-2018Learning from Few Samples with Memory NetworkZhang, Shufei; Huang, Kaizhu; Zhang, Rui; Hussain, Amir-Journal Article
Jan-2018Risk-based strategies for surveillance of tuberculosis infection in cattle for low-risk areas in England and ScotlandSalvador, Liliana C M; Deason, Michael; Enright, Jessica; Bessell, Paul R; Kao, Rowland R-Journal Article
7-Mar-2018A model for estimating pathogen variability in shellfish and predicting minimum depuration timesMcMenemy, Paul; Kleczkowski, Adam; Lees, David N; Lowther, James; Taylor, Nicholas G H-Journal Article
Mar-2018Integrating Smart Health in the US Health Care System: Infodemiology Study of Asthma Monitoring in the Google EraMavragani, Amaryllis; Sampri, Alexia; Sypsa, Karla; Tsagarakis, Konstantinos P-Journal Article
8-Mar-2018The Active Inference Approach to Ecological Perception: General Inforation Dynamics for Natural and Artifical Embodied CognitionLinson, Adam; Clark, Andy; Ramamoorthy, Subramanian; Friston, Karl-Journal Article
15-Dec-2017Eigenvalue multiplicity in quartic graphsCapaverde, Juliane; Rowlinson, Peter-Journal Article
-A Dynamic Model of CT Scans for Quantifying Doubling Time of Ground Glass Opacities Using Histogram Analysis (Forthcoming)Farkas, Jozsef Zoltan; Smith, Gary T; Webb, Glenn F-Journal Article
-Net reproduction functions for nonlinear structured population models (Forthcoming)Farkas, Jozsef Zoltan-Journal Article
31-Jan-2018Applications of Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning to Biological Data (Forthcoming/Available Online)Mahmud, Mufti; Kaiser, M Shamim; Hussain, Amir; Vassanelli, Stefano-Journal Article
5-Dec-2017A multilevel association model for IT employees' life stress and job satisfaction: An Information Technology (IT) industry case studyMehmood, Khalid; Hussain, Amir-Conference Paper
5-Dec-2017Three-Dimensional Local Energy-Based Shape Histogram (3D-LESH)-Based Feature Extraction - A Novel Technique (Forthcoming/Available Online)Wajid, Summrina; Hussain, Amir; Huang, Kaizhu-Journal Article
12-Feb-2018Livestock Disease Management for Trading Across Different Regulatory Regimes (Forthcoming/Available Online)Bate, Andrew M; Jones, Glyn; Kleczkowski, Adam; Naylor, Rebecca; Timmis, Jon; White, Piran C L; Touza, Julia-Journal Article
30-Jan-2018A Novel Spatiotemporal Longitudinal Methodology for Predicting Obesity Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) Cerebral Functional Activity Data (Forthcoming/Available Online)Abdullah, Ahsan; Hussain, Amir; Khan, Imtiaz Hussain-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 410
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