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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)Type
Aug-2007Environmental forcing, invasion and control of ecological and epidemiological systemsGreenman, Jonathan; Norman, Rachel-Journal Article
25-Apr-2017Waning immunity is associated with periodic large outbreaks of mumps: a mathematical modeling study of Scottish dataHamami, Dalila; Cameron, Ross; Pollock, Kevin G; Shankland, Carron-Journal Article
12-May-2017PageRank centrality for performance prediction: the impact of the local optima network model (Forthcoming/Available Online)Herrmann, Sebastian; Ochoa, Gabriela; Rothlauf, Franz-Journal Article
27-Apr-2017Dual-branch deep convolution neural network for polarimetric SAR image classificationGao, Fei; Huang, Teng; Wang, Jun; Sun, Jinping; Hussain, Amir; Yang, Erfu-Journal Article
Sep-2017A review of affective computing: From unimodal analysis to multimodal fusionPoria, Soujanya; Cambria, Erik; Bajpai, Rajiv; Hussain, Amir-Journal Article
Jul-2013The evolution of costly acquired immune memoryBest, Alex; Hoyle, Andrew-Journal Article
Sep-2013Backward Induction and Repeated Games With Strategy Constraints: An Inspiration From the Surprise Exam ParadoxLi, Jiawei; Vasilakos, Athanasios; Kendall, Graham-Journal Article
2014On List Coloring and List Homomorphism of Permutation and Interval GraphsEnright, Jessica; Stewart, Lorna; Tardos, Gabor-Journal Article
-Equivalence of the filament and overlap graphs of subtrees of limited trees (Forthcoming)Enright, Jessica; Stewart, Lorna-Journal Article
May-2015Search with Evolutionary Ruin and Stochastic Rebuild: a Theoretic Framework and a Case Study on Exam TimetablingLi, Jingpeng; Bai, Ruibin; Shen, Yindong; Qu, Rong-Journal Article
Jan-2016A Digital Repository and Execution Platform for Interactive Scholarly Publications in NeuroscienceHodge, Victoria; Jessop, Mark; Fletcher, Martyn; Weeks, Michael; Turner, Aaron; Jackson, Tom; Ingram, Colin; Smith, Leslie; Austin, Jim-Journal Article
2017More on graphs with just three distinct eigenvaluesRowlinson, Peter-Journal Article
Oct-2016Biologically Inspired Progressive Enhancement Target Detection from Heavy Cluttered SAR ImagesGao, Fei; Ma, Fei; Zhang, Yaotian; Wang, Jun; Sun, Jinping; Yang, Erfu; Hussain, Amir-Journal Article
Oct-2016A Neuro-Fuzzy Control System Based on Feature Extraction of Surface Electromyogram Signal for Solar-Powered WheelchairKaiser, M Shamim; Chowdhury, Zamshed Iqbal; Mamun, Shamim Al; Hussain, Amir; Mahmud, Mufti-Journal Article
Dec-2016Editorial for the Special Issue on Combinatorial Optimization ProblemsChicano, Francisco; Blum, Christian; Ochoa, Gabriela-Journal Article
24-Feb-2016A descriptive analysis of the growth of unrecorded interactions amongst cattle-raising premises in Scotland and their implications for disease spreadEnright, Jessica; Kao, Rowland R-Journal Article
29-May-2017Mapping the Global Structure of TSP Fitness Landscapes (Forthcoming/Available Online)Ochoa, Gabriela; Veerapen, Nadarajen-Journal Article
Jun-2017Search-based energy optimization of some ubiquitous algorithmsBrownlee, Alexander; Burles, Nathan; Swan, Jerry-Journal Article
24-Apr-2017The effects of invasive pests and pathogens on strategies for forest diversificationMacpherson, Morag; Kleczkowski, Adam; Healey, John; Quine, Christopher P; Hanley, Nick-Journal Article
20-Apr-2017Deleting Edges to Restrict the Size of an Epidemic: A New Application for Treewidth (Forthcoming/Available Online)Enright, Jessica; Meeks, Kitty-Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 366
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